My Old N9300, Blackberry & Life Mockery

My life journey with my beloved Nokia Communicator 9300 (N9300) begin in 2006 and even at that time it’s already a bit out of date, I mean like almost every Indonesian in Jakarta (professional or non-professional) had their time with Nokia Communicator (either 9500 or 9300) and then already switch to a younger series like N or E90. one of my uncle had 3. I was truly in love with N9300, I planned for months to buy it, save some money, and reading it’s specs over and over at website and convinced how that gadget will perfectly fit for my needs, then like a dream come true someone gave it to me as my birthday present (I sort of believe that he’s got so tired and bored to neck listen to me adoring that gadget). I do fond of ALL the features it has. The double screens, where the inside screen is fairly big and spacious enough to read my e-book on it as well as for Googling and browsing, the broad QWERTY keypad, the short link, etc. Plus, after have it for couple of years now, so I got all my friends’ b’day post in its calendar, my phonebooks, and everything! Bottom line I got all I need from a mobile phone from my beloved N9300. Hm, gotta admit just like any other gadget, my N9300 does fail me sometimes like it suddenly restart by itself or when I open too many applications at one time, it – of course – hanged so I have to take off the battery and stuff, y’know. Still, I’m okay with it.

But, as we all know that ALMOST ALL Indonesian, especially those who lived in Jakarta using BLACKBERRY (BB) today (professional or non-professional). It’s only 1 out of 4 people I meet in my dailies using other phone than BB, that’s my small survey. I had like hilariously lot of friend asking for my BB Pin, knowing that I’ m so mobile (based on actively changing my Facebook status hahaha). I also received many advises (or question, to be precise) on why I haven’t switched my N9300 to BB, and how it’ll better if I change it soon. I always nicely replied “no thanks, I don’t think I need one yet”. “O c’mon Lo, you can get email-push! You need that to check your mail every now and then” they said. But I can open my email through my N9300, and I don’t need to check my mail every minutes. “Now, it’s cheaper texting through BBM (Blackberry Messenger), it’s free!” they said. But my phone bill is far away from expensive, after those hours of using GPRS, hundreds of text messages, and phone calls. And I don’t wanna work 24/7, and I don’t want to be reachable anywhere anytime, I don’t want people to always know where I am, I don’t think the screen is wide enough, I don’t like the keypad, and I love my N 9300. So, No!

Yesterday, I met with a bunch of people while waiting for the elevator. I was on the way down the building and off home and as usual I’m playing with my N9300. At first that bunch of people assembled quite amount of voice, but suddenly they’re a bit quite and started hissing. I – normally – took a glance at them. I mean what’s with the sudden silent? I noticed a girl simple-facewhisper something to a guy, the guy then gave an awkward smile, wait for a moment… then he glanced at my N9300 from the corner of his eyes and they both laughing, then their other friends, and I pretended that I don’t know but I did notice that one by one they started looking at my phone and showed a funny smile. I was a bit embarrassed but then I got a bit angry instead, to be honest I don’t know what to do, hide my N9300? or just let it be? I was hurt for stupid reason! Hahaha.

Today, written on my friend’s Facebook Status: ”O c’mon, phone number??? You mean BB’s pin number, right?” other’s status wrote: “No more text message please, only via BBM” . What a snob. I mean, c’mon guys when in this life having the latest gadget makes you the superior being? If you’re proud that you can afford to use those sophisticated tools, that’s fine! But that doesn’t mean other people should look up to you for the cause. Eww! It’s just gadget, not like you’re saving someone’s life! I can afford BB, but what’s in it for me if my N9300 still sufficient? The concept of “Everyone have it then so must I”, is so out of date! And this GENERAL TREND that in a funny way obligate us to join-in is disgusting me. I don’t say I’ll never need a BB in my life, as a matter in fact I’m interested and considering i-Phone 3G, but guys, c’mon, there is no such outstanding thing with using the latest gadget and still being generic! That’s life mockery! 🙂


7 thoughts on “My Old N9300, Blackberry & Life Mockery

  1. Heeeeiii… I don’t think that i’m include in the circle of BB users u mention above.. i need it for my work and for you (hellooooow), not for any modern lifestyle reasons like you mentioned above from your other friends… 😛 Aaaaaannd… please define the grouping in “1 out of 4” people.. like i’ve said, in our team, from 5 of us, only me who use the gadget… 😛 ***peace***

  2. Dear Ria, yess, you might not included in the snobbish BB user I mentioned on my post, as well as not Sisi, Mas Andri, my sister Rhea, and some of my friends hahahahaha…

    I acknowledge how much you need the gadget, and how your productivity raised to I might say 25% (that’s significant you know!) since you have BB, and I’m sorry if my small survey not closed to our group only but by random counts on my social circle… 🙂

    But, I’m sorry, I can’t stop laugh over your inconvenience… LOL 😀

  3. Hi there ‘lo. i was just peeking at ur blog, and can’t help my self from jumping into this comment box.
    I also grew the same thought as yours. Mostly I stare hilariously of people are so busy chatting with their bb and wondering why they didn’t use bb before. Come on! It just shows l.that they were so behind updates.
    Bb is nice when people are using it optimally and smart, not just for the sake of the so-called-techy impression..
    But then, it is always amusing to see over-pride-for-bb people :p

  4. Hi San, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    I wonder about that too, I think BB has been launch along long time ago… why now? Hehehe.. yeah, I got nothing against people using BB, like seriously. I just have this “small disagreement” with snobbish who think they’re so cool when they use BB 😀

    Hey, wanna exchange links? 🙂

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