2nd of October: Batik Day — for Batik That We – Indonesian – Love So Much

batikFinally, UNESCO is going to announce Indonesian Batik as world cultural heritage and the inaugural held today in France. Since months ago there were announcement via all media for all Indonesian to wear Batik on 2nd of October to celebrate this big day! Yesterday everyone seemed in such euphoria to choose the best batik they can wear today. If you’re wondering about batik, check it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batik

And when the D-day finally come, almost all Indonesian Facebook status, Twitter , blogs, blackberry messenger, Yahoo messenger status, etc most of it announcing something about wearing batik today. People are so excited, so do I! I really love the vibe today! Can you imagine walking around seeing people wearing clothes with the same theme with you, wherever you are, in the office, in the mall, in the restaurant, in the meeting, all wearing batik. We look at each other (those strangers in Batik) and we’re smiling at each other. Nobody cares the brand, the fashion, the style, each of us proud that our culture becoming world cultural heritage and we’re proud as Indonesian, and we’re hoping no other county will claim what’s belong to our nations as theirs!

so here’s me and us wearing batik:


the celebration of Batik!

batik day 02

Batik in my Office!

Batik day

ARC in Batik


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