replying all the greetings

replying all the greetings

and these was my birthday – if you wanna know

— “if you wanna know” is the key words

stressed out, seriously, not wanting to be THAT old

pondering why is life moving so fast…

I feel like left behind by so many people

trying to figure what’s important and what’s urgent

missing something so bad that it almost blow me

one fervent night and sequel of momentary satisfaction

had heart to heart conversation without conclusion

a series of choking up prayer, morning and night

worry, worry, worry, worry, and try to smile

cried on the phone, I just couldn’t help it

suicidal tendencies on the paper

have some good advices I should take and I did

I swam my burden away, and it did go away

for a while I can take it but not too long

singing “Say it to me know” like nuts, ‘til now

sometimes what you wish for won’t come true
— out of town escape
— a legitimate hug
— some subjects spare to share
— midnight celebration
— a longer greetings
— inviting strangers to my party

lovely reading for one whole day, those greetings

hunting a new place for the birthday dinner

replying those sweet words on my wall, O my thumbs!

my best friends save my a*s over and over again

feel lotsa love from my brother and sister

white wine, Baileys, and mosquito bites

I love you guys, really – really love you

thanking God for all things in my life

breathing lightly —

writing silly things and smile after it
I am 30 now…


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