10 Days to Christmas! Yippie!

“It’s not the beginning of Christmas unless it is Christmas in the heart” ~ Richard Roberts

It’s 10 Days Before Christmas Day! Yay! I’m so happy… so so happy! Well, some people might think: “O c’mon Lolo, it’s just Christmas! Another day, another holiday” No, my dear friend, NO!  It’s Christmas + New Year. Thou I’m a Christian (a so-so one), but I’m not the person who thinks a lot of Christmas as Jesus Christ’s Birthday, to reminisce the day our savior born.  Yes, that could consist of that too, but for me it’s more like one whole year celebrations! The faith elevation it brings the vibes, the ambience, the feeling, the smile, the family, the family, the family (yes I did repeat it 3x), the sermon, the Church, the Christmas performance, the preparation…  so many more! Oh I love Christmas, then to make it even better it follow by New Year! The New beginning. O yes! 

After the long preparations of Sunday School Christmas celebration, the kids performance, and it went very well (hoping that the kids had so much fun too). I’m now preparing for the Single Christmas celebrations this Friday.  Not much to prepare cuz I’m going to be the one who lead the games and gift exchange only. And hoping I can go duet with my sister perform the opening song. The Celebrations Theme is “friendship” that’s why we’re going to sing Dione Warwick’s That’s What Friends Are For! O yeah! I need to practice it in 2 days hehehe… wish me luck dear friends!

And following my Christmas Eve, our family dinner and I’m going to ask my family to buy Christmas Present to each of family member anyway it’s just the 5th of us, oh plus my sister’s fiancé. And going have personal Christmas celebration! And also I’m thinking of going to Bali for family trip, that’ll be lovely no? But I’m still thinking about it, because if my brother can’t come with us, means it’s only me and Dad who’s going to drive that far far away distance… Hm, but to think about it, I’m happy already! Because that mean we can celebrate our New Year’s eve at BALI! Yeay! Mind if it doesn’t happen… I’m happy already.

My Favorite Christmas song this year is My Grown Up Christmas List! I really like the lyrics and the melody… hear o hear…

O dear friend I wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration, or… if you’re not celebrating it, perhaps a wonderful New Year celebration! Lets start with a pray… always… 🙂

This is our picture from Christmas in 2007! 😉


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