A Series of Pleasant Events

As usual, weekend starts on Friday night. No matter how hectic, or how dreadful the day is, but thinking of Friday gives me a different mood about the imminent occasions. It’s not always well planned of course, but even thou it’s just staying in my room, listens to the music, watching DVD (even if it’s the same movie twice) or going somewhere not really far away nor new places, I love the me-time on weekend. The important thing is to really enjoy all the small things during weekend, small bless, small benevolence that showed by people around us even if they are strangers, a little joke, a kind gesture, a lovely weather, listen to the laughs from the table next to us, a delicious meals, a simple greetings and meet a friend at public place, all are more enjoyable at weekend. Yes, those small things amplify its value on weekend, and I want to always keep my enthusiasm & good-mood for weekend. Now, These were things that happened on my lovely 2nd weekend of May 2009, I want to put this as a remembrance:

7 pm (Friday Night) Free food at All-You-Can-Eat restaurant. Despite the taste of the food is waaaaaay below my expectation but the laugh and the laugh and the laugh are lovely , I no longer remember how it taste.

9 pm (Friday night) Dragged to a lounge – Indo Chine – then got 2 glasses of free beer, all girls and we laughing and laughing and dancing like nuts. Gosh, it’s been a long long time ago since my last crazy dance! Pushed up on the stage and I almost make my embarrassing speech, about how much my team sacrifice for the project with the closing line: “Let’s drink then, for the client that once we won, and we let go” hahaha…  Thank God for the loud music and the dim disco light! O girls you are so fun!

Happy Girls! and we're sober!

Happy Girls! and we're sober!

1 am (Friday Night/Saturday morning) Kidnapped by my persistence good friend. She wait for more than an hour at the coffee shop for me to finish dancing and laughing, then took me to her far far away home and I didn’t even know whether I slept or not all the way there. She’s so lovely! And she let me smudged my make up all over her pillow case cus am just too sleepy to clean up my face first! 🙂 I heard her mumbling something…  got a sweet dream too.

11 am (Saturday morning) Wake up late. Dear friend, next time please don’t drag me out of bed! I had a late night, remember? Hahaha. She was lending me a really nice summer dress. It’s floppy and all, thou a bit too big, but I like it. I love walking around in a dress on a nice Saturday afternoon. Let’s go!

1 pm (Saturday morning) Had lunch at Hacienda, the New Mexican restaurant at Arcardia Senayan. Fajitas! Nachos! Guacemolee! Yummy! Nice place. Garden view with birds flying around. The warmth of the sun shines upon my skin. The Happy up-beat Mexican songs in the air. A silly short conversation. A reasonable price. O and a good service too…

IMG00561a IMG00562a IMG00563a

Hacienda Restaurant gwen

2.30 pm(Saturday afternoon) Went to the Heaven on Earth, Book Store. Browsing those brilliant titles and looking for something interesting. Flapping pages just to find catchy passages and put it back on the shelf. Got another 2 books from Oscar Wilde, The Profoundis & The Importance of Being Earnest. Nothing feed your brain better than a good book.

4 pm (Saturday Afternoon)   I insist that we should go for facial at Shiseido Counter. I used to think that facial should be done at Beauty Clinic or Dermatologist, I changed my mind. Facial right in the middle of the mall is fun. When the facialist massage my face, I close my eyes, and I can listen to people chatting from far away, the mall music, the sounds of high heels walking around, so crispy, the laugh of the store attendances. It gives you different feeling. And the treatment is better than what I ever had at a clinic.

6 pm (Saturday Afternoon) Meanwhile waiting for my friend’s facial treatment, I found time to shop some groceries, shampoo, tissue, body wash, Pulpy Orange, etc… I love shopping groceries. I love to see products on the shelves even just browsing it. I love deciding which one should I purchased. I love to see what it made of, the ingredients. My favorite part still the fruits sections. Even thou I don’t buy any fruit, I love walking on the alley… seeing those fresh fruits. I’m nuts!

8 pm (Saturday Evening) Done with facial, we’re a little bit hungry. Not that hungry, but our mouth feels like want to chew something nice. Sushi Tei is the best options. We can get small size of everything! O, I can never say No to Japanese Meal… it’s a beautiful food! Salmon, Unagi, seaweed, hot ocha tea, green tea ice cream, all melting in my mouth. And another lovely conversation, silly ones.

11 pm (Saturday Nights) on my bed chatting with Mr. Nice & Decent until I fell asleep. I always fell asleep, never got a change to say goodnight to everyone. :”>

lolo fell asleep

lolo fell asleep

9 am (Sunday morning) going to church and met my family. I thank God for Church, for praise and worship that moves me deep and how the Gospel shaping me each and everyday. Of course, had lunch with my family too still in Church building.

1 pm (Sunday Afternoon) Back in my cozy nest, playing PC mini games – Blooms – whilst chatting with Mr. Long-Time-No-See. Hahaha… it’s really fun. It’s fun to reminiscing our youth. I haven’t meet this guy for 8 years, back in collage where we hang out, play cards, watching them playing football, and laughing like nuts, I miss those time.

5 pm (Sunday Afternoon) I met another old friend that I haven’t seen for a long long time Mr. Who-Called-Me-Movie-Master hahaha. It was such a nice dinner. I had another Sushi! Yeaaaaayyy… Tom & Jerry, my favorite dish at Kiyadon FX. Yeah, ugly name but awesome taste! He bought me a book, just released by his friend’s son. He also bought me dinner, and he scanned my finger print so I know what’s going on “inside” me! Now I know that my left thumb’s print brings me a lot, a lot of trouble, that’s how I become indecisive. 🙂 But He then told me about place I should go and see. The meeting seemed so short. I still want to hang around a bit longer, but I got another appointment. We make a promise to see each other soon. Yes, it’s always nice to meet old friend.

Tom & Jerry!

Tom & Jerry!

8 pm (Sunday Evening) Catch up with my beautiful friends with their son, my future son in law, Lia, Bobby & El. I love the baby, I love, love, love love him. I love Lia & Bobby. Look at that cute baby El! Oh, I almost crying, in jealous and in happiness. Sometimes you just to accept that you don’t get anything you want in your life, so you need to really dig your blessing, and simply be happy, God never forsake me.

Lia, El & Lolo

Lia, El & Lolo

10 pm (Sunday Night) Back at my loveliest room, confuse about what movie I’m going to watch to end this beautiful weekend. Then a few friends helped me to decide via Facebook. Hahaha. The Sound of music it was. But I couldn’t be too focus, since I continue talking with Mr. Long-Time-No-See ‘til pass midnight, ‘til I can’t help but close my eyes, leave him hanging on the other side, as usual. But I think he’ll understand. Sweet dreams.

What a lovely weekend…  so, dear friends, never forget to count your little blessings everyday, but most of all I hope your weekend will always be fill with joy and laughter. I thank you Lord.

To count my garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall;
Count my days by golden hours, don’t remember clouds at all.
Count my nights by stars, not shadows, count my life by smiles not tears,
And with joy through all my lifetime, count my age by friends not years.


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