Jumping, Yelling, Dancing, Singing with The Ting Tings at Soulnation Festival 2009

TingTings-westartetAround 40 something days ago a friend of mine yelled ecstatically “The Ting Tings is Comiiiiiing!”. I nodded with a thoughtful smile saying “Really??” but had not even a slightest idea what The Ting Tings is (just like Joe in Friends). Yeah, call me old fashion, but I also just realized that my mp3 collection for dance songs genre are limited to some Pop R&B songs that you hear 24/7 in radio in early 2000’s. Anyway, her excitement gave me a pang of curiosity to know what kind of band that makes my friend so hysteric and me almost deaf. The funny thing was the day after that, a colleague at office played it out loud from her PC and say “I love The Ting Tings”… and those very catchy of  “aa…aa… aa…aa…aaaa… and  ee…ee…eeeee…eeee” with beat that made me want to dance as soon as it hit my eardrums, embedded to my mind ever since.

the-ting-tings1Then I found out that The Ting Tings is a dance-oriented indie pop duo consisting of Katie White and Jules De Martino — formed in the Salford district of Manchester, England, in 2006. Jules is playing the drums, guitar, vocals, AND piano. Meanwhile Katie is playing vocals, guitar, and bass drum. Quickly signed to the local indie label Switchflicker Records, the Ting Tings released their debut single, “That’s Not My Name,” in the spring of 2007. Following the limited-edition, tour-only single “Fruit Machine,” the Ting Tings signed to major label Columbia Records later that year. The flip side of the Switchflicker single, “Great DJ,” was released as the duo’s debut major-label single in March 2008, followed by the reissue of “That’s Not My Name” with a new exclusive B-side remix. “That’s Not My Name” rose to the top of the U.K. charts in May 2008, the-ting-tingsthe same month that the duo’s debut album, We Started Nothing, appeared. (for more click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ting_Tings or go to their official website www.tingtings.com) Now, the next question coming to my mind was how 2 people can produce such an electric fun jumpy music, just like the Great DJ – their first song that I heard. That’s surely need one hell of hardwork, isn’t it? Then I knew, I must go and see The Ting Tings.

java-soulnation-festival-2009-kembali-digelarSoulnation Festival is a festival of Soul & R&B music that has been conducted for 3 consecutive years in Jakarta managed by Java Musikindo. I’ve wanted to attend this big event but still couldn’t make it for one and other things for the past 2 years. This year Soulnation conducted on 30th to 31st of October 2009. You know, I always think that going to a music festival you really need to have the right crowd of friends to go together – except if it’s Jazz Concert, cuz if not, you’ll feel awkward and end up spend only an hour or less there. So 3 weeks ago my some of colleagues told me they wanna go to the Soulnation and see The Ting Tings, I raised my hand quickly and asked them to include me in. Long story short, I got the tickets right away in my hand and the right flock to go with. Lucky me!

By the way, going to any festival that located right in the heart of Jakarta has its own terrible hassle, for real. You must own all the bravery and patience to go through a crazy traffic jam and then queuing with people who don’t know the essence of queuing. My friends and I went there by bus TransJakarta to be able to pass the nuts traffic that already jammed since 3 PM something. And on the gate we have to join a long messy queue to enter the area. We arrived 8.30 PM and joined another long messy queue to The Ting Tings show as they play as special performance that night (Saturday, 30th of October 09). Lotsa queuing, but again therefore you need the right companions.

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

pose! pose!

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Crazy People 🙂

When the voice over announced that The Ting Tings will be on stage any moment soon, my heart beat faster in excitement. Those giant hall already packed with around 4000 – 5000 people who cannot stop screaming, the vibe was awesome. Then Jules got on the stage, playing the keyboard with his cool pouting style (lol), from keyboard he moved to the drum area, sitting on the stool then one of the crew gave him guitar. He was playing the guitar for some pars and dropped the guitar and start playing the drum. Then Katie appeared with her simple but blinky out fit of black and bright purple color. They started the show with We Walk, follow by Get Drunk, Shut Up and Let Me Go, Fruit Machine, Traffic Light, etc. Katie read the audience a letter using Bahasa, which is cute. As they’re performing, Katie is moving around, playing her guitar and the electric drum and her guitar again. They seriously pull together a great performance that’s very dynamic and attractive. They served up enough infectious dance pop to exhaust a wildly enthusiastic audience that scarcely stopped jumping up and down through the entire show, including me of course.

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Singing Indonesia Anthem!

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Very Dynamic Performance

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Yes! That's The Ting Tings! So Happy!

In my personal point of view – and I’m not a music critics or whatsoever – their lyrics is obviously not the best feature in their music, as it’s just form of simple sentences that everyone can understand right away, and that’s the purpose anyway. What makes it strong when those simple sentences put into the fast beat disco rhythm, combine electric sounds and sing it in a very simple voice like Katie has. Her voice is so girly in high pitch tone and she sings so much like a happy teenage girl that pours out her feelings in the bedroom by jumping and singing out loud when no one looks. But their ability to play so many instruments amazed me too.

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Dynamite Duo: Katie & Jules

The show end up with my recent favorite song: That’s Not My Name! And as the lights goes off, I still feel those tingling dancing beat in my nerves and the light euphoria stayed for the rest of the night.

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

"That's Not My Name"!!! ROCK!

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Me Dancing Like Crazy with The Ting Tings! *jump!*

I like this quotes from Katie White: “We didn’t expect this to happen, I think that’s why it worked. Because we were so carefree, we just made the music for us, not for anybody else. We just wrote songs that we loved. It’s all going really well, and I don’t know what it all means. We’re just going to go blow in the wind. We got this far without pre-planning or sitting down with battle plans.” This quote really tells their idea of the band. Ow, I bought the CD after that! Now I can dance to The Ting Tings every morning in some extended time.

Yes The Ting Tings, you ROCK!

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

Tapin, Coki & I - Happy Soulnation Visitors

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi

need not explanation where we're going right?

photo taken by Happy Koesnadi



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