I Wonder

Why are you still here? or keep me around?
Is it because you like me? Or say… you love me?
(because you said so)
Is it because I’m such a good companion?
Or because I make you laugh once in a while?
Is it because I’m nice to see?
Not embarrassing in case you meet your friend?
(when we’re together of course)

Because I can’t see why I want to keep you around me
You’re not listening to what I said
I almost can’t finish my own sentence
You always cut me in the middle and go on with yours

Because you only want to see me in your own “perfect’ timing
And not providing me your time when I need it
You call me when you are free — and funny…
Expecting me to be excited, head over heels to see you

Because you always give compliments about how I look
Everytime we met and looking me like “that”
But never really asking how my day is
You always start with you, with or without me asking

Because you always talk about great things you are doing
And I’m waiting to see the real you
Without those masks of I’m-so-Okay
It’s always easier to fake happiness than to fake sadness

So …
even thou I know you need me to be there for you
even I’m able to listen to you through and thoroughly
even I know that you like the way I look
even I go out with you occasionally
even I treat you nice and gently
even I respect you as human being
even I seems to always be there for you
even I laugh over your silly jokes

But I’m seriously not into you
I’ve tried…
But you’re not helping…

with many times I said NO to your invitation to meet
with hesitation that I’d showed implicitly
with gentle rejection  between the lines

I wonder, what keeps you around me?

lolo don't speak

No. Not you.


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