The Blissful Weekend Getaway: Green Canyon, Pangandaran

I was out of idea on how to spend my long weekend when my traveling-freak-friend Vari popped up via BB messenger asking whether I’m interested to join her and her group going to the beach. I wasn’t really pay attention on the destination she mentioned (wow, it’s rhyming! Hahaha), I heard only “beach”.  No hesitation, yes to the invitation!  It was Thursday morning when she asked me that, and we’re leaving that night! Hell yeah that’s impulsive! After longer conversation then I knew that they (Vari & friends) are planning to go to Green Canyon. Green Canyon! I’ve been dreaming to go there since last year! Now I can make it happen!  I couldn’t sit straight the whole morning, how much I wanted to end all this work thingy and start the vacation. And still, it was a real long day!  Vari was able to end her work at 3pm (lucky her!),  while I’m stuck in a dragging meeting plus late appointment. After a very complicated meeting arrangement with Vari, we’re finally met and arrived sound and save at KFC Santa. KFC! Starting my journey with 2 pieces KFC crispy chicken??? That’s definitely a good start! Then one by one the trip member showed up, there were 6 of us, Vari and he husband Rangga, Toto and his wive Wulan, Debby, then me! We hit the road at 11 pm.

To go to Pangadaran, we should take the route to Bandung then continues to the north, it’s a 7 hours driving in normal traffic, but seriously, since it’s the first night of long vacation the free way was so horrendous!  We were driving 20 km/hour through miles of traffic jam. Seemed like all Jakarta people wants to go somewhere out of town. I forced myself to sleep, so I need not feel too stress concerning the traffic, adding to that, the road was ruin at some area made one real bumpy journey for me who sit at the back seat. But to my own amazement, I did sleep almost 8 hours! Several times awakened but then really awake at Pangadaran! Hahaha…  This bunch of group is really-really fun, with Toto who acted as the clown of the group and also the leader of this trip! 😀  There were always something funny to comment and we’re just kept laughing! Our first stop was The Karakyap Beach, it was drizzle and the sky’s dark grey. We’re stop only 15 minutes here, it’s beautiful. Then we’re heading to Batu Karas, an area near Pangandaran (20 minutes driving), which is not as crowded as Pangandaran and still near Green Canyon. Our first mission is to find place to stay, put our things, get ready (with comfort clothes) and then go to Green Canyon. After surveyed 5 places hotel/hostel, we decided to stay at a very simple inn managed by local resident (look like my dorm room) with a very low cost! 200.000 IDR a big room with 4 beds. O well, it’s decent and no one planning to sleep early anyway.  We put our bags and get ready to be wet! Regarding stay at Batu Karas, there are only about 10 to 15 hotel/inn there with a very varied rates, range from 750,000 per night to 150,000 per night. Based on our survey that day, I think the best hotel there is the one name Java Cove Resort, it has modern minimalist building located right in front of the Batu Karas beach.

green canyon trip - pangandarang - batu karas

O Happy Tourists

If you’re wondering about Green Canyon, I can give you a brief explanation here: Green Canyon or in local called Cukang Taneuh is located on the southern coast of Java, Pangandaran. It is a popular tourist destination. Green Canyon is part of Cijulang River that goes through a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites surrounded by two beautiful green hills. Boat to green canyon can be rented at the Ciseureuh dock to reach this area. Green Canyon is located not far from Batukaras. You can swim there in the cave whilst exploring the rock, which is connected to the estuary. but then you can check it out through this link, or this one , or just google it! I had no idea that Green Canyon able to attract many visitors like the one I saw that day. There were so many tourist busses, and a lot of local tourist at the Boat Station. We’re buying the boat ticket and got number 80! While the one that get turn in the boat at that time is number 40 something. Whilst waiting for our turn we decided to take lunch and seafood it is! Now seriously, that was hilariously a lot of seafood we had for lunch! 2 kind of fish and it’s really really big, 2 plate of giant shrimp (udang galah), vegetable and a lot of rice! I was sooooo satisfied! It’s hard to move but – hey – I need a lot of energy later! It’s not too expensive either, around 450.000 IDR for the 6 of us and there were some left over. All fresh! Then we’re check in for our boat! The journey begins.

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

waiting for our turn, see the greenest river?

