Attending 2nd Day of Java Jazz ’09 – Saturday, 8th of March 2009

Building mood:

“God, it’s 4 pm already? Too lazy to move my ass out of my room. I just bought 22 new DVDs that took me around 30 minutes to select them, good movies. But I’ve spent quite a lot for the ticket, for ONLY one day pass and I have no heart to let it waste. Hm, I should use the money for something else, a new pair of shoes for instant. Darn!”

“Going or not? Going or not? Darn! Should’ve spent it on new shoes!”

“Ok, if I wanna go, what should I wear? I was thought a short would be nice, but on second thought, if I’m going to stay ‘til late it would be inconvenience. Hm , jeans and my favorite white loose Sabrina top looks cool! Should I change my bag to something bigger? I could use some snack that I can stuck there. O heck, what’s a big deal? Will I go or not?

“Maybe, I’ll find my soulmate there, therefore I’m destiny to go! Stupid as it sounds but let’s go!”

“No, keep walking, don’t turn around”

“Where’s the cab? Where’s the cab?”

“Hrrr, as predicted it’ll be jamming on the way to the convention. Gosh, this is too far to start queuing. Remember Lo, soulmate, soulmate”

“Wait! Wait! You just took a wrong turn Mr. Cab Driver! Darn! Darn! Darn! We should follow that line! It’s nearer, now we have to take a longer route! I’m so going to kill him now. Make peace Lo, make peace…” *talk gently to the cab driver to take the other route*

“30 minutes already since I left my room. Not happy! Ooookay, rather than being grumpy lets browsing the show” *googling via mobile phone*

“Whoa, that’s a lot of people and… wooo… is that a jockey? Lotsa ticket they have there. Wait! He just sold one! Hm, I wonder if they have Mraz’s ticket for less than half price”

Starting the JAVA JAZZ Journey:

“55 minutes(or so) finally I’m at the entrance gate. Hm, that’s a lot for cab fare, adding to the budget if it shoes… shut up Lo! GOD! Is the whole city population in this place right now??? and.. WAIT! Is that a queue to enter the event??? What the h-“

“Think fast, I still can just go after the cab and go home. Think fast Lo”

“Don’t be such an idiot Lo, you’re here, go join the queue now or it’ll take longer” *Joining that 20 meters or so human queuing reluctantly*

“He’s cute. He’s not. Weird. Too much. O my God, young girl! What’s that you’re wearing? Did your mom see you when you walked out of the house?”

“Now, who’s breathing down my neck? Could you just stay a– O my! He’s soooo handsome! What should I do? What should I do? I can pretend to faint! No! O God, Please make this queuing longer” *My heart beat goes faster as I feel those warm breath blow gentle on the back of my neck*

“O wish I had courage to say something, now he’s gone”

“Darn! I’ve been wondering around for 15 minutes and still can’t find any written schedule! Arrggkhhh this is soooooo crowded!” *Trying hard to get through people that keep bumping at me*

“Kamal Musallam from Dubai, interesting, lets see!”

“Now that 1st song is catchy and beautifully composed! He sing in his origin language and that’s lovely!”

“Hm, this 2nd song that dedicated for people in Tunisia and Palestine, errr… not kind of music that appeals to me. Hope their next song is better”

“Yeah, that’s really nice…. But I heard shows in next hall is already started… lemme check” *Meeting a friend and her family on the way to the next stage and together we see the performance*

“Ecoutez. I like this band, they have some nice songs, but I think they’re sort of more to pop than Jazz. The vocalist has a nice light voice. My, that song… reminds me of someone. I miss him… OK! That’s it! I need to go somewhere else before I think of something stupid” *Rushing out the hall*

“Sierra. Never heard of this one. Let’s see”

“They play nicely but too by-the-book! Their skills are too school-ish, if there’s such a term. Hahaha. The vocal is mediocre as well, it’s too light. And I— I actually still thinking about that someone. O, finish already? Ow, that’s the last 3 songs. Cool, I can go somewhere else and I’m starving! Gotta find something to eat”

“Hm, it’s that the only food stall they got? I heard there’s a food stall somew—“ *A friend say hello, old friend*

“Great, at least I have a bunch of companion to go to the food court! Yeay!”

