Eyelashes Extension, finally!

I’m glad I finally done it! I always feel proud of myself every time I did something new, something that I’ve never done before, something that out of my comfort zone and something that need not people’s approval to do it… hmm… the prolog seems a bit lebay (too much) for only had the 1st eyelashes extension I think *LOL*, anyway, here’s the story of how I got my new eyelashes look.

eyelashes 01Having my eyelashes extended was not a new idea for me. I’ve been reading about it since I was in college. If you ask why, O just because! But it’s quite expensive to get the treatment in a beauty salon. Need around 250,000 IDR to 500,000 IDR for permanent false eyelashes – the good one, and of course I can think of thousand other ideas on how to spend that amount of money. Therefore, I postpone the idea until around 2 weeks ago one of my colleagues at office, Sisi Sigar, told me that she feels like having an eyelashes extension, I instantly said I want to try that too, but again she mentioned quite expensive price that made me re-consider in split second.

But a few days later Sisi came with new long lashes that amazed me and declared that she finally found a freelancer beautician that can provide a home service treatment and the price is amazingly affordable. Halleluiah! Not only I have her as my guinea pig, but it’s cheap too! Hahaha… after several days looking at her flicked her long eyelashes proudly, and the jealousy grew slowly in my heart, I unfaltering decided this is the right moment, and I shall not adjourn it any longer.

eyelashes 02aI called the girl to have an early appointment, really early since its Saturday. She came on time, look like mbak-mbak (simple girl) instead a beautician. She bring medium size bag with her and asked me how long is the lashes I want. She has like several different length and thickness of strands that she put in several small boxes. Kinda hard to imagine having those on my eyes, but I know I want to look natural; don’t want it too long or too thick. I want something that enough to save my time applying eyeliner every morning. She nodded as a sign she’s agree with my aspiration of ideal eyelashes, put a band on my forehead to keep the hair, told me to lie down, put plastic band under my eyes, and start working on my lashes.

eyelashes 03


eyelashes 04


It took a little more than an hour to put all the strands together and assemble my ideal lashes. From the smell I think she used something like super glue to attach the real and the fake. I’m not supposed to open my eyes along the process and around 15 minutes after it’s done, because the glue will make my eyes sore, but I was sort of impatient to see the result. So instead quietly fanning my eyes just so the glue dried perfectly and won’t hurt my eyes, I peeped a little bit and reflect in the mirror. Not hard to guess, soon as I open my eyes, tears burst out because something felt stinging my eyes (that’s the glue, silly Lolo!). But ignoring the pain, I was stunned in amaze. The lashes look perfect, it’s long and beautiful, and it looks real. Seriously! It’s a little… well, strange to have lashes like that, but I think I like it. She said it doesn’t need any special treatment to keep it only NOT to scrape it or rub my eyes. It’s even okay to take it swimming. Oh yeah, and no using mascara for at least 3 days. But with eyelashes like this, who need a mascara or eyeliner? It’ll be too much. I paid that girl what she deserves. And those day was one of the longest day I stare my face on the mirror, which is 12 minutes (I seriously have problem looking at my reflection too long, I get bored easily hahaha). She said that the extension can last to 1 month or more, depends the way I treated it, but if I want to get it re-treat I can call her for half price! Woohooo….

eyelashes 06

My new Eyelashes 🙂

So, it’s been several days I have the long beautiful lashes and weird that some people didn’t realized it (it must be look very natural or that person just don’t give a care hahaha). My girlfriends love it and want it for themselves, and my male friends tell me I have a beautiful eyes hahahha…  Whatever! I love my eyelashes and glad that I’ve tried it!

After several days

After several days

Girls,  doncha wanna try? O well, I provide you the video as well below… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Eyelashes Extension, finally!

  1. Wow. I didn’t know they could do stuff like that. I would need a bald spot remover for the top of my head! I’m losing hair because I used to spin on it!

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