My 1st Underwater Pictures

I’ve always wanted to have underwater picture; I saw in several magazines, I saw my friends picture, they look so cool. I don’t count the picture I had when I was diving as my 1st underwater picture because it was when I’m diving, it’s a whole lot different occasions. I didn’t pose or whatever, and all you can see is my masked face, with google, tank and everything. But yesterday was sooo fun. My friend just bought a new CANON digicam which can use to 10 meters deep underwater, and she was giving it a try in the pool. We had several hours crazy trial session and as we all can guess, many of the pictures were unsuccessful (blur, wrong angle, too sexy to the point unable to edit hahaha) anyway… I still want to mark the date as my remembrance 😉  below are my cool pictures!  Yeay!

Lovely Swimming

Lovely Swimming

We are the happy human fish

We are the happy human fish

she's a happy mermaid to be

she's a happy mermaid to be

Underwater Salto :)

Underwater Salto 🙂

Always dare to try something new Folks! 🙂

note: I found cool tips for underwater photography here!


8 thoughts on “My 1st Underwater Pictures

  1. This is sweet, to have a Canon digicam with underwater capabilities.
    What a creative friend!
    Have a great day Lolo! Grace

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