My 2010 Resolutions – Nope, it’s never to late :)

can I go with you?

Hm, I have 1001 resolutions in my head since December 2009! I’m pretty sure that whenever we put all of our heart in things we’re doing, we know we’ll get whatever we desire in the end… I always believe God created us – human – with limitless ability to dream and the capability to reach the dream, but we also need to focus… Anyway, after very complicated Resolutions I had last year, but glad that most of it are done 🙂  I decided to simplify my resolutions in 2010. That doesn’t mean when I plan less, I hope less as well. No, Not at all! I’m a dreamer, and will always try to keep myself that way. But simplify is more to make things straightforward and reduce the unnecessary complications that usually comes from my own unnecessary thinking process. Hahaha. Okay… I’ll make it in pointers, and you guys, please help me out to make sure it’s the “good” one for me 😀 or maybe you can help me out to achieve it in time hahaha… Oh, I know this is end of January already, but never too late for resolutions!

  1. Travel to at least 3 new countries. Yeah, more traveling meaning more knowledge, and greater horizon for my writings as well as developing my character, at least I believe so. I don’t know yet where I want to go this year, but I surely go somewhere new. Anyone need a companion to travel? Let me know! More than glad to have you as my travel buddy! The weirder you are the more interesting for me hahaha. But remember I’m not a 5 stars traveler, I’m more to backpackers. More walking, more fun!
  2. Consistently writing my blog. I know I’m not going to be a writer soon. I know I need to open my mind to many things, to learn and enrich my writing style! But I’ll start somewhere soon. And will continue the draft I made a year ago. Darn! Its so hard to finish something you’ve started, don’t you think? Again, someone out there, help me please… guide me! Encourage me! Do follow up on me if it’s necessary! Please… 😀 and if you have ideas what I should write about, let me know, I would love to hear.
  3. Give my parents more attention. More family trip likely will make them happy, thou me getting married will make them waaay happier… hahaha… O well I have some destinations in mind, but I need to focus on my sister’s wedding on May. So no trip before that, Mom would more like it if we’re focusing the budget to reception instead, I’m sure about it
  4. Oh! This important. I need to close 3 out of 5 credit cards I have this year! Hehehe… yeah, I’m a big spender, with those trips and fashion items! But I need to do that and have bigger goals regarding financial things in my life. I know I can do it!
  5. Got at least 2 new yearly retainer clients for my lovely office, it’s quite a billing target my boss set me this year. My face went all white when he announced the amount. O well, let’s see… I’m optimist!
  6. Give God more of my talent in a more proactive way! Yes, I wanna be God’s given creation for other human too. More Sunday School, more quite time and praying time with God, more giving to people who need me. this is also mean I need to be more spiritual. I’ll try. 🙂

That’s it! Simple no? NO!!! but I know I can make it! I love my life so far… and I’m going to keep loving it! Let me know your thoughts lovely people.


7 thoughts on “My 2010 Resolutions – Nope, it’s never to late :)

  1. O… “lover” is not a resolution dear, it’s a wish… 🙂

    But yeah, during the trip I’m hoping I found someone… who read me well and notice how imperfect I am… and ready to travel to many other places with me *wishful thinking*

    Erryyy, gwe malah jadi berkhayal….. !!! (^_^) — kembali kerja… hihihi…

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