It’s not in the solving

Him    : I feel depressed!
Her     : Why?
Him    : I don’t know why…
Her     : Well, you got to know or how we’re going to solve it?
Him    : Hm… *sigh* maybe it because of things that happened to me lately…
Her     : What happened if I may know?
Him    : Things are not going very well in the office and I just had a huge fight with my family…
Her     : O’cmon, things at office will end soon, and it’s out of your control. So there’s nothing you can do with it. And with your family, don’t you think you can make up with them. Look, family can be so judging you know, but sometimes all we have to do is give them a little understanding.
Him    : No, it’s not that simple, you cannot simplify things like that!!!
Her     : I’m not!
Him    : you’re bugging me!
Her     : What? I- I – that’s the last thing I want to do!


Her     : Okay, let’s start from the beginning… let’s pretend that the previous conversation never happened before. Now, tell me about your life and how you feel lately…
Him    : … well… I’m frustrated… I feel like I lost all my passion… *sigh* I feel tired…
Her     : Go on… I’m listening…
Him    : Maybe it was started 2 months ago…. I just realized….

*the voice fade out*


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