The FUNtastic Nike+ Human Race 10K 2009 Singapore – 24th of October 09

Lolo for Human Race 2009

let's Run!

I feel lucky to be able to witness such a great sport event like Nike+ Human Race. Back several months ago when my client told me the idea, concept, and what has been done last year for Human Race, I thought “O, it sounds cool!”, but that’s it. As I wrote in my previous post, I’m still developing my passion and knowledge regarding run. For you who’s wondering what’s on earth is Nike+ Human Race. Nike+ Virtual Human Race is a part of Nike+ program, a program which provided a complete solutions for every runner individual or professional around the world. The first Virtual Human Race succeeds in gathered 780.000 runners around the world. This year Nike Indonesia will host part of Virtual Human Race in Indonesia actively to celebrate the run and gives opportunity for runners to run together. This year they conducted in 24 cities around the world but virtually in the whole world. need more information? you can go here.

The big event is not “yet” held in Indonesia this year, but we had the pre-event in Jakarta called Nike Run Jakarta 5K on 18th of October 09, it went very well for a start of Nike Run Club Jakarta, around 300 runners joined the race, mostly teenagers.  We also got several potential runners that we can bring to Singapore to join the Big Day of Human Race. I was so excited, but still thinking that this isn’t enough for theme as appealing as HUMAN RACE.

Me & Ms. Susy

Ms. Susy & I

So, the day come and we’re flying to Singapore in Friday, full team. Our team are: Nike’s Reps, Media people: Susi Ivvaty from KOMPAS and Dani Satrio from HAI Magazine, our national running athlete Jauhari Johan, winners from pre-event: Satrio and Emlyn, Agrikultur band that’s going to perform as well and Nike’s Ambassador Paul Palele a.k.a. PDouble. This is such a funny bunch of people for sure, but very fun indeed as everyone kept throwing constant jokes that cheer up the trip. We’re staying at Mandarin Maritus Hotel, a cool 4 starts hotel that located at the heart of Singapore (wherelse if it’s not Orchard?). We’re relaxing the whole day on Friday and of course visit Nike’s store there.

At Nike's Store - Wisma Atria Singapore

At Nike's Store - Wisma Atria Singapore

On 24th we have to wake up really early in the morning since it’ll be start at 6 AM. The event was held at the starting grid of Formula 1 Singapore. It was a really bright day but I saw nothing else but a sea of red runners, 10.000 indeed! Whoa… as I’m approaching the race location, so many people walking towards there too. And when I crossed the park lot to the F1 pit building many many more were doing their warming up for the run, soooo many, it makes you feel overwhelming. I’ve never seen runners or say people that many with one uniform. Most of them are teenagers, and they look so excited, so ready to run. The runners were flagged off exactly at 6 AM. And all of the sudden those runners look like giant red snake that cover the entire road and moving swiftly. I was stunned.

a. SDC14206b

Runners are ready

human race 3

When The Flag goes Off

a. SDC14223b

The Red Runners

One of the most thrilling parts of the day – beside looking at so many people running – was when I’m waiting for the winners. I really don’t care the heat that stung my head as I stand right under the sun just to wait for the first runner that will pass the finish line. And yes, around 30 minutes later I saw the police motorcycle followed by a small red dot that moving towards the finish line. As the runner get closer to us in an incredible speed I can see it’s Jauhari Johan, our very own athlete! He ran and ceremoniously become the first who pass the finish line. 10K for 31.31 minutes!!! AWESOME! He doesn’t even look exhausted! Just sweaty but incredibly calm. Yes, he’s the winner of last year Human Race too, but today he won with better timing! The 2nd runner is from Kenya and the 3rd from Australia. Yeay! Indonesia win! I was jump in joy, I was so proud!

photo by Rangga

Jauhari Johan passing the finish line! Woohooo!

Jauhari Johan The Winner!

Jauhari Johan (Jo) The Winner!

We were celebrating the victory there whilst waiting for all the runners passing the finish line and the awarding moment. Jauhari wearing Indonesia National Flag as a cape when he received the trophy 🙂

human race 2

The Awarding Ceremony

Except for me & Mbak Susy, other were running 10K

Except for me & Mbak Susy, others finished their 10K

Nike+ Human Race 10K - Indonesia Team

Proud of Indonesia! Yay!

And so, this is event gave me more inspiration to really run and cross my finger, hopefully I can join next 10K Human Race, for I’m a human too *grin*


Nike+ Human Race 10K Singapore Route

Nike Indonesia's Team

The Happy Team from Indonesia

for another photo doc you can CLICK HERE!


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