“Dude! They have Haagen-Dazs, and… Is that Cold Stone? My! YEaaayy… Kay, I’m having hot dog and… Grean Tea Haagen-Dazs” *Eating like pig, and don’t care about my surroundings*

“Ice Cream… Ice Cream… the place as crowded as hell and smoky enough to turn on the fog lamp, so a scoop of ice cream in my mouth is a heavenly redeemer” *lick and lick the spoon*

“Okay, I’ve finished the ice cream, now guys let’s go, or… I can go by myself, this place hurting my eyes and I wanna see the other shows” *I have several friends to wandering around with now*

“Human, human, human, human… Oh, I know this couple of human!” *Another couple of friends say hi*

“Man, I can’t even see Ran… it’s too crowded, better go to another show. Great, thank God my companions have the same idea, Glenn going to perform at the main hall soon. Let’s go!”

“O my God, another queue? Hey, mind you hands! Hey, no! no! no! Don’t squeeze me please, I- hhukkhh! Breath! Breath! Why push me? Now, is that your elbow on my ribs, ouch! I—O what the heck!” *Struggling*

“Finally at the main hall. That was one horrible experience!”

“What took you soooo long Glenn???” *after 20 minutes*

“Glad that his show is A tribute to Chrisye. I always love Chrisye’s song. That man is an epic. Respect to the person who bring true color to Indonesia music industry. But Glenn… errr… as much as Chrisye coming from pop genre, do you mind to just compose his song a bit “close” to the original?”

“No! No! Not a good intro, you missed it Glenn”

“No, missed it again with that lousy jazz-wanna-be arrangement. Kay, shall we go and see another performance?”

“Quasimode! Just my luck! I think this quartet of Japanese jazz musician is awesome. I don’t hear them a lot but… well, reputation”

“STUNNING! Love it! That’s not only one helluva of skill, that’s one neat performance with very very energetic vibe. Goodness! It’s sooo tense. Give me more! Dude, you ROCK!”

“Darn! We should leave now? Matt Bianco going to perform? Okay, I think 5 songs from Quasimode is more than enough”

“Hm… seemed more and more human. Hey, lady, that is one nice boots you’re wearing! My, nice red top! Err… where’s the police fashion? I have a lot of fashion criminals here. Dang! Leather skin-tight?” *while walking to another stage*

“Whoa, man, that’s one nice sax performance there! Everett Hart. Hm, let’s sit down for a moment and listen to this man sax play”

“Love it! Love it! No! it’s that all? Man, only 2 songs and you’re done? O, everyone leaving for Matt Bianco” *get up *

“30 minutes already, why the gates haven’t open yet? God, my feet killing me. I need to sit down. My feet rrrrreally killing me”

“I’m so going to faint soon… now my back killing me. Ah, finally we can enter the main hall again!”

“Yeay! Niceeeeeeeee. Now that’s one neat performance. Respect to the senior singer. Matt Bianco !”

“Hm, that’s the only performance that I watched fully tonight, every song from the beginning to the end”

“I’m going home Yeay!”

“Are we there yet? Ouch, ouch ouch! My feet and my back killing me slowly!”

“Dear friend, why you parked the car sooooo far far away? Another 10 meters I’m going to die”

“finally” *I get into the passenger’s seat*

Back at my place:

“2 AM, my feet throbbing like hell plus backache… but I love my today. It’s great that I decided to see java jazz show today, I was so going to miss a lot! God, please help me, next time I’m falling in love, I hope he’s a musician? I think it’s nice to have someone who can make you a song… “

“I think one movie… just one movie… before I go to sleep”



4 thoughts on “Attending 2nd Day of Java Jazz ’09 – Saturday, 8th of March 2009

  1. agree with you fanni. i’ve enjoyed read this.

    pemilihan kata2 dan gaya penulisannya sudah punya karakter.

    Please write ’bout your childhood. Must be interesting…
    Mungkin gak usah di publish dulu. kumpulin aja dulu tulisannya yang banyak.

  2. Erri, thanks for the encouragement!

    my childhood… banyak yang lupa Ri… tapi thanks banget untuk idenya! I’ll try to start collecting the pieces! :)) love it!

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