What A Weird Day

Today is such a really weird day and doesn’t need a psychic to tell you that. Two people committed suicide in 2 different prominent malls in Jakarta. The first one was a 24 years old girl who jumped from the level 5th Grand Indonesia Mall on 4.15 PM. She fell to the escalator and die on the spot. That’s heart breaking already. There was a lot of speculations regarding her accident falling from the 5th floor, some said she’s slipping down, some said she fell because of the railing not sufficiently safe, etc. but the mall’s CCTV shown that she was voluntarily jump down.  As if it’s not enough to distress Jakarta’s population, another shocking news stroked again. On 8.20 PM a 25 years old man jump from 5th level of Senayan City Mall. He died on the way to hospital.  Another speculation emerged, that he was the first suicide-girl’s boyfriend. But –again – the Mall’s CCTV proofed that he really committed suicide.  Later today the real facts emerging, that the girl who’s name Ice Juniar was mentally ill and came to Jakarta to seek for a treatment. While no news at all about who was Reno.  And it is certain that the two had no relations at all. This is just a weird day, when out of the blue two young people decided to end their life in such a tragic way.

As I’m sitting here and thinking about it, and I was discuss these stories with my friends as soon as the news exposed to us, I can’t find any good reason for someone to kill oneself. How depressing it is that we finally decided just like that to end whatever our problem is by ending our life? How suicide is just permanent solution for temporary problems, but again, when you are “sick” how you are going to be able to block all negative thoughts that keep telling you to do all the worst things possible, and suicide seemed like the most possibly way out.

I remember last December I wrote about feeling like a loser that can lead to suicide, a young man was committed suicide because his father mad at him. Hm, what a silly reason to suicide, you want to punish someone for making you feel miserable, but miserable only happens when you allow yourself to feel that way. But then how if you’re sick? Yes, I think their souls were so weak to be defeated by bad thoughts, but then why we put all the blame to them? I think we all – who admit have a healthy mind and soul – need to be more sensitive with things around us. They said the girl that suicide at Grand Indonesia was a very quiet and shy girl, but I think it’ll make a whole lot different if someone reach her and just be there for her or him. We can always make a different to someone’s life, always.

Dear young girl and young man I pray for your soul… 😦


2 thoughts on “What A Weird Day

  1. Too many ignorance in these world today… It’s hard to show cares for others. We often heard “Do you mind? Do your own business…”

    And lately, there was a father who poisoned his own child and after that he killed himself. The reason is economic life of his family.
    Ask to ourselves, where are the neighbors? Where are the community leaders (Pak RT/RW/ Lurah)?

    your words:
    “but I think it’ll make a whole lot different if someone reach her and just be there for her or him. ”

    Would you be there Lolo…

  2. Yes Erri ,

    the weirdness was so immense that when I was watching Twilight and Lia told me there’s another suicide, I was stunned, not even looking at the giant screen anymore!

    the thing is, I was “napak tilas” to Ice’s place where she committed suicide. Seriously, I went to Grand Indonesia and standing there right at the spot where she jumped. It obviously took some minutes for you to be able to climb the railing and fall from there. And I imagine… all those moments, where were people? why don’t they stop her? Was it too stunning that no one can actually reach for her? and hold her!

    that is just too sad.

    I don’t know Ri, I don’t know will I be sensitive enough to know which one of my friends is depress enough to the point they can do something really silly with their lives. But, I’m trying… and will always try to help… I’ll learn to be there for friends who needs me… I’ll never say no to a hand that reach out to me seeking for help… and may all of us can learn to lose the ignorance and self-centered personality…

    and thank you for giving me a very thoughtful comment Ri… it encourage me so much to keep writing….

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