The man who’s wearing his watch to sleep

O how I’m in love with the feeling of perpetually in-love
Imagining we are coincide even in-fact we are not
Thou the result are predicted of you and I
Even you hug me just momentarily then release me
You’ve trained to do it but why I need to be solicitous

—Tic Toc – Tic Toc—

Your welcoming gesture and impishness moved me
And of how devoutly you praise the way I look tonight
The imagination you say that too to many others is gone
Instantly you make me the axle of the moment
Friendship is the significance of our togetherness

—Tic Toc – Tic Toc—

in laughs you heal my constant perplexities of love
your narrations about dream, life and optimism
your sharing about recollections of personified vision
gives a great implications to divert a broken heart
I wonder in a grateful feeling for our introduction

—Tic Toc – Tic Toc—

the psychedelic moment and a glance to your watch
I sense you’ll be leaving soon and get into stide
I’m more than apt to let you depart with a proper adieu
I ’ve done my intention made you stay for a night or two
We swop promises “ ‘til I miss you and we meet again”

— silent —


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