Freakin’ Ex-(New)Staff

I seriously gotta get this out of my chest or I’ll be angry for along time, on early February I recruited two new people into my team, one as Senior Account Executive and the other as Account Manager, a man and a woman. The man is – well – a gay, but I never consider sexual preference as a barrier or way to assess whether a person is capable or not, that’s racist I think. So far, I really appreciate whoever wants to join my team – after a proper interview of course. I know the guy for quite sometimes already, we were both work together on the past projects. So I got no hesitation to hire him with his talent and decent portfolio.

Just like any other new staff, they started slowly of course; I don’t have any expectation anyway. At least not for the first 3 months, that’s why we called it probation period. From my point of view they work quite okay, learn quite fast with a few “normal” flaws. I did rebuke them if I think they worked not too well, but I’m not that kind of supervisor that always watch my team like a vulture, waiting for them to make mistake so I can show them how to do it right. No, in fact I believe that each person has their own method to get things done. My method not necessarily got to be implemented to every project. All I need is the result, and the process, as long as it’s legal, I don’t mind “how”.

The gay guy – just say his name is Hendo (not his real name) – made several mistakes in a month working that does not bother me too much. The thing that makes me upset the most if I called my team, they don’t pick up and don’t return phone call either. I hate it. Hendo did that several times and for that I rebuke him.

So, on a not so happy Thursday Morning- which is last week, I came to office early. On my schedule, I got this progress meeting regarding a big project that’s just handed-over to me. I knew it’s going to be along meeting, started from 9am. When I take a moment break, out of the meeting room to my desk, Hendo came to me to consult one of the projects that I trusted him to manage. We had short discussion about it and I get back to the meeting room. The meeting done at 12am and when I return to my desk I didn’t see Hendo. I asked Elli and Acit (who sit next to Hendo), where’s Hendro and they said he went to meet the client, which was surprised me that he didn’t consult me at all about it. He’s a new staff, he should consult with me before set a meeting. I try to call him but he didn’t pick up. I thought he might be already caught in the middle of the meeting. So I gave it another try again on 2.30 pm, and the phone is switched off. Now, that upset me! I couldn’t stand this anymore so I called the client, and know what? He’s just arrived from Singapore and still at the airport! I was confused, my client told me that he’ll call me back later. So where is on earth Hendo? The client called me back at 4 pm and I asked to the point whether he and Hendo had a conversation this morning via phone or an appointment. My client said not at all.

reconfirmed to Acit and Elli that they do not misheard Hendo’s plan to meet the client. In detail Acit told me how Hendo called the client, what he was talking about, and that he had like 5 minutes discussion over phone. Elly even asked Hendo to remind the client regarding her email. Hendo took note and delivered that to the client over the phone, be heard directly by Acit and Elli. I became very puzzled now, first the imaginary phone call then the missing in action! We’re all trying to call him since that time, I texted him too, asking his whereabouts but no reply at all. And he’s gone, never come back again to the office, not give us any news. Except his Facebook status up-date that written his hatred to the team work, which none of us knew when it started or which occasion that triggered his dissatisfaction.

Wow, the whole things are still not make sense to me up until now. I mean isn’t it easier for us to talked about what’s going on? I think it’s not a rare thing if people resigned after only a month working in a company. I thought it’s normal to feel misfit in a team-work and then had a conflict. But it’s NOT NORMAL, to have an IMAGINARY PHONE CALL, or GONE just like that, as if you’re in a mall! Plus he didn’t settle the cash advance he took for a project. I’m so upset! To myself foremost, for hiring such mental-disordered person!  That I didn’t see it coming. I gotta take responsible to my boss regarding this and I HATE IT! Hendo should be prepared to deal with me later in the future. The world is small, the marketing and PR world in Indonesia is small, nowhere to run!  I’ll remember you…


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