Life in Office (especially in the beginning of 2010)

My Desk... it's all about snack & candy 🙂

Looking back at all things I have written down about my life, I just realized I don’t talk much about my work. I love my work and really enjoy being a PR Consultant. Hm, I just don’t want to sound I’m boasting about it. There’s no point of bragging about how well our position and how high our achievement in office if you reached it with imbalance life. There’s also no point of showing of something that can easily gone, like a job. Anyway, I always like it wherever I work, I believe there’s no ideal place to work on this earth, one that contained people with a very positive attitude 24/7, with wise and nurturing superior, and supporting yet high-initiative subordinates, who also provide you a fat paycheck with “sufficient” work load, plus a really nice architectural office building to go to every weekday. No, I don’t think such office exists. My office now is okay, with it’s up and down in each project.  I’ve been to 7 companies in my life and I found every office has their own benefit and challenge.

Appraisal, Advancement and Target Revenue

In December 2009, my boss gave me a direct appraisal regarding my work performance on the first year, and I fell glad that he said I perform a good job. He then asked me to fill my own appraisal sheet and send it to him to get a 360 degree evaluation. I submitted it early January because to be honest, it’s not an easy task to judge ourselves and put mark on things that we need improve, as well as which subject we believe we’re quite expert in. But I did it in the end. The result? Yeps, this month I’m officially a permanent staff here. Yay! That’s a good start for 2010 and I’m expecting to release the title “associate” this year. Thou I’m wondering, what’s next after that. But then, along with that good news, I got challenging news: Target Revenue! *sigh* O well, there’s nothing such as a free lunch in this life right? J like I told you in my previous post, my face went all white when the target announced via email. My brain quickly calculates the revenue of recent projects plus all potentials for 2010, and found there’s a lot to do to get that target. Hm, but think this way, life without target and goal is a very mundane life. So I try to be more and more optimist and I need to broaden my view regarding the business and services.

The painful Interviews

On again with the interviewing, blah! I don’t know why but I sort of hate it to interview people. But I got to do that because I lost one of my Account Managers several months ago, and the other one (the last one, the one that I rely on a lot) is going to resign soon because she’ll move to Hungaria with her husband.  And why I don’t like interview? It’s because I see interview like an assessment to a stranger, which there’s no way it could be fair enough. In interview, in the end you need to rate, to profile, to decide his/her future. Is (s)he in or out? I don’t think I’m good at it – and that’s the reason I have position in client service and not in HR Department right? I mean for God‘s sake they are stranger and how in one look and several questions you could say “Okay, this person is not good enough!”. I know that there’s another elements we have to consider like salary expectation, background work, and previous achievement and probably physical look, but they all look the same to me, a bit insecure and wondering what they’re going to do. And looking for a PR person is not that easy as well. I thought myself as the least of demanding person regarding the qualification of staff that I want to hire, as long as at least they show some understanding regarding PR and the relation with Media. O well, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m demanding and perfectionist. But it’s better than to hire a person but then got to fire 3 months later. Thank God, as per now, after 8 interviews I got 2 potential people who will join my team soon! Yay! But I gotta do another interview cuz I need 2 more staff… *sigh*  feeling like crying….

Projects & Clients

As in any other work, some of the projects me & my team handling right now are challenging and some other one are just plain, something that we do based on a checklist. Nothing can satisfy me more in a work than to hear my client’s happy remarks after a project! It simply makes up for all the hard work, and give energy boost to do another project for them. But painful clients give us lesson to learn too anyway. I believe that client can be painful for a reason that beyond our control. They might be under some pressure that we cannot wholly understand, there’s something happen with their personal life, or they just simply don’t know how to do the brief and has no clear direction. So there’s no point in being too upset towards our clients. But I’m so looking forward to my 2010 projects, there will be a lot of challenging projects.  Thou I got to admit, my enthusiasm in the interaction with the client is sometimes inconsistent. If I’m tired physically I just tend to be more intolerant with them and their request.  I’m not happy with that, but I thank God for a team work. Well, very few things in this world you can handle all alone, so you better find yourself good comrades.

The friendships

Rock & Roll theme day!

Rock & Roll theme day!

Working in agency has own uniqueness regarding friendship. I think everyone who has the experience of working in both agency and corporation knows very well the different. Agency has the most colorful people in terms of character, ideas, creativity, habit, hobbies and interaction with other. I’m glad I’m surrounding by cool people here in my office. In fact, this office has the coolest colleagues from all the office I’ve been before. People that love to discuss silly things in a very inimitable point of view, so funny indeed! We can talk about things for hours and laugh for hours too. We can go and drink ‘til late – not drunk from the alcohol but drunk from laughing, most of them are not drink alcohol anyway. I truly learned a lot from their character, their sensitivity, their dreams, and the way they deal with things. Most of them are just so worldly sort of speaking, but that’s how I learn a lot. Not by judging but by trying to put myself on their shoes.

People love Candy and always need a tissue

For the last 6 months, I put one big jar of candy on my desk that I have to re-fill every month because people really loves candy and keep coming to my desk and put their hands in the jar to grab my candies. I loves candies too, that’s why I have it there… but glad that I have candies that people can take every now and then, cause that mean I can interact with almost everyone in my office without moving my butt. Eventually, they really make an effort to come to my table for a candy. 😀 Oh, and TISSUE! I think I’m one of people in this place who provides tissue for everyone. O well, I need tissue and there’s no point to hiding a box, that’s too stingy! 😀 but little practical things like this can really keep your relationship close to most of your colleagues.

O well, I think this post enough for me, so 5 years or 10 years from now I’ll be able to look back and remember how it feels working in this year and how I feel about it. 🙂 I hope you are all satisfied with what you are doing now.


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