The Embarking to Ho Chi Min City

My flight scheduled to Ho Chi Min city was at 7.55 am, it’s not too early actually but since I came home late that night and had several glasses of red wine, I found it really really hard to wake up. Thank God my Mom & Dad staying over at my place so my mom was like practically pull me out of the bed with her high pitch tone voice. I remember that morning, I was so sure that I still have many-many things that I need to put in my luggage, but seriously, I couldn’t remember! Until only “toiletries” popped up in my mind, I – again – threw all things that I can grab instantly and zipped up the bag. I think I’m one of the most careless travelers in the world, I never lock my luggage and my handbag is always messy.  I have this certainty that one day I’ll learn the hard way, but please, someone – help me out before that happen.

I sort of slept all the way to the airport and woke up right in front of the lobby hall and decided to bring all my stuff to cabin with me, it’ll save me some times  not to wait for the plane baggage at the airport later. Mon, Dad & I had our morning coffee together and then they kissed me goodbye. Darn, I never had a trip which brings the whole things with me to the cabin, so at the boarding checking point, I have to lose my Almond Body Shop body lotion because it’s more than 100ml. I was totally forgotten that we’re not allowed to bring to some amount of liquid to the cabin. Silly me! It’s not even half empty.

Knowing for obvious that I’m traveling alone a guy that was queuing in front of my at the boarding room entrance started a conversation with me. He also noticed that I’m going to Ho Chi Min City and apparently he’s a frequent visitor to that country for business trip. I’m usually not a person who like to have a chit chat in public area with stranger, but since he seemed to have a lot of interesting stories about my destination city, I don’t mind listen to what he say. Anyway, I’m so excited and holiday’s mood always gives me different feeling about stranger, something like letting your guard down and more open to new things, well, I hope you know what I mean 

Me @ 4F Seat

Me @ 4F Seat

His name is Marlon and he loves to talk, in a nice way. Don’t worry, I already asked for his permission to write about him and put his picture in my blog, so I’m not violating his private information or anything. He said “sure, I would like to have my stories shared.” He won’t gave me detail about what he’s doing in Vietnam, all I know he’s sort of financial consultant, so I stop asking up to that point, none of financial things interesting to me anyway. We had a real nice conversation, he’s so articulate and knowledgeable, especially for geography, maybe becuz he’s been traveled to most of the big cities at South East Asia and several other countries all over the world including Europe and US, he so energetic. Unfortunately, we were not sitting next to each other (not that lucky huh?), so during the flight to Singapore, I spent my time sleeping and taking pictures.


The Blue Sky

The weather was really really nice and sunny. I enjoys fly in this circumstances. I always say to almost anyone I know that looking through the window’s plane when it’s flying, it is like borrowing God’s eyes. You can see almost anything, not only the landscape from up up above, but anything beyond the clouds. I always think it’s more than all blue- whitey and cloudy, it is inexplicably beautiful. Anyway, back when I check in, I asked for a front seat and I got the best seat in the plane, for economy class, it’s the seat right after the business class, has lot of space for foot. Yeay!


My new friend

Arrived at Changi Airport for transit, Marlon and I back conversing with each other. O, another benefit to have a male companion is he can help with carry down or carry up the luggage to the cabin baggage. I just realized that my luggage is kinda heavy, sure it’s not when I drag it here and there. Hm, not as practical as I thought. Marlon is more than nice, he kept offering help and I was thankful for that. We had our refreshment at and shared our thoughts about how much we like Changi Aiport, then back at the entrance of boarding room, I got another trouble. I forgot to detached my room key from it’s Swiss Army key chain. Therefore I got my passport detained for a moment just to make sure that I have no bad intention using that Swiss Army (I must look that handy huh?) and… DARN! They also threw away my Body Shop face toner and my Herbal Essences Shampoo since it’s more than… true, 100ml. 3 toiletries go. When they asked me why I bring “weapon” to cabin, I was a bit panic knowing that Changi Airport has a very strict regulation on stuff like that, again, Marlon helped me out by instantly and casually answered the question that it was my key chain. God, you keep sending people to help me around, don’t You?

On the flight from Changi to Saigon, Marlon could seat next to me since the seat is empty and the plane is quite empty that day. Marlon started telling me stories that I have never imagine will hear straight from a person, he told me the stories of how God saved his live in a miraculous way when he still in high school, and how many-many miracles happened in his life. When I said “miraculous”, I mean it! There’s no logic sense could explain what had happened to him. Seriously! I thought those things can only happen in a movie. He’s life is crazy (in a great way), full of amazing things! I don’t think I will tell you his story now , cuz it’ll take one long post for that, and I don’t wanna be out-of-the-context, but the stories was really jaw dropping, and I had my lessons from it. Especially about how God works in one’s life.

Delta Mekong River

Delta Mekong River

As we flew somewhere up above Vietnam I could see the Delta of Mekong River, took a picture of it. Do you know that Mekong river is the 11th longest river in the world? It goes from Tibetan plateau, then China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and finally, Vietnam. And the delta (or Golden Triangles) is the intersection of China, Myanmar and Laos Border. The view is beautiful as you can see from the picture I took. I’ve been flying here and there around Indonesia, but I think I never see such view before. And I’m not saying it’s more or less beautiful, it’s just different. As I landing I also took a few picture of part of Ho Chi Min City, they don’t have tall buildings at all, and all the houses is look like “shop-house” in Indonesia (rumah toko). Marlon told me that the land price in Vietnam is really expensive, that’s why people have only a small house. But I guess the city is not as polluted as Jakarta, you see? The sky is having no fog clouding over it, as if it Jakarta you cannot see the building because they covered with a thick pollution fog.

So, here I am, landing at Saigon!


From up above Vietnam


As I landing at Ho Chi Min City


2 thoughts on “The Embarking to Ho Chi Min City

  1. Hey just letting you know that this was a great blog. I have a friend that headed over to Ho Chi Min City and she said the flight was like 15 hrs…from Atlanta…yikes. Well take care…Shawn

  2. Hi Shawn, thanks for stopping by and leave a note. 🙂 yeah, it was one great experience… and I’ll have 2 post about my trip later…

    O, seen you on FB… thanks for adding me 🙂 keep in touch!

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