My January 2010 Recap and The Life Lessons

hm... January, I thank thee

Wow, feels like it’s just yesterday we were celebrating New Year and that’s it! In a split second we’re going to end the first month of the year. The work load was nuts this month, my check list is full since day 1 I’m back to work, back from the nicest trip of 2009. At least with this post I have several posts in my blog for January, so I’m still keeping my resolutions. As I lay on my bed last night and thinking of how expeditious time fly, the feeling to recap this month grew stronger. So many things had happened in a month of my life, a lot of meeting, a lot of proposals, 3 wedding parties, El’s 1st birthday, a lot of movies & hang out, and crazy thematic outfit to office. I realized, I’m surrounded by really nice people, my friends, my colleagues, even my clients (need not to mention my family 🙂 ) but more than events, I had my life lessons too this month that I’m going to recap below:

  1. That friendship must go through hardship to strengthen it, that is the only way to see how far you can go with that particular friend
  2. Conflict is necessary in any kind of relationship but always intends to solve it, don’t harden your heart and always thinks the best result for both sides.
  3. Never try too hard to please other people – worst – everyone, cuz some of them – no matter what – will always over-sensitive and unhappy. So your “nice” gesture still will consider as a “hostile” gesture.
  4. Interviewing people will inevitably force you to be a better decision maker just don’t back off and open your mind!
  5. Always draw a clear line between a fling thing and a potential pure friendship. You’ll never build true friendship over infatuation because you’ll trap in the different expectations, and one will be get more benefit than the other, eventually
  6. No matter how much you avoid it, sometimes you just got stuck between two things with conflicting interests, and you have to bear it and be wise to accommodate both aspirations
  7. Bless comes when you least expect it and disaster emerge when you’re not ready so you might as well prepare your heart, don’t be discourage
  8. A cheater will always be a cheater
  9. Honesty is the only way out, you can’t build stories from lies and expect you’ll stop at some points. One lie requires another lie to cover it.
  10. Some broken things are not meant to be fixed. It meant to be broken. Accept it and moving on.
  11. No matter what – in the end – family is number one!
  12. Listening needs practice! You don’t expect yourself born as a good listener, no way hose!
  13. There’s nothing more profound as a gift to a friend than to listen to them wholeheartedly
  14. Kids Birthday celebration is always fun!
  15. For me, the best females in this world are – still – my Mother and my Sister!

I stop at it. Some of this lessons I already got several times, but as human, I tend to forget, to take for granted, to take things too easy. So I’m glad God allow me to keep learning about life, it’s wonderful. My January 2010 was fabulous!


9 thoughts on “My January 2010 Recap and The Life Lessons

  1. kakak, really love ur posts…… write some more, so a can fell ur journey as well………. ^^

  2. My friend, you don’t have to make resolustion just because it’s January. Wouldn’t be better if we make it every month, weeks, or days. God bless us if we’ve became a better person day by day. And it’s not because January, that mean a another NEW year has come. Scientifically the point to start a year is around March 21. It’s when the earth start the journey going around the sun. (I’m trying to finish writing ’bout this). So the year is not change yet. Ok, hope you’ll get what you want in this year. Bye

  3. Dear Erri,

    no, I think you miss understood.. this is NOT resolutions… this is a recap, summarizing life lessons in 30 days… a lot had happened in the past 30 days and these 15 points that were the strongest one I’ve learned….

    and I’m thinking of doing this every month 🙂 since every month unique… and I believe will have it’s own story… 🙂


  4. hihihi jadi malu nih, jadi ketauan gak bener2 baca deh… kebiasaan sih baca cepet2. cheers juga.

  5. Big thx, for my ‘fave blogger.’ Always waiting for your amazing posting from your past, present and future adventure…

    Lo, I’m thinking if you want to make a book according to your childhood… and add lots of imagination / fiction.

  6. Erri,

    I’m actually drafting a book right now, but not based on my personal experience, more to my personal thoughts 🙂 — I don’t find my life too amusing! 🙂

    a friend of mine gave me a very good advice yesterday, for 1st author you better take more or less 3 years to make the 1st book to enrich it!
    it kinda give encourage me, since it’s been a year since I started drafting it….

    Kindly pray for me… but some writing from my blog will be in it too 🙂 Stay there please…. 🙂

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