The Christmas 2009 – The Wonderful Sunday School Christmas Celebrations

“Were I a philosopher, I should write a philosophy of toys, showing that nothing else in life need to be taken seriously, and that Christmas Day in the company of children is one of the few occasions on which men become  entirely alive” ~ Robert Lynd

Even just the sound of it – C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s – and my mind instantly say “Yay!”, and my feet feels like go jumping. I got kinda “busy” Christmas this year – love it! It was start from early October when one of my dear friends at Church – Dame – who’s teaching and leading Sunday School asked me to – as usual – lead the kids’ performance for Christmas Celebration.

Have I told you that I’m a person who likes children very-very much? but NO, NOT BABIES. I’m not really fond of the cuteness of little newly born baby who can only say da da da da or ga ga ga ga or drooling everywhere. Errr.. yeah, it looks cute, but it’s not my thing. I’m into children that are a little older than toddler, probably in range age 6 – 11 years old. They are cute, yes. They are so naughty, yes. They are so active, yes. It’s a challenge to deal with them, yes. But they are also teachable. They understand the concept of punishment and rewards, and more than that, they are so open for new things, eager to learn and so funny. That’s how I’m falling in love with children at that age.

Now, teaching kids has it’s own challenge that I don’t want to discuss here in this post, probably later. I’ve been helping Sunday School as teacher for almost 2,5 years. But around 2 years ago I chose to take a break (a long break, no?) since I have personal issue to solve plus my work getting busier. I did teach sometimes as volunteer back and forth. But my Sunday school fellow teachers are never tired to ask me to join the kids performance and lead it every year, as well as this year. And I’m more than glad to answer to that request. After all, it’s not me, it’s God giving me the opportunities chance to be giving on Christmas and to learn how to have a gentle heart.

The mess in my room from the preparations

I’ve decided to give a theatrical performance this year, a monologue with singing and drama to compliment it. The Sunday School Christmas celebration this year had a theme: Family. Dame had briefed me that the idea is to have the parents realized the importance of having a serious family devotional at home, for parents being a true role model not just when they’re in the Church but wherever they are, but since the audience not just parents but also another kids, we have to make it not too serious or too hard to digest by eyes and mind. So I need to come up with something in-line with the theme too. I made the outline story – inspired by God hehehe – and lucky me who have a very talented friend that also working as copywriter in my office, his name is Patrix…. hahaha… Patrix helped me out with the rest of the monologue and he made it beautifully! O man! Seriously, So beautiful that when I read it, I almost shed a tear. I brought it to Church and everyone like it! Not just that, I have friends that helping me out teaching the kids, I have my beloved and talented sister Rhea Sianipar to teach the kids how to sing and the moves, and one of my team in Office, Acit. Acit is not a Christian, she’s a faithful good Muslim, have a very kind heart, and she loves kids very much! Once I mentioned that I’ll be leading kids performance for Christmas, she instantly offer a hand, without hesitation, she simply wants to help and meet the kids. Wow. I was touched by that. Bless you Cit.

Fun Practicing 🙂

Practicing – as we know – is almost always a long painful journey for whoever doing it, from the time it begins until the performance day. In this practice, well, it’s like 30 – 70 for 70 goes to laughing and fun – thank God, but that doesn’t mean we feel no pressure or feeling like things getting messy sometimes. The kids give all of their heart to the practicing and performance. I saw a bunch of kids that work really hard and so eager to perfecting their performance. They try to remember their songs, their gesture, their lines, their moves… I love them so much. So every Sunday we had long hours practicing the whole performance.  There are 7 short songs they have to remember, they have to remember the monologue so they know the cue to come out to the stage, and we have to prepare the costume and other props as well.

Lovely Shy Nita

But they’re getting better and better and on the 6th practice the kids already remember what they have to do – with a little confusion for some kids at some scene. The problem with kids this age is that so hard for them to focus, they’re easily get distracted, so your energy will be run out just to make sure they stay focus. But hey, patience is a virtue, one of the qualities that a teacher must own and master. Being with the bunch of kids for several weeks will inevitably creating bounding between you. And kids have a very sensitive heart, when they see me tired and confuse (read: under pressure), they will try harder just to get the smile back on my face and they’ll start do funny things, that make me laughs. You see, sometimes I’m confused by who’s the kids in the room… me or them. I wish I can mention their names here, but it’s too much, there were 22 kids that join the performance.

the kids listen to the story

The D-day come and the kids getting more and more excited. They run here, there and everywhere. Costume, make up, final rehearsal, I was a little panic, plus I was in pain from a chronic gastric that relapse at that time. Hm, God must want to teach me something, cuz it was horrible! I love the kids! Have I told you that? And I will say that over and over again. They really showed their best and all came up smoothly and beautifully and the kids were really enjoying it. Unfortunately due to the hassle and the fuss I forgot to ask someone to really take a picture of them, therefore I cannot post how beautiful they looked *snif snif*

All the hard work J I love my first Christmas celebration this year. Thank you so much for Dame, Rhea, Acit, Patrix, Lidya, Flora, and other lovely friends that make this performance happened.  I thank You, Lord, my Father in heaven – for trusting me.

“Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest festival of the revolving year – and yet, for all that, when it speaks, its voice has strong authority” ~ W.J. Cameron


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