Me and Giant Trees — I love ’em so much!

O how I’m so blessed with the lovely trip to the nature this Saturday. It’s been quite sometimes  since my last visit to Kebun Raya Bogor, the Botanical Garden that located in the heart of Bogor, the small satellite city of Jakarta. I always love this giant garden. I wish I have more time to go there just to sit between the trees and reading and might be contemplating.

If you’re wondering what is Bogor Botanical Garden, you can click here (in Bahasa Indonesia) or click here (In English). The garden was founded in 1817 by the Dutch and has been a centre for promotion of agriculture and horticultural science in Indonesia. It’s it is a 85-hectare garden in case you’re wondering, so you might need a little more than a day or two to walk and see all the beautiful things in it thoroughly.

I went there with at first a stranger that soon become a dearly friend to me. A friend who had traveled so far to visit this place. His name is Craig and he’s a Canadian from Washington D.C. 🙂 Interesting huh? We were having an amusing  conversation  with a lot of topic to laugh at, and how I wish someone take a film on us, because those moment seriously like the one in the movie. 🙂

the path we walked

Not only the chance to visit the site is gratifying, but it was such a nice weather too – double bless! The rain was just stop but it still drizzled a little bit, and how it enhanced the magical feeling of the big trees and greenery around me. The gray ambiance didn’t a slightly give me a gloomy feeling, instead I feel so mesmerized by it.  As it is not enough, we had a chance to see a group of wild deer who preserve around the Bogor Palace. One of the deer look at me from far away and walked towards me and let me pet her!! wow! I feel so happy. Craig could not do it because his hands could not get through the bars of the fence. He looked a bit sad. Another time or another deer maybe Craig… 😉

The Deers

We also take our time to look at the river. The poor river is dirty because of the garbage dumped into it, you can see sandal, jeans, a lot of plastics, and many other… poor river, on behalf of human being, I’m apologize. As we walked among the trees, I feel so calm and composed.

O Dear God, How I’m grateful for the Mother Nature!

and this only the foot of the tree...

O Dear Giant Tree How I Love Thee

about to hug it... proud of being a tree huggers...

between two giant trees... I love you trees!

You're big! You're Awesome tree, do you hear me?

The friendly wild deer that kind enough to let me pet her...

The Roaring river across The Garden

Green Green Grass & Grey Sky


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