What If…

Lolo Sianipar 06In my life I had only few regrets, whether it’s big or small. I love my life and each “seemed” like mistake I’ve done, I take it as lessons of life that make me wiser, stronger, and in the end (hopefully) lived my life to the fullest. But those several regrets are never regrets anyway, if you don’t really want to take time back to those moments and make a whole different decisions right?

“What if” emerge in my mind NOT as another form of contrition, no. On the contrary it comes as an idea to comfort my feelings in reality, the fun things that might happen if I took different route back then. What if I took design as my college major? What if I kept my ballet lesson and finished it? What if I focused on playing piano and my singing career? I never regrets not done it, I love my career now, but to imagine I could be a designer now, or a ballerina, or a singer like Alicia Key would be fun to fantasized too… and then him appear, Mr. Decent, who always treat me decently and sincerely no matter what. What if?

Mr. Decent texted me after the scary earth quake yesterday, to make sure whether I’m okay and what’s going on. No, I wasn’t jumping around in joy or pleased as punch when I received his text. I reply him in –as usual – friendly tone, texted him back said I’m okay and asked back what about him and henceforth. We’re keeping almost daily conversation anyway. lolo peekWe’re usually talking about this and that, and general news. As always most of the sentences coming from him never fail to make me smile or laugh in simple way. It’s not breakthrough jokes or something that really funny, it’s something daily that well-spoken in a good sense of humor. Then “What If” emerge as I said before.

What if I marry him back several years ago? Me and him = husband and wife? What if I didn’t care about our differences and fight for him? Would it be lovely to smile like this every day? Would it be lovely to have a husband like him? Heck with the fight that couples must go through in their relationship, I had never doubt that this guy can make me happy anyway, not back then, and not now. I can see he’s making his wife happy now; he’s a great father also! But to think “what if” about this particular person is seriously fun!

He’s one of very few “What If” subjects that I love to think about. O Mr. Decent, I wish nothingelse but a happy life, please keep being a good-faithful husband and a good father, cause that what makes you lovely to think about and to talk with.

What is you “what if” idea?


7 thoughts on “What If…

  1. I see. For some odd reason, I assumed you were from New York or somewhere on the East Coast. Upon further review, it appears you might be on a completely different continent altogether!

    It’s great you have no regrets in life, and I respect that you don’t linger in the past. Why don’t you renew your passions such as design, ballet or whatever else peaks your interest?

    Make time for yourself.

  2. Dat, thanks so much f or your thoughtful comment… must I say, you are really nice… Please give me more input if you have the time… would love to hear…

    Prati, God bless you too… you’re blog is wonderful… and heart lifting… 🙂

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