A Confession of an ex-Blackberry Rejecter



I have to write this note to keep a promise to a friend. She felt sort of inconvenience toward a note I posted around 2 months ago about the massive grow of Blackberry user in my social circle, emphasizing to “strange” behavior of some users, their superiority and how they becoming victim of trend adherent. Having the gadget but simply doesn’t know how to use it. Unfortunately, I posted that note couple of weeks after she purchased new Blackberry, so it kind of offended her. Hahahaha. Anyway, I’m a Blackberry user now. I have my own reason, but she keep reminding (or nagging?) me like – fruitfly around putrid fruit – that I have to write something about it, sort of like contra-version to the previous post titled “My Old Nokia, Blackberry & Life Mockery”. She is expecting that in this note I will admit that that I’ve been defeated by the mainstream, that majority still rules, especially if it’s about Blackberry in Jakarta. Hah! You wish Ri! The hardest part is, she’s been tailing me since D-1 I own BB regarding this note hahaha, but I thought it’ll be only fair if I write this note after using BB for a couple of weeks, when at least I have the experience of what’s going on inside BB user’s head, and today is officially the 20th day I’m using BB.

The first couple of days using BB were not that convenient at all. Eventhou I’ve anticipated all the unpleasant things about BB, I was still complaining about the size of the keypads comparing to my Nokia, the small screen, the tiny scroll button that torturing my thumb’s muscle, the how to switch from applications to another applications, and which applications that actually still open, the rapid low-bat, the hang all the time means need to re-start it or lose the battery for a few second, the extra effort to move my phone books, errr… I think I can go on and on about it. O the extra budget I have to spend! Hehehe. However, since I’ve put my phone card in it, and like it or not people start communicating with me through it, I started to get accustomed. I mean, instead feeling upset to the fact that I have to use a New Alien Thing, I try to focus my energy on how to get use to it as quickly as possible. I started to try every single application it has, and using it, play with it, and try this and that. Hm, some applications actually are very much nifty, and yes, in the end I have to admit it has many better advanced benefit compare to my Nokia. I learn and learn and learn. Some of my friends mock me about how slow I type on BB, O they so gonna get it!


yes! BB user! *lol

Now, after 20 days, I can type fairly hasty with my BB, I already enjoy checking emails every now and then, and it helps me clear out my junk mail cuz I can delete it whenever I have time in a day. I rarely miss an email for sure. I got some new friends through BB messenger that we can constantly and “periodically” get in touch with (*wink*). I can send pictures and songs and data instantly with low possibility it’ll get delay, and up until now I’m still trying to find a few shortcuts that can make that thing even more practical for me. I’m planning to go to 101% utilization over this Blackberry.

This situation I’m in now reminds me again, that learning new things is actually fun, always fun! I mean, yeah, I have a historical affection to my lovely Nokia. I still feel sorry for it; it’s been faithful to me for several years now. I still hold it dearly for a moment at some nights and tell it that I’m not abandoning it, and will get it a new number ASAP. I am always such a sentimental fool even to a gadget hahaha. Anyway, that’s life, we just have to keep our self open for new things, always give it options, always have rooms for improvement, and a mind that ready to learn something different, and take the chances and the challenges. Instead making something “new” as the enemy of the comfortable situation we dwell now, we can accept it as the additional features, to the great life and great mind we already have. Thou my concern is sometimes, we human, we purchased things that we don’t really need or just because we simply want to have it, because we want to follow the trend and don’t want to be behind. Maybe we just need to be little wise to know things that we really need and things we really want, but not to forget when the opportunity to learn come, embrace it.

So… what’s your BB pin? I’ll PING you later… hahaha….

“You should stick with what you enjoy, what you find funny — that’s the humor that will be the strongest, and that will transmit itself. Rather then trying to find out what the latest trend is, you should draw what is personally interesting.” Bill Watterson


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