4 AM

It’s 4 AM and still dark outside. I fell asleep at 1.30 AM and woke up at 3 AM for no particular reason. I just couldn’t close my eyes to sleep again. Instead, after 10 minutes wide awake, I started doing my laundry for half an hour. Then I got nothing on my mind, don’t feel like pondering about work, not interested to read or watch a movie, and my body is still a bit aching from an hour Yoga session this evening.

So run out of creative idea for pass-midnight-activity, I start browsing and browsing the internet and stumbled on a friend’s blog.  I didn’t know she has a blog. I haven’t known her for long, it’s been only several months but she’s always been interesting to me. She made a peculiar first impression and her attitude is eccentric. I’m not saying she’s nice and sweet all the time, just different. But on second thought, yes, she’s like someone who writes.

I start with her latest post, then on and on to older posts. It doesn’t take a lot of time, since she write in one paragraph with simple line in each of her post. And by then I now know that she is sad, gloomy, confuse, broken hearted, insightful, sometimes can be surreal, and many other things that grey and poignant. That’s not her that I know in my dailies. But I know this is the real her.

It’s always interesting to “finally” know the other side of a person that we see everyday but we don’t know much about. No, am not nosy or anything since none of these information beneficial for me in anyway. But maybe tomorrow I’ll be a little kinder to her. Not because I pity her nor I more fond of her now. But because I hope it’ll make a different to her day then her next post.

We are never open our eyes wide enough…

We are never open our ears wide enough…

We are always gonna missed small important things

within our surroundings.

When taking opportunity is just as simple

as making someone smiling from inside

But we can always open our heart

to lesson we’ve learned

and small things we finally acknowledge…

I wish you a peace of mind and contentment in life dear friend..

Then I close my eyes, and fall asleep.



2 thoughts on “4 AM

  1. nice blog!
    I also had few nights like this ine. 2 hours of sleep and then internet, poetry, music.
    Looking forward to see how your new friendship evolves

  2. thanks Lazyking, I’ve visited your blog too and it’s cool!

    well, nothing change significantly between me and my friend…. but I always try to be a little bit nicer 🙂

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