The Christmas Eve 2009 – The Magical Christmas Celebrations and The Family Dinner

“From Home to home, and heart to heart,
from one place to another
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
brings us closer to each other”
~ Emily Matthews

Done with Sunday School and Single celebrations, I thought I can just enjoy the Christmas Eve Sermon and celebration and what’s left only to think what to do for my family celebrations.  Since I wanted to make it Christmas fun too for our little family! I mean with these excessive Christmas spirit that overwhelmed me… and hey, if I gave so much effort to make things fun in church, I should put as much heart and effort for my family too, right? But the news come up several days ago that Sunday School is expected to take part too in the big Christmas celebration in the 24that Church.

I was soo happy cuz that’s mean kids can perform twice, considering how much they practice for that, and this time they’ll get greater audience to see their talents. What made me nervous were the props that already gone once the kids get off the stage (well you know kids). But unfortunately after some calls to the parents, some of the kids were unavailable for 24th of December, some of them are going on vacation. I was sad and feel a bit reluctant to keep the show going cuz those who’re absent are mostly the key casts. But on second thought it’ll be sad to not having those kids perform on Christmas. So Instead having the whole performance they had before, I just chose 8 kids to sing the Christmas Medley. My sister help me out picking the songs, they’re going to sing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Hark The Herald Angel Sing, and Little Drummer Boy.

We practice for the first time together with final General Rehearsal on the 23rd, whoaaa… so only one time practice. But I have a good faith on the kids, they are very talented. True like my faith, the kids learned the songs and the moves easily. The 8 kids that singing was: Nita, Angela, Valerie, Karen, Bram, Kevin, Ellena, and Tabitha. Even to think of them as I write down this post I smile and smile and smile. They are lovely.

On the 24th of December 2009, I had to go to my last meeting of the year – yes I was still working on the morning of Christmas Eve! first I feel so reluctant, but then it turned out to be fun too J it gave me good mood instead! Mom, Rhea and I went for a little shop for the kids’ costume, the blink-blink thing hehehe. Time flies and suddenly we just have to get ready to go to Church!  Oh yes, my Mom and Dad also involved in the Christmas performance, Mom with her groups was singing, Dad and his Group was singing too, then Mom and Dad together play a little acting for the opening of the celebration!  Hohohoho…

Mom's Choir on General Rehearsal

All went smoothly, the kids again gave a good performance thou there was some odds that too small to mention here, they were so calm.  Mom & Dad, they’re adorable! The whole Church laughing when they have the little drama, fighting and arguing on the stage, then by the magic of Christmas they get back together and hugging  hahahha…  I told them, they must master that scene from the practice in the last 30 years of their life as husband and wive!

The Kids in their bling bling costume 🙂

The Sermon and celebrations done at 9 PM. After giving each kid a good hug and kisses, told them how I’m so proud of them, and shaking hands with so many people, this little family of Dad,  Mom, Deo, Rhea and I, we went for our family dinner. The choice of the venue was the small restaurant at the South Jakarta name aTavola. It’s 9.30 PM and all restaurant almost close. We had our sirloin steak, red wine, beer for Dad. And laughing all night long… Hm, occasionally, when you sit having dinner with your family, you can’t remember what you were talking about but you remember how happy you feel that moment. aTavola definitely not serve the best steak in town, it’s not even close to the best restaurant I’ve ever been too. But must I said they gives one of the best service. When we’re done with our meals, and looking for dessert, the manager said their kitchen actually already close when we’re coming, but he just don’t have the heart to tell us that us in this Christmas Eve. He was helping us taking the pictures, he’s serving us with smile and sincerely. Must I say I was impressed? He’s sort of the gift to our family dinner on Christmas Eve.

The Sianipar's Christmas Dinner 09

Beloved Rhea & Deo

The Sianipar's Christmas Dinner 09

Dad & Mom

We went home with a full stomach, a happy face and a light glowing heart for we know very well how God loves out little family. Merry Christmas everyone!

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other” ~ Burton Hillis

The Sianipar's Family


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Eve 2009 – The Magical Christmas Celebrations and The Family Dinner

  1. Hey Lolo!
    Merry Christmas! and happy new year
    may the Love of God be with you and family
    always.. 🙂

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