There’s Something about Run

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I’ve never been into running-as-a-sport in my life before I have one major sports brand in the world as my client. For me – I don’t know about you – running was a bit pointless. What are you chasing that required you to move that swiftly and spend a lot of energy? What’s the challenge, you’re walking anyway here and there. And the most important is where are you going to run? It’s Jakarta, populated, polluted and noisy! Running by the street? The chances are: you’re getting hit by a slack bus /motorcycle, you inhale heavy carbon dioxide, or no track is viable enough for a long run except you’re a big fan or running among the food carts (never imagine a nice big clean pavement along the street here). And I don’t feel like running on treadmill because the ideas of “running” but actually you’re going nowhere just as pointless as the first one. Been there done that! But then these past 2 months it’s inevitable for me to start learning the essence of running. Nike – my client – has some running related products. Me, as their appointed Public Relations Consultant must dig more than just the surface about running, just so I’ll be able to talk about the product in in-depth angle.but what started as just a “job” turn into a change of mind and habit.

large_womanrunning aA long the way, I learn that some people (that is NOT an athlete, just a regular working people like me) really do loves run and they in-fact able to find time and tracks to run here in Jakarta. I started to pay attention to people that run and began from my own friends, it’s seem so easy for them to write on their FB status: “just run 7K this morning” , “So fresh after 15K ran”. I started to run too (thank you for my friend Veni, the 1st who ask me to run) and… my goodness… 1K nonstop ONLY and I almost fainted and hardly breathing! I try to push myself, just like what I do with my swim, but seriously, running is NOT that easy, it’s really challenging. I wonder, when we’re kids running seems like all we did. Run at school, run at home, always chasing something, even we run to every room in the house. But once we grow up, we look as if we forget that run was use to be one of our main body activity.My first session of run, it felt like learning how to ride a bike for me, but along the way I start to enjoy it.

But what I feel when I’m running? I found out that I love the feeling that I’m moving pretty fast compare to the idle things around me, weird huh? I love pushing my body to the limit, just so I know the limitation and keep pushing it, because if others can do way better than me, why can’t I? I thrilled by the feeling of my whole body parts revived – even my internal – as sweats running down my face and my back, and I’m panting and the wind blows softly against it as I run. It’s true that run is like catching the wind, you always feels the breeze on your open skin. Seriously, I learn that running is all about passion that keeps the spirit, because the choices are pretty simple, to run or NOT. And to NOT is waaaaay simpler. I wanna go on and on talking about running, but I think some of you get my point already and can start browsing about run.

To tell you I’m going to be a regular runner, improve my time and join some race in the future is a bit premature right now. But I’ll try and will practice more. I cross my finger and hoping I can go 10K next year and be part of the Human Race 2010 And that of course with or without Nike extend our contracts Hahaha

Let’s Run!


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