One Fine Long Weekend

by Lolo Sianipar

My weekend always starts on Friday night, cuz that’s when the mood set out as well. Call me cliché but yeah, I love weekend and always looking forward for it. I’m not kinda person who always know what I want to do at weekend but the thought of do things I like ONLY for almost 2 full days is so appealing to me (imagine loong vacation). Last weekend I have no plans as well, but since Friday morning I got news that my best friend has given birth to a healthy baby boy. So that’s going to be my priority for that weekend.

Friday afternoon after a long meeting with a client, the fifth of us, girls from office went hang out at a cozy restaurant semi-lounge at Oakwood. This lead from a very impulsive decision on our lunch that day. We order nice foods and cocktails and almost laughed our heads off. It was so fun, thou we’re not ended it up late (only until 10 pm) but that’s enough. It’s my first time hang out with colleague from the new office, and it’s my first hang out in the past 1 half years. Love the taste of sweet sour Capprioscha and Cosmopolitan on my tongue. Seriously, we laughed through every second of it. I remember how much I regretted saying “yes” to this plan a few hours before (before go to meeting), Geez, I’d surely end up sorry in my room alone that Friday nite. Thanks guys!

Saturday, thou it kinda started with a soft cry cuz something I heard that break my heart, but I managed to pull my self together and went to the hospital where my best friend been treated post-laboring. Now, I almost cry again seeing that beautiful baby in his little box. He’s so small, so peaceful, so pure, so… well, so look unlike his parents… both of them hahaha… How I was reminded by the mystery of God’s work. It was flash back in my mind, when Lia and I talked about marriage and how funny it’ll be to see each other having small kids around, that’s back when we’re still in college, so young. A sudden pang of jealousy attacked me, and I see that sweet baby with more longing eyes, thinking if it’s my own baby, if it’s me laying on the bed, trying to breast feeding it, hold it so dear and having the baby blue. I’ll give anything to be where Lia is at that moment. Anything. However sitting there, had a long conversation with Lia, brought me back to reality bit by bit, that I still have a long long way to go, a lot of battles to fight, a lot of decisions to make, and so on. I felt so burdened and wasted, but when the nurse brought the baby back to Lia’s lap so she can try to breast feed him, I saw something that worth to fight for, worth a long hard journey, worth the tears and disappointments. The beautiful baby… aren’t we all a beautiful baby before? My family came to visit Lia that night, also to picked me up. We’re all agree that he is one handsome God’s creature. Then my family and I had dinner at one simple restaurant on the way home. We had so much fun and laughs.

Sunday, we’re all went to church and heard a very good sermon that help me to “see” more of my life and remind me again on how much I should trust God. We had a “crazy” lunch at one restaurant who served Makasar’s food. I said crazy because we ate a lot of meat and rice and very quick. My sister tried to cut the meat off the ribs bone, and end up made a splash of chili sauce right to my left eye. God, it hurts like hell. I want to cry and laugh at the same time. After cleaned out my eyes with water and a lot of tissue, we went on eating like nothing happened. After the lunch that stuffed our stomach to the max, we took a little nap at my place before go on our adventure to a mall nearby my place. We shop a little and hang out a lot. hehehe. It was one great quality time with my family, plus I managed to buy Durian Monthong, my favorite fruit, which successfully closed my day.

Monday, I slept ’til 2 pm, but had lunch in between. Can’t remember when the last time I sleep that long. I woke up fresh and light. Again, my little family and I went to Plaza Senayan, just for a little shopping and a lot of hang out. It’s never boring to go in a small group here there everywhere if it’s your own family, really. I mean we see a lot, discuss things a lot, make a fun out of each other, especially those older slower people (mom n dad hahaha…), I can get enough teasing their weird gesture and comments. Then they dropped me at FX mall, we split up there, cuz they’ll go back home and me to my place later. I’m so going to miss them. I met my long time no see friend. She is one wonderful person that at first took sometimes before I can really see her qualities. We know each other like 6 years ago, when we worked in the same company. I thought she’s a bit edgy at first, but over conversations I found out of how fun, smart, thoughtful she is. And our friendship grow stronger stand time and the hectic of Jakarta’s work life. We haven’t met for a year or so, but the Dance Theory is proven, when our communication with one person stop, doesn’t mean we started from zero when we meet that person again, we continue what’s left and the relationship keep going deeper. Time goes really fast when you’re talking to someone that really “click” with you. Our conversation continued to my place until almost midnight when she had to go home. I learned a lot from her stories especially about people and since she’s a good listener as well, I felt light that night.

That’s my long weekend. At first I was thought it’ll be dull and boring without boyfriend, but turned out it’s so great and I learned a lot of things. As long as we try to lived life in present and see only good things that we have right around us, so close, a reach a way, we actually will never find time to mourn and to be sad over things that we don’t have and dreams that seemed like will never come true. We simply just have to accept things as it is, beautiful. I love my life and I thank God. Hope it’s as wonderful as well for all of you,


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