A Girl and the Ghost beside Her

by Lolo Sianipar


“I’ve been followed by a ghost since I don’t really remember when. I know you won’t believe me, but I know and feel the presence of this black shadow following me here and there. Well, I can’t really see him, like staring at him, but he’s really there when I’m glancing around or in the corner of my eyes. I can also assure you, it’s not my shadow, cuz I know where is my shadow all the time, this one is like a thick black dust that can appear on wall, door, corner, ceiling or stand still in one spot in the room, whether I’m alone or with people/ friends around me. From his large build and vague mannish shape I sort of decided that it’s a male ghost. O well, he’s not like always being around me, sometimes he’s disappeared and re-appears in unexpected timing.

At first, it’s not really convenient to have something nonfigurative following me here and there, but after a while I get used to it. He’s not that annoying, like coldly touching me or do horrible voices or making scary faces, he simply there and seems like watching in his darkness. His appearance also followed by a different intensity vibes or sensations. Sometimes it can be so intense, forceful and heavy that I have to take a break from whatever I’m doing at that time and “mentally” tell him to back off, the funny thing he did back off and the intense feeling get eased. Some other time, when I want to have my private moment and he appear, I ask him to go and he stubbornly stay, but then for odd reasons, in the end I’m glad he stay.

There are also times when I feel lonely and alone, and his presence can be a real diversion. I have a companion. Then I can dance with him, closing my eyes in my room and move swiftly, absurdly with him, just me and him, and it’s lovely really lovely. It doesn’t require a song to dance with him, sometimes I’m just humming. As you know, a human being can be so deviated with each other sometimes and with him I don’t have to be something that pleasing to another human, I can be totally lost in my incongruous being , how we all born as social and individual creature. Talk to him? Yeah, that idea occurs to me sometimes, especially asking why he keeps following me, but… I don’t know, I have this peculiar hesitation whether I need an answer for that, and as much as I believe he won’t talk back since he never demonstrate his ability to speak or even make a noise, I keep that idea idle. Hm, what kind of decent conversation we can have with a ghost anyway? Past? Future? Present?

Look, I always think that angel come in a form of sparkling, soft, all whitey things, but now for me my ghost can be my angel sometimes in different form. That’s why I also miss him sometimes when he’s not around. I know it’s hard for you to believe this story, but I’m not telling this to convinced you that there is ghost in this world, this is my story, and perhaps, just perhaps, he want me to tell you this story. And perhaps – just perhaps – you’ve been followed by a ghost too all of this time, look around you”.



7 thoughts on “A Girl and the Ghost beside Her

  1. ih, waw. Chapter 1 of “The Ghost of Lolo” book. Can’t wait to read more… Why is this ghost following you? Maybe he (or she?) wants to tell you how sad or lonely he is. Maybe he wants to play with you. Maybe he’s waiting for someone that never show until he’s dead. Maybe ….. use u’r imagination…

  2. I believe there are plenty girls in the world. But ghost ? So hard to tell, as hard as to feel. At least “your ghost” is the third type I know, first is the ghost on the “Ghost” Demi Moore’s movie and the second is the funny ridiculous ghosts on the Indonesian movies. Not bad writing, ghost, sorry I mean, girl!

  3. Erri, yeah… I’m thinking of making serial horror short stories, but unfortunately my supernatural experiences are not that interesting, and this story based on my 1st encounter with a black shadow 8 years ago at one of my relatives’ house… hihihi 🙂 thanks for the encouragement!

    Dion, I believe there are plenty girls with their own ghost out there, but untold yet… my ghost is a bit of exhibitionist… hahaha… up until now I haven’t make up my mind, to believe or not to. 🙂 let’s just rest it there for now… thanks for the compliment man!

    Btw, despite the utmost extremely ridiculous Indonesian ghost movies, I found Jalangkung & Miror not that bad…

  4. I see. Ok, so i will continue your story (in past tense):

    That ghost, kept followed you and asked you to always played with him. Lately, he’s so dominant and kept you away from your friends, and family. You changed into an odd person. Your family didn’t believe ghost and argued with you. But the ghost always told the negative things about your family.

    The ghost told you that he’s waiting for someone special. His girlfriend.
    While he waited, he had so much fun spent time with you.
    His girlfriend told him to stayed in this house, until she came back. Unfortunately, his girlfriend never showed.
    Day after day, he didn’t eat at all until he’s dead. His body dead, but his love still alive for someone he’s waiting for.

    After a year he met you who looked like his girlfriend…

    (to be continued…)
    please continue 🙂

  5. Hahahaha… thanks Ri, I can feel your enthusiasm over the ghost story… 🙂

    But I don’t find ghost fallin’ in love with a human being is sort of appealing ina romantic way, it’s scary! Especially when one of them, whether the Ghost or the Girl obsessed with each other. Brrrr… I can feel the goosebumps now. hahaha…

    if I wants to continue, I probably go with special event basis stories, like… when this girl broken heart, she have a special moment with the ghost that are wordless, shapeless, pastless, futureless, just that moment… full of hollow emotion.

    you want to help me out on this one? 🙂

  6. ok, that’s good idea. i’ll think about that. Or maybe we should meet?, colaborate in making a book?

  7. hahaha… take it slow sir… never in my mind I’m going to make a book on ghost story… let’s keep it in open discussion….

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