Short Takes on Valentine Celebration

from flickerThere’s always pro contra regarding celebrating Valentine in my circle of friends. But most of the populations vote for contra, and the rest – well, kinda neutral but I’ll just put them on pro’s side just to make it easier. I guess almost all of you already knew by heart where this celebration came from, y’know, the Saint Valentine “thingy” … You know right? I mean I don’t wanna go through any hassle explaining from the beginning how we come to celebrating 14th of Feb as Valentine’s Day. Go check it out on Google.

But really, I kinda sick of people giving excuse for NOT celebrating Valentine. It’s always the same reason on and on and on again every year, like for examples:  (1) why we have to celebrate love on 14th of Feb? We can celebrate it every day right? We gotta give love everyday. (2) It’s just another day!  I don’t even celebrate X’mas! (3) I’m single! I don’t have a lover so what’s the point? Bla bla bla, dududu, dadada. Man, give me new excuse. As for me, I’m so celebrating it! In fact I’m pro to any celebrations! Birthday (except my own), X’mas, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Engagement, Wedding, Hanukkah, Baptism, etc Oh you name it! It’s fun! It has purpose! It’s meeting friends and laughing! Its abundant greetings!

So, if you’re asking what’s Valentine for me, yes it’s a celebration! Yes it’s a remembrance of love! Yes, it’s a day where I can just pop up at many of my friends’ BB screen, saying “Happy Valentine”! Not necessarily you gotta do it with your lover, but you can as simple as celebrating with yourself. To wake up in the Valentine’s day morning, you can start with take a look at yourself on the mirror and say “if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”… wait! That’s Michael Jackson’s… I mean say “Happy valentine dear self, I love you wholly”… and see if you’re happy with that. I learn from the Bible that the highest law in Life is To Love, first love your God with all your heart and all what you’ve got, then love other’s just like you love yourself. That’s the highest law! So now you see how important Valentine is? Because Valentine is all about love!

If you’re asking me how I am going to celebrate my Val’s day, well… up to this point I don’t really know. But surely if no one asking me out, I’ll celebrate it with myself or – instead – asking my friends to have a celebration with me! I love Valentine’s day, and stop giving yourself a lame excuse for not celebrating… won’t hurt you in anyway! Happy Valentine’s day dear friends… *wink*



4 thoughts on “Short Takes on Valentine Celebration

  1. Happy valentine’s day Lolo!
    it is overwhelmed by the Chinese New Year thingy..
    so me my self don’t really have a valentine time! wahahha..

  2. celebrated the BBQ valentine + imlek with us …well ..kinda a night before..but it counted as celebration!
    thanks for coming girl…

  3. fin…

    happy valentine! 🙂 and happy Lunar new year…
    I hope you got a lot of angpao! 😀 and share with me a little… or should we go out and buy new books?

    ahh…. anyhow, let us be thankful for this beautiful life 🙂

  4. VARY!

    true! Oh you’ll never really understand how much I was grateful for your BBQ party…. 😀

    thanks for inviting me, thanks for the wonderful Wagyu! By far, you’re still the coolest host for a house party, and I truly really mean it!


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