Celebrity that look like me! *lol*

“It is immense importance to learn to laugh at ourselves.” – unknown

chatLike several months ago I chat with my friend through yahoo messenger, as usual we always have something ‘weird” to talk about and the subject went to a celebrity that I looked a like… He then send me a picture of Laura Vandervoort, the girl who play supergirl at SmallVille. Yeah, she look me errr… or vice versa, I look like her. But knowing that I’m older than her, so… it should be SHE is the one who look like me *lol*. Anyway, today I bumped into a friend’s note that display all celebrities that look like HIM… I laughed, I mean, who the hell in this world love to have someone look like him/her unless they are twin (it’s inevitable). Yeah he looks like some of the actors displayed, and it reminds me of Laura Vandervoort…  I googled her, and VOILA! geez, some of her pictures are seriously look like me hahaha… 

So, just for joke of the day, MY personal joke of the day – God forbid you to laugh at me and this crazy post *ROLF* – check out the pictures below… thanks for Mr. AS for uniting the pics hihihi… I hope you can tell which one is me and which one is Laura…

TWINS! *yeah right*

TWINS! *yeah right*

Laura Vandervoort and Lolo

Laura Vandervoort and Lolo

hahahhaha…  I hate to say this but….. “TOLD YA!”. Have a good day Folks…. by the way, do you look like a celebrity too? Please, please, please, please let me know….


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