Captivated by the rocks bed, waterfall and natural beauty of Baturraden

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.  ~ John Muir

When I threw a question to my friends regarding sites that I should visit on the way to Yogyakarta, most of them will say firmly that I should go visit Baturraden. They said it has a breath taking view with a lovely waterfall. Its been ages ago since the last time I saw a waterfall. So Baturraden it is, our first destination.

We woke up quite early in the morning for preparation and put all our stuff back in the car. The hotel gave us a lousy Fried Rice as a breakfast compliment, no one touch it, oh Dad did but only a little and broadcast it to the rest of the “gank”. But there’s mbok-mbok (old lady) walking around the hotel and selling a fresh milk which taste like milk from heaven, that sort of make my morning. We’re getting ready whilst watching the discussion between George Aditjokro with Ramadhan Pohan regarding a controversial book “Membongkar Gurita Cikeas” for a while (news is important for our family) then and leaving after the discussion done.


Unfortunately, the rain started pouring harder and harder. And as we’re passing the tourist site gate, we knew it was pointless to visit the area in the middle of the hard pouring rain like this. Plus there’s bunch of elementary school kids lining to get in to the park with various colors of umbrellas. So we drove around the Baturraden location then down the road and found a nice restaurant name Tahu Kupat. Their signature food of course the Tahu Kupat, it was so delicious! Yummy! And my Dad, he bought me 2 Durian fruits! Halleluya! It was so yummy, I was speechless! Thanks Dad! Me and my Mom ate that Durian, just the 2 of us. I actually ate 1 and a half Durians.  Around 1 and half hour the rain turned to drizzle and I couldn’t wait any longer to get in the site, so we went back to the park.

A bit about Baturraden, it’s a tourist area located 20 km from the city of Purwokerto. It lays right at the foot of Slamet Mountain, with 9 main spots to visit: (1) Pancuran Pitu, (2) Pancuran Telu, (3) Telaga Sunyi,  (4) Camping site, (5) Natural Hot Spring, (6) Curug Ceheng. The area is crossed by Gumawang River and thus the waterfall. We only got 3 hours or so to look around because we won’t get to Dieng too late and dark. So we only see Pancuran Pitu area which has the rocks bed, the famous bridge and the rock beds.

Baturraden Gate

Baturraden's Gate



To get into the park you need to pay IDR 5.000 per person, so cheap. It’s pretty much clean to my surprise, and true as people say, it’s beautiful. As soon as I set my foot in the park passed the gate, I saw a beautiful hill with a shadow of formidable mountains as background. The natural rocky formations and the rocks bed that surrounded by an endless array of natural flora, and the waterfall flows down from a height on the river, it’s all hauntingly enchanting. At first we’re just looking at the view and enjoying it, but our guts told us to do more than that and soon we already leap from stones to stones and getting our feet wet and freshen by the cold and lucent clear water. The perfect combination of the view, the water and friendly weather was totally stirs our souls to a deep peacefulness. We took one too many pictures there… hahaha… can’t get enough experimenting and capturing the beauty. I need to seriously control my self, not to post the entire picture here!

The rocks bed

Leap from Stone to Stone! Amazing!

The waterfall is not too height but it also grand from my point of view. What was a bit annoying me is the local kids who’s hanging out at the rocks nearby the top of the waterfall. They are sort of yelling to the tourist around, that they will jump from the height to the pool below for some money. The money is not much but the yelling and clapping to get attention is quite disturbing. But don’t let it ruining your mood; it’s too minor compare to the rest of the place.

The Waterfall

No, I wasn’t feeling satisfied enough when we have to leave the complex.  I still want to stay a lot longer just to really feel the place, to sit there and enjoy my surroundings, but we gotta go cuz the journey is still long. Bye bye you awesome rocky bed and waterfall… til we meet again. And thank you mother nature to providing us such a wonderful nature

Now let me show you the beauty of Baturraden…

The Green Path

Girl with Umbrella

balerina on the rocks


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