The Mad Rapture of the PC Mini Game and Lessons Learned

by Lolo Sianipar

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play. (Heraclitus)

Carrie The CaregiverI’m so crazy about PC Mini Games. I mean only the simple one that is not take a lot of time to finish such as from Game house, Alawar, Zylom, Oberon or other game production house. One that you can download from internet, buy online, or in my case from a cheap pirates CD store in the mall (my bad). My favorite games, ones that I keep playing over and over again are Feeding Frenzy, Flower Shop, and Mystery Case. Several games that I’ve finished are Cake Mania, Dinner Dash (2 versions of it), Collapse and the Ultimate Collapse (the story version), Mystery Case of Huntsville, Mystery Case of Madam Fate, Agatha Christie, Christmasville, Cooking Academy, Cake Factory, Teddy Bear Factory, Garden Dream, Zen Fashion, Carrie the Caregiver and many many – trust me – many more. Right now I’m trying to finish Azgard Defense, Travel Agency, Supermarket Mania, and the Flower Stand Tycoon. You see? I’m just so crazy about it.

There is a vivid pleasure in those games. All those short stories, adventure, colorful pictures and graphics, photos, songs, comments, I found all are so hilariously fun and amusing. It makes me fleetingly pleased in a way, and when I’m in it I just couldn’t afford to do anything else. I’m carefree by focusing all my attention and energy to the game. It’s like making proposal without the burden of making it good so that client approved, and for sure without the soul-sucking-part called Deadline. The goal is pretty much simple, and it’s only taking a week or less to complete one game, depends on how good your hardware is and how well you play the mouse. Mine is a Blazing Red Sony Vaio so it all depends on the speed of my wrist and finger moving my mouse coordinating with my eyes. One of the most exciting parts of playing PC Game is when you begin it. When you start learning the story which mean also the goal, how to play it and how many points you have to games-cake4earn so you can continue to next level. The feeling after getting your first point reward then your first “excellent” reward is so swiftly fulfilling. Crazy huh? And the rest of the game is the journey of adrenalin pump up which take over your mind and energy and all you want to do is get as many point as possible and finish the game.

I’m really amazed by the talents behind the making of those games. I mean with so many colors, characters, scheme and stratagem. And by years those graphics pictures are getting better and better and nearly like movie animations. Take Flower Shop for example, the flowers is so beautiful in color and then they created Flower Stand tycoon, even better with 4 windows style, road maps and avatar. I could understand if its creating games for X-Box, PS 2 or 3, Nintendo Wii, DS, or else similar like those game entertainment equipment, it’s fully equipped you know. You use one CD (can save up to 700 MB) and a tool to play it (the CD player, plug and play stick, the memory card, etc), so you have room for improvement, it can be as complicated as needed. But PC game, you need to make sure the file is not too many or too heavy but with a good graphics, it must be easy to play but yet challenging and hold a simple hurdle. For me, to create something beautiful but simple is harder than if we have the alternative to make it complicated.

There are several lessons I get from those games that can applied to our daily life. Yeah, Go on, you can laugh at me, I don’t mind. From most of the games I learn:
1. Patient is a virtue. This is when you play games that need you to wait something to grow and serve clients that easily displeased; if you lose your patient you won’t finish the game and get bored.
2. Don’t Panic. It’s hard to move and keep a good working pace if you’re panic.
3. Use your saving/money/points wisely. This is if for game that use points to buy your equipment or tools or property that will affect your speed in the next level
4. An efficient workflow process is very important. Several games demand you to do a work flow. After pick this, take there, put somewhere, collect again, and all must in one full process so you can save more time and get more points.
5. Always do something, don’t be idle. It’s like in Feeding Frenzy, if you’re idle something will come from somewhere and eat you.
6. Put your attention to details. You’ll lose so many things if you don’t go for details, and its crucial if those details are important matter to get. I learn this from game like mystery case.
7. Keep your spirit up. There are games that I haven’t finish up until now because I don’t find away to get points to the next level and it pissed my off. But when you feel like you meet a dead end, spirit will take you way over it. Hahaha. It’s proven thou.

