My Mom at her best towards me (part I)

“Mom, I wonder why I’m getting thinner and thinner lately. It’s sort of inconvenient, cuz everytime – literary every single time — I meet my friends, the first thing they say is ‘O my God, Lolo, you’re sooo skinny! What happened?’, and I have to give ‘em an awkward smile and reply ‘I don’t know’ then try to divert the conversation“ I said these to my Mom yesterday whilst we sprawled on bed. It was passing midnight and I just got home, beaten and tired from work.

“Yes!! You’re so skinny recently, is there something wrong? How do you feel?” Mom replied in a deep on tensed tone. She picked up my left hand, circled my left wrist with her thumb and index finger, and start measuring.

“Look at this, your arm is so small, you are skeletal, only bones with skin. Are you okay?” Mom keep on encircled my wrist, and I look at my arm intensely and agree with her, it looks so tiny.

“That’s what I’m talking about Mom, I don’t know why, I think I eat adequately, yes sometimes I missed my meals, but I don’t know why I stay skinny. I feel fine, overall I feel just fine” I said, as my Mom’s hands moving from my wrist to my hand to my shoulder, then the back of my neck, seemed like measuring the thickness of flesh on it.

“Yeah, I don’t think it has something to do with the way you had your meals, I think you eat quite a lot…” her hands keep moving to my head and finally rested on my face, then touching my nose.

“Hm, maybe I’m a li’l stressed out at work but I just don’t realize it, don’t you think so Mom?” I said while looking at her fingers on my nose and wonder how it got there. She pulled it a bit to the right then left.

“You know what? How about you do a nose job? And you can use glasses for around 2 weeks, so no one notice that you just did something with your nose. Y’know? And I heard that famous Brazilian aesthetic surgeon has opened another clinic at Bandung, I bet it’s not that expensive, let’s go check it out” Her tone was high and enthusiastic, she keep pinned my nose with her fingers, then again pull it a little bit to the length she thought perfect for my “future” nose.

Dead silent from my side. That’s my Mom. Hahaha.


4 thoughts on “My Mom at her best towards me (part I)

  1. I am skinny..and i wonder why mom never ask me how i feel…

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