The most beautiful Sunrise – by far – at Dieng

Our next destination is Dieng. This area is quite famous but it’s also quite challenging to get there. Let me give you brief information about Dieng Plateau that I collect from various sources. Dieng Plateau located approximately 26 KM in the northern capital of Wonosobo, situated 2,093m (around 6000 feet) above sea level and that explain how cold it will be. The temperature ranged from 15 – 20 C. It’s surrounding by a group of Mountains – that’s why it’s call Plateau, basically because you can see almost all from the top. Sindoro and Sumbing are the prominent ones, but there are a lot other mountains such as Pakuwaja, Sikunir, Prau, etc. And the rest of the information you can read at our beloved Wikipedia click here

We arrived at Dieng quite late around 8 pm. It was really really cold there that its alter the breath into white vapor like smoke. That’s fun thou! Hehehe… you seldom can do that in any part of Indonesia. The fog was quite thick; as we’re arriving there we still can see around 100 m ahead. My brother is a bit obsessed with fog (I just knew that). Before we get to Dieng there’s another place we should visit, Agrotourism Tambi Tea Plantation that located on the road to Dieng. They have their own visitor’s package, including rooms and package to walking around the tea garden. Unfortunately, the place is full when we call them, so we didn’t stay there. The signage and direction is easy to follow, we drove there as the fog getting thicker, but the view of tea bushes that stretched as far as the eye can see is incredibly beautiful, the fog seems like make a wall around it. It’s a captivating picture indeed, mixed colors of very intense green and gray. The cold is like biting your skin, but you’ll kind of forget to complain about that too… no, being in the beautiful nature like this you could never complain about anything… it’s just too beautiful! We drove a bit to the top (maybe, we can’t see the tops anyway), stop at a the road side and taking pictures whilst enjoying the thick fog there.  My brother looked extremely happy! Hahaha…

Hear O Hear the Tea leaves converse with the Fog

Hear O hear the tea leaves converse with the fog

There’s no hotel at Dieng, not even 1 star hotel or resort, there’s only guest houses, but don’t imagine anything fancy. There are 2 well known guest house there based on googling, Pondok Lestari and Bu Jono. We decided to stay on Pondok Lestari because that the one who picked our call. It’s own by Pak Yanto. When we arrived there Pak Yanto welcomed us with a happy tone. The fog getting thicker, it block vision to only 10 meters ahead. Pak Yanto is really nice, we’re practically using a third of their house, and the TV cable is crystal clear! (we’re watching Zee – Indian TV Station hahah) We were sort of interrupting their night activities by order lotsa Indomie (instant noodle). Lucky us, that at that moment there were 2 young girls that also stay there and will go to see the sunset tomorrow, Ika and Yeyen. Pak Yanto introduced them to us and said that they’re going to see the sunset at the top of Sikunir hill tomorrow morning so we can use the same guide. Yeps, Dieng has many local guide that can help you to find your way around, isn’t travelling way easier with a nice and helpful guide? I admire Ika and Yeyen instantly, their young and full of adventures; they had been travel backpacking to many places in Indonesia. They can be a very resourceful friend for me 🙂

We have to get up at 4 Am to chase the sunrise. It’s still dark outside and no one really sleeping that night because of the cold. It was really really cold. I wore double sweaters. We met our guide Pak Toha, a local man who wore a bright jacket! Good choice since we don’t want to lose him up there right? It took around 15 minutes driving to get to the feet of the mountain then we continue by walking. The hiking to the top of the Sikunir Hill is not the hard one, not for me. They already have the track, around 45 degree slope. But still the lack of training on my calf muscle made me need to take a break every 5- 7 minutes, and the darkness intensify the journey.  My Dad, he’s AWESOME! He made it to the top, of course after several times break to catch his breath.  When we got on the top of the hill, the sun still hiding behind the horizon but the lights already illuminate in the sky make it look like soft golden layer. The cloud was amazing, we really feels like beyond the clouds, as it moving slowly beneath us. We can see all the mountains that I mentioned before. Feels like I stop breathing! O God, how wonderful and amazing your creation!  I was caught between the eagerness to meditate and the excitement to take picture as many as possible, it make me dizzy. It was really beautiful. I stood there watching the sun come out of the horizon shyly, and little by little the whole sky turn color to a bright golden yellow. My chest feels like full of wonder! Wow…

We met several people from Jakarta there, and took a happy picture with them J hahaha… and after the sun fully arise, we continue the journey. The way down of course way easier, took only 10 minutes and the view is phenomenal. Pak Toha our guide then took us to another site Telaga Warna (Color Lake). Around 10 minutes driving from the first place then we have to go hiking again. The Hiking is almost the same with the first one. But from this top we can see almost the entire plateau.  From the mountains to little towns spread in it. The Teaga Warna is beautiful, thou I sort of expecting more “color” not only the shade of green… but to sit there is amazing…

There are also several sites that you suppose to see, the temples, the cauldron that still active and sometimes produce toxic fumes (you need to be careful on this). Unfortunately, we’re not able to visit those places due to tight schedule. We don’t want to be too late get to Yogya, but another thing is the rain start pouring really hard, the kind of rain that will last all day.

So, we bid the phenomenal Dieng Plateau and the very hospitable Pak Yanto and family goodbye… hoping that I will come back again someday.

below is another lovely pics:

New Friends at Dieng

lovely green 🙂

The Climbing / Way Down 🙂

Planting the Potato


3 thoughts on “The most beautiful Sunrise – by far – at Dieng

  1. thanks for the information and the lovely writeup. Will be going to Dieng for the first time. Can you advise if there is anything else worth visiting aside from the telaga warna, sunrise and tea plantation? I will be bringing some photographers with me. Hope it will be a wonderful one. Pls email me if you have any suggestions : thank you very much.

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