Journey to The Unknown (literally)

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

I was so determined to take my family on a road trip this year-end-vacation. I was a little bit pushy when I lay out the idea to my brother and sister via email 2 weeks ago. I thread them, that I don’t want another ordinary very quiet New Year’s count down, if that so, count me out! I’ll book my ticket to another country and have my own adventure (a little bit selfish eh? 😉 ). My first plan was a family trip to Bali, by CAR! I broke down the budget and the time line to my brother and sister (piece of cake since that’s what I do for a living) to give them a clearer picture. My sister, agree with me instantly, thou I suspect a slight hesitation in her email. My brother was in total doubt that pissed me a little. As for my Mom and Dad, as long as the three of us agree they’ll just follow. Thou work load was a helluva lot at that time, my mind keep thinking, keep calculating, keep planning for the best possible things that we might do for new year. So I decided, instead going too far to Bali, we’ll stop in the middle – Yogyakarta – and back. Now that seemed like on perfect idea. Wondering about Yogya? Click here Jakarta – Yogyakarta is 547 KM if we’re going directly.

Clue: (1) find Jakarta! (2) Find Yogyakarta... that's how far we're going to travel 😀

You see, my Dad, he had been traveling to half part of this world. He was living in Germany for 13 years, been to almost all countries in Europe and Africa, but never set a foot further than Cirebon in West Java. In fact he’s never been to any city & town in Java Island expect for Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor & Cirebon. How sad it can be? To imagine how exciting this journey for him give me more encourage ment. My sister, she’s getting married in May 2010. So I want her to have a family trip before she’s un-single herself. And me, I want new adventure for myself, new places to see. Don’t ask about my brother, I thought he’ll be happy enough, thou I still in doubt he’ll make it to go with us since he’s still looking for the opportunity to have a Capoeira Show for NY count down. He’s a Capoeira trainer by the way.

Trust me, I have not even a slightest idea the road from Jakarta to Yogyakarta at that time, I went there only twice, by plane and all for business. So I start browsing (very powerful things) the information I need, and I picked up the phone. It’s always easier to know things from people whose experienced and I have several Yogyanesse friends that I’m hoping can give me a clear guidance on how I can get there. To be honest, 3 friends I asked 3 different routes. If you wanna go travel on Java Island you have to decide first which route you want to take, the south beach of the north beach. Usually people go north because it has better and wider road and it’s shorter. But when I said people, I mean all people including trucks and busses, so that’s mean more traffic. The south route is narrower and twistier with lotsa turns, but more sightseeing and less truck and bus. I decided we go South! (aye aye captain!).

Adhit & Upil lovely daughter 🙂

I was just giving it a shot when I send a message to my friend, Adhit. He’s journalist and I know his wife –Upil – because we were work in the same corporation before. I asked him whether he’s been to Yogya or not by car, and he said “Several times Lo”. With no hesitation, I went visit their house which is actually quite close to my house. Adhit and Upil then give me sort of better direction on which route plus the cities we will pass from Jakarta to Jogya. I got delicious Cendol and playing with their beautiful daughter as well. And as I posted the idea and question on my Facebok’s status, more and more friends messaged me and gave me more information and things worth seeing along the way. I have many many wonderful friends 🙂 *love*

After deciding the route, now I need to decide which place we should really stay and visit. After another consultation session with several friends, I sort of come to a decision based on the most attractive area, and timing: Baturraden near Purwokerto, Dieng near Wonosobo, Borobodur near Yogyakarta and Yogyakarta itself of course to celebrate the New Year.  Again, I threw the idea to the rest of the “gank”, and all nodding in agreeing gesture and looks so excites, as if they understand what I’m talking about…. Hahaha, I can assure you that at that time they’re just as blank as a white paper. I just want to give them an impression I know what I’m doing and the plan I’ve been campaigning the pass week. *grin*

Since we’re going to travel in a small car Vios 2008 with limited baggage space, I warned everyone just to carry things as little as possible, not too many clothes or other things. As for me, I only bring a short, a pair of jeans and several tops… that’s all, oh, my pijamas.

Our Luggage! Messy! yesss...

Our messy suitcase 🙂

That’s officially the trip where I bring goods at the most minimum amount 🙂 in fact, I was sharing suitcase with my sister. We’re not booking any hotel at those places we want to go, yes, we’re totally NUTS! But hey, see that as a brave action instead, I mean the worst case we can sleep in the car (and definitely give my parent backpain) hahaha… no, we have this blind faith that wherever we go, we’ll got the best place, yeps… supernaturally.

My family put the sword on my shoulder and enthrones me to be the Trip Leader. They call me Miss Pimpro (Pimpinan Proyek = Project Leader) hahaha… but seriously, they call me that along the trip! The position that my sister will try to coupe De tat from time to time in the future.

Oh, by the way, the threat is working with my brother, he finally apply for his leave and fix joining us on this adventure.  *feeling like singing and dancing*

the little car that will take us everywhere...


2 thoughts on “Journey to The Unknown (literally)

  1. Hello Miss Primpro, LOL project leader,sounds like the planning and discussing with various friends made your trip special. I see the five of you traveled in midsize car; that is excellent that most of you travel light. I for one, have a hard time traveling light…..extra sweater, and jacket, what if it rains….snacks, fruit and water bottles, travel books, just room for the two of us, not kidding.

  2. Hahahaha…

    yes, my friends, most of them Javanese and quite experienced in road trip across Java. It is soo beautiful Grace…

    The mid size can be quite tiny if its fill up with 5 adults hahaha… but it’s comfortable enough for all of us, plus the car is quite good in terms of breakers and accelerations.

    It’s because of the predictable weather I guess Grace, but it was mostly raining on the trip, That i didn’t quite anticipate… so … yes, gotta admit I have not sufficient type of clothes hahaha… should’ve bring something warmer…

    will show the pictures of places you require in the next post Grace 🙂 thanks for gave me the good ideas!

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