My boyfriend is a bit complaining about my continuous addiction on PC game. In his concern, he always teasing me “If someday we get married, you can only play PC game maximum 1 hour per day or I’ll throw away your notebook, out of the window!” or he would say “This is why we should let kids play as much as necessary in their childhood. You and your games are the living proof of a person with unhappy childhood, too much study with a very limited playing time.” I know he’s worried about me stuck in front of the screen too long or stay wake ‘til late at night just to finish a game. As much as I care about how he feels, but we already called that ADDICTION right? I’m so sorry hon, but I always know by heart you would understand (giggle). Once my Dad saw me for hours quietly sitting in front of the PC, I was playing Dinner Dash at that time. So he came near me to see what exactly I’m doing so seriously and he threw a comment “Ah, I see, you’re busy serving food to all those guess.”

When I tell my addiction to other friends, they wouldn’t believe it; they’ll then ask “How could you find time in a day to play that game? I mean with so many things you have to do at work and after work”. O well, must I say with a humble tone its must be my very good time management. Yeah right! I think it’s just my high determination to get some self-indulgent to play a game and of course – my addiction. I usually spent couple of hours after office on my bed playing games, and more hours at weekend if there are no schedules to go. I’ll be happy to stay at my room and focusing on my notebook’s screen. I’m so low maintenance.

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. (Mark Twain)


10 thoughts on “The Mad Rapture of the PC Mini Game and Lessons Learned

  1. Find a mini game titled ‘Restaurant Rush’ or ‘Burger Rush’
    excellent graphics. pretty hard for newbies.
    and for the surprise… click the credit and see the surprise for yourself. You’ll be amazed.

    If it’s about game, srsly, im your number one person to ask about. 😀

  2. Woah, thanks Vince… I’ve finished burger rush, and true, the graphic is really nice :)… will looking for the Restaurant Rush soon… I just finished Wedding Dash and The Office… gosh, loves both of it!

    do you have the cheat as well? I never finish The Travel Agent, stuck at some level hiks…

    glad to hear from you… 🙂

  3. did u see the surprise at the credits?
    it was made by indonesians… Menara games.. menara.. ring any bells? i think their first game was Baloon Express.

    i don use cheats lols. all the games only requires logic. yea i played travel agent. i remember theres a trick to it. its been a while since i played that. i remember preparing everything even before the guests arrive.

    If u like ‘Dash’ stuff, u should try this new one ‘Fix-It Up Kate’. really Nice story. nice gameplay. but a bit buggy tho. One of my other favorite is Go Go Gourmet. I like the sizzling and grilling sound as she cooks around the kitchen. Go Go Gourmet 2 even got recipes u can print n u use in real life (if u like cooking)

  4. O really? I didn’t notice, I had it uninstalled… but if true, woah, that’s cool, we have a skillful game maker. Yeay!
    Travel agent is almost similar with The Office but I don’t know why I can’t finish that one… argkhh! Hm, I think i”l try that once again. I had it uninstalled too hihihi… out if my frustration.
    Hmm.. will go find “fix-it up Kate” soon then… I’ll up date you.
    Yes, I’ve finished Go Go Gourmet 1 & 2, it was fun! 🙂

    You know another game that I love to play recently? It’s Garden Defense, it’s also like Azgard defense, please let me know if you know other games similar with that! would love to play it! 🙂

  5. Hmm… never thought ur into that kind of games. Thought ur one of those girly gamer who only plays Dinner Dash.

    Anyway, there was this similar game. Prolly released way before Garden Defense or Azgard Defense. It’s called Master of Defense. But of course, if ur familiar with Warcraft, you can just download thousands varieties and themes of Tower Defense maps and play it at ur own leisure.

    Hope it helps.

  6. Coooll… Master of Defense?

    I dont like warcraft 😦 I don’t like complicated games, don’t lie games that takes weeks to finish 🙂

  7. This just in… see if u can find a game called Defense Grid: The Awakening. This is suppose to be the best tower defense game so far. Very nice graphics, good gameplay… well, let’s just hope ur laptop or PC can run this thing. 😀

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