… and the journey begin…

Pose before get in the car 😀

At first I was planning for us to embark the adventure at 7 AM, but I’m an optimist 🙂 and my family was in their truly holiday mood. We sort of drag our asses here and there around the house this morning for packing and stuff. We’re all set in the car by 10 AM, of course after praying together lead by my Mom for a save journey. The plan was me and my brother take turn driving. At first, I’ll drive until Garut, then my brother until Baturraden, our first destination. Jakarta – Purwekerto through south route is around 438 KM + 20 KM from Purwokerto to Baturraden, in total we’re going to drive 458 KM! Not so short ya?

Resting at KM 59

I got the easy road and he got the more challenging one. Our first break was actually a bit too early, to my embarrassment Hahahha… blame it to my parents who’s want to shop snacks and mineral water first. It was at KM 59 beside the freeway, and my brother coupe de tat my position as driver. He likes driving.

The road was friendly, not crowded. The weather was also nice, not too hot nor raining. We’re a bit slow plus I got to see the map back and forth just to make sure we’re not lost. To my surprise the road signage directions are not that bad. Our government did their job on that particular field, so if you’re just like us, the first timer, need not to worry about directions, and true like people said, after the freeway and drive on the regular road, the view is amazing!

View at Nagreg

We’re having our lunch at Nagreg at a nice traditional Sundanese style restaurant with view of paddy field, name: Nasi Liwet, Pak Asep Strawberry. It’s not hard to guess then that their best food is Nasi Liwet and their highlight drinks is Strawberry Juice. Hahaha… it’s in wooden nuance and they also have huts right beside the paddy field for better view. They served Sundanese food mostly include fish and vegetables in it. I wasn’t too hungry at that time, but my family they’re starving, we ordered the Nasi Liwet – for sure and I had the strawberry juice. The food was really delicious, the rice is cooked well in the traditional steel pot. Unfortunately since the kitchen quite far away from where we sit, the service are not really good, took a very long waiting for our hot chilies and lalapan (a basket of fresh vegetables) to come, in fact, I was done eating when it’s arrive. Maybe if you got there, I would advice to not miss anything on your first order. But you gotta try their Sumedang Tofu, fresh from the fried pan, juicy and yummy. Thou they claimed they got one nice Strawberry Juice, if you order it remember to ask them to not put too much sugar in it. It’s too sweet.

Pak Asep's Restaurant

On the road again, and we found a really funny thing. There were starting to show up a very catchy yellow background with red font color billboard promoting a restaurant name PringSewu. What so funny is they put the billboard every 1 km or less and put a funny copy text on it. Like: Watch out for Typus – Pringsewu. Jaipongan – Pringsewu. Gurame Bakar – Pringsewu. Dangerous Turn – Pringsewu. No Preservation – Pringsewu. Hahaha. They sort of declare all the “Pringsewu” benefit, from their menu to the performance on each billboard; it’s like 50 KM before the location of the restaurant. Sooo annoying, so brain washes! And because it’s just too much, we pass it by and resting at another restaurant instead at Manjenang. Not a good resto but I found ninja turtle there!

The Ninja Turtle! Jump! 😀

Should we continue by mini Becak? hihihi...

We arrived at Baturraden 10 pm and it’s already dark, and this time – ran out of creativity – we decided to visit Pringsewu in this area, and see what’s happening there! Yes, Pringsewu has many branches across Java. It’s a regular restaurant, nothing special and to our surprise and humor, the servants are the one who’s doing all the performance as well, meaning they are multi-tasking! Plus I found out he Pringsewu actually got award for the restaurant that has the biggest amount of billboard, 135 KM! can you imagine? Hahaha…. No wonder with so many billboards, they want to break the record. The only good things is Pringsewu has several brochures regarding hotel and guest house around the area. Yes, there are a LOT of

The colorful Madurodam's room. It's us in the morning, that's why we look so fresh 🙂

hotels there (around 150 hotels based from the maps) with varies of price from IDR 75.000 per night to IDR 750.000. The quality is almost the same, so you don’t have to worry much about it. The different only the facilities. We chose the one that’s the closest to the location of the sightseeing, and decided to stay at a hotel called Madurodam – it was just a lucky guess. It’s a 2 stars hotel with decent rooms, clean, have TV and the hot water is working, that fact is important because the weather is cold. We called the hotel, and fortunately they still have rooms for us! We went there and got a nice-small-town-style welcome.  I forgot to take picture of the hotel…

We’re sleeping with a happy thought, happy day so far… My Mom and my Dad look soo excited and happy, that’s the most important things for me 🙂


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