My Superb Movie-Marathon-Valentine

Feb 14th, 2009 – I got up at 7am and the first thing on my mind was to write the funny dream I had, before I forgot. I keep all my funny, strange, weird dreams in a book called Dreams Book, it’s literally my dreams in it, not something I want to achieve, no. Then since I got nothing else to do, O well, I don’t feel like doing anything else anyway, I started my movie marathon. I’m actually a person that usually spends weekend watching 5 movies in a row, but today is Valentine Day, I make an exception and go beyond my limit.

I started it with the first DVD I saw on top of the DVD player it was…

val-the-passangers2The Passengers, they got Anne Hathaway in it, with this guy that I’m quite familiar with the face but never know his name. Okay, I’m flipping it’s cover now, there you go, his name is Patrick Wilson, aaaand nope, couldn’t recall any other movies he’s playing. The movie is supposed to be thrilling but I kinda lost in the middle. The story is hanging lose, the cast is so-so, nothing special with the setting – for obvious, and – Ok, this is going to be a spoiler, don’t read this if you want to see the movie – It’s totally 6th Sense wanna-be and just couldn’t reach there. The guy is cute thou, all-American-typical-blonde-guy cuteness, Matthew McCougnahey’s style. Well, but that it is… *yawn*. Not thrilled with this one, I went to another one…

val-flash-backFlashback of A Fool, it’s Daniel Craig. Yeay! I was actually a bit wondering how it’ll be to see him playing another character, after I saw those 2 Bonds movies. The opening was… how should I say it? Weird? At first, there’s scene on two little boys making blood-vow, y’know, the things that kids do, bleed their palms and shake hands on that to declare the brotherhood thingy. Despite that those boys looked a little bit too young to understand what blood-vow is in my point of view, and then the scene jumped to a blur-ish threesome sexual scene. May I repeat, BLUR. But too my wonder, it’s too long for an opening… hellowww, whoever the director is, are you compensating on something here? So, the movie is about the ageing actor who starting to lose himself in hedonistic way of life and his narcism as well, and – if you read the movie title carefully – viola! It’s his flashback! *clapping hands* even a six grader can tell that. But, honestly I impressed by the natural act of the young actors in this movie… really ! The act is somewhat astonishing and the setting is beautiful, it’s a seaside town in 1970’s Britain. What I don’t like is the sex scenes and the thin plot. We can all guess the end of it… Summary, Craig’s act is average *sight* Anyway, I just want to appreciate the young actors. Then I went on with my 3rd movie. I borrow this DVD from a friend some times ago and never got a change to see it ‘til now.

American Splendor

It was the old American Splendor. Hm, I always have this thing with Paul Giamatti, whenever I’m going to see his film where he play as the main role; I always know that I’m going to get a full drama kickin’ in the a*s dialogue. His first movie I’ve seen is Sideways and it’s amazing, it won Oscar. But I think he’s also great as well playing in many supporting role like Paycheck, Cinderella Man, etc. I love him, so you can imagine how disappointed I was to see his act in a movie as lousy as Lady in The Water. Damn you Shyamalan, you ruined my Paul there! Back to American Splendor, I love love love it! Every minute of it. It kept me in inferring-next-scene mode. No wonder it played at Cannes and Sundae Festival, and nominated for Academy . It was funny, brilliant plot, plus assorted with the cartoon graphic as well, I laugh and sad and inspired by the dialogue. It’s so true that ordinary life is a pretty complex stuff too. The moral I got from the movie, personally, are: (a) Even thou you’re ordinary; you can always do great stuff. It depends on your perspective on life. (b) Love comes eventually, no matter how ugly you look or how pathetic your surrounding is or how ordinary you are, if love choose to come, it’ll come anyway. I’m so going to see this movie again next month.

I got a bit distracted after seeing this movie. Distracted by the fact that there’s only left a few DVDs that I haven’t seen yet. I got worry, that I’ll run out movies today, so I ran out to the nearest mall for a while to bought more DVDs (13 for precise). Back at my room in an hour, with my new DVDs, I continued my journey, I didn’t even take lunch…


City of Ember, wrong choice and it became a real block to my already stimulated mind. I’m definitely NOT it’s target audience, boring, not exciting, and the visual effect is not that bad but I’ve seen better for sure. I’m so sorry but the talents act weren’t that well too. Any other young actor can do that. Hm, but on second thought, if I’m not the target audience, why I love Spiderwick, Twilight, Spy Kids, and I even sort of like Narnia, so why I don’t like City of Ember… I don’t know, you gotta check it yourself. I have wasted 1,5 hours, therefore I was impatiently moving to my next movie, yeah, my 5th movie is…

The Secret Life of BeesThe Secret Life of Bees, it’s based on bestselling-novel written by Sue Monk Kidd. I remember several years back when I debated with myself whether I want to buy the novel or not, but then I decided not to and bought other novel instead, can’t remember what. Hm, I’d love to see my all favorite black actress play together, if you want to see Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Sophie Okonedo and the last one that’s not black at all Dakota Fanning in one frame, you got yourself the right movie. 1st of all they are all upright to play a role in a drama movie. I always love Latifah, she’s done a good job in many of her movies thou most of them drama comedies. Jennifer Hudson is fine as well, and for Alicia, I didn’t really pay attention to her act, cuz for me she’s stunningly beautiful. Dakota Fanning is being Dakota Fanning, dramatic, only I just realized she’s so grown up now, soo teenager. Geez, where the Sam’s little girl go? Subsequently, I have the strong feelings that this story better be read than watch, lucky me, I never read the book so I might as well say the movie is fine, plus I get to see Paul Bettany, haven’t see him for a while now. Each of them have a strong natural character, and the intrigues seemed to be decently primed. The morals of the story is not hard to get, I always loves inspiring drama movies. I think women will dig this movie. Goes to my 6th movie…

BOLTBolt. I have heard from my friends that the movie is good, and after those dramatic movies I’ve watched, guess I could use a cartoon to cheer up my day. Okay, it’s not a Cartoon its Animation; I don’t know what’s the different anyway. The first scene and it right away tickle my deep longing to have a dog, there’s this cute dog at the pet store, typical. They made the dog looks soooo cute and adorable, and I would never think that the story can be quite catchy, of course fitted to kid’s audience. Beside Bolt, I had this spontaneous adoration to the character named “Mittens”, an ex-house cat that been abandoned and becoming the tyrant of the doves. Lovely Mittens. I did have my good laughs here. But isn’t this Bolt movie supposed to be seen in a big screen with 3D glasses, it’ll bring out the picture to 3D – of course. Hm, I’m curious, really?

When I was just about to pick up my 7th movie, a text message reminded me that I have an appointment with friends to see — movie… so I tried to get to FX, the meeting point, as fast as I could. Still, I missed the first 10 minutes of…

The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a movie that I’ve tried to watch these past weeks but failed up until now. Damn! I hate it when I missed the first 5 minutes! For me it’s the most important part of the whole movie. I believe if you have seen the first 5 minutes, you can leave the movie for say at least half an hour and come back and still know what’s going on. When I settled in that big chair, the big screen is showing Benjamin sitting on the porch along with those old people looking soo sad. So before I got more pissed, I tried to focus myself to get the missing puzzle, and then it did capture me ‘til the end. It was one interesting movie, really. It’s very neat for sure. Brad Pitt is amazing, and I adore Cate Blanchett as always. So graceful, never fail with that accent, gestures, pose, etc. I think this is might be the first movie that David Fincher – the Director – directed in real-drama genre, I mean as long as I know he’s more to thriller genre like his previous Se7en, The Panic Room, Fight Club, and Zodiac. That’s all I can remember of his movies that I’ve watched. Good to know that he’s nominated in Academy for this Benjamin Button. As for the story, who am I doubting F. Scott Fitzgerald with his legendary The Great Gatsby? I left the theater with the feeling, what a beautiful world it is if its filled with such big and faithful love like Benjamin’s got. I think you really should see this one.

I arrived at my place at 1am, so pretty obvious I have no energy left to see another movie… well, if I did, I must be out of my mind. Hm, tired but I think the whole day was amazing… I love my Valentine Day… zzzz..zzzz.z….zzzzz….


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