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

local girl going to the market by boat... *grin*

I like boats, most of them dominated by blue color. It’s a traditional boat with small dynamo propeller engine to support it. We’re riding the boat for 15 minutes through the real green river. I found the river really clean. No rubbish or plastic dump. I’m happy! The surroundings are so green, as the whole scenery is so fit to be called The Green Canyon. The day was bright, warm, and friendly. I feel the breeze gently touch my face, blend with the warm sunrays, and how much I’m grateful for that. Then we’re arrived at the narrowed rocky wall, where the river blocked by a giant rock. There were quite a lot of people there already; standing on the rock seemed like waiting for something. Those boats stop there too to wait until passengers completed their visit to the site. Your boat crew will automatically be your guide. My jaw was almost dropped to see how magnificent the place is. The 10 meters stone wall looks fierce with the stalactite hanging on the top of it, the sun rays emanating from between the greeneries above that conduct as roof to the cave. Once I set foot on the rock, I know people were waiting for their turn to be led by their guide to go further to the cave, by swimming. The green river look so inviting I don’t really care about people around me anymore, all I want to do is get in to the fresh clean water as soon as possible. I jumped and feel so ecstatically happy, wish I don’t have to use the annoying oversize lifebuoy.

Behind happy Debby is the cave

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

Whoaaaa, so fresh!

The trips include swim further into the cave, crawling along the rocks and stone walls, jumping from 5 meters high rock and then see the “pemandian putri “ (princess bathing pool), and swim with the stream. WOAAAAAHH it was so cool to swimming in the cold fresh water, even thou it’s totally green and you cannot see the bottom. The depth of the river approximately 2 to 5 meters. Toto and Rangga did jump from the 5 meters high rock! I don’t have enough guts to do that! It looks fun thou, instead we’re swimming around and sometimes let our body get carried by the stream. We passed the rock hall, and enjoy the drizzled from above, it seems like forever rain in the cave. When I see up, I see the millions droplets of water coming down, reflecting the sunrays like millions of tiny diamonds. I couldn’t stop amazed by that, how awesome my God is!

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

Vari, Rangga, Toto, Debby, Wulan, and back there Me! 🙂

“Pemandian Putri” actually a tiny pool formed from natural rock formations, located approximately 3 meter high attached to the stone wall.  Local people believes the small pond can keep us young when we bathe in it. I did it! I climbed the rock and went bathing there.

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

climbing to the princess bathing pool

Even my guide did that! Hm, he could be a hundred years old you know? Hahaha. So let’s see what will happen in 10 years, I hope I’ll still look the same. We took a real lot of pictures! The rock are not slippery at all, instead it feel rough, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling. From there we gotta go back, that’s the furthest the guide wants to take us. The way back is a lot easier because we can just jump to the water and follow the stream, that took us to the first place quite fast!  Weeeeeeee, it was fun! Back to the boat, returned to the boat station.  More pictures!

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

not even a slightest sign of tired 🙂

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

Rock your boat!

After that remarkable journey and still feel the euphoria of happiness, we went to Batu Karas area to chillin’ at the really peaceful beach. Seriously, the beach is nice at Batu Karas, way better than in Pangadaran. I jump to the sea right away… I love the sea… I love the salty taste on the tip of my tongue. I love the feel of the soft sand cover my foot. I love floating on the warm sea. so peaceful, and that afternoon all is perfect.

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas beach

Us at Batu Karas beach

But then there the accident happened. Debby left foot got hit by propeller vessel, which was pulling a banana boat. The boat was too near to the beach and Debby was floating on the water. She tried to avoid the boat body from hitting her head, but the boat crew panicked and swings the boat, caused the boat rotate and the propeller hit Debby’s left foot. Only Toto and Wulan know it. Vari, Rangga and I was on the beach trying to make a great acrobatic picture. Wulan told us what happened. The crew – which are the local boys – looked very much shock and feel very responsible, they immediately took Debby by motorcycle to the nearest infirmary which is 10 KM from the beach!  We’re trying to follow and get them, but the shortest road is impossible to get by car, we must pass through a bamboo suspension bridge that could only be crossed by motor. So it was only Toto went to look after Debby and the rest of us returned to the hostel, to clean up so we can pick Debby by car later. Long story short, Debby got 31 stitches on her foot. To my admiration she’s one of a toughest girl I know, she didn’t cry, she didn’t even look devastated or weary. Wow! We spent the rest of the night playing cards and laughing, repeat today’s story.

We’re planning to get back to Jakarta in the morning so we can take Debby to get second check up and treatment in a better hospital. But instead, Debby seemed like encouraged us to keep on with the journey, so we’re visited some beaches, the Batu Hiu and Pangandaran and had another crazy seafood lunch!  When I said crazy, yes, it’s a helluva lot of seafood! LOVE IT! We’re ready to hit the road back to Jakarta at 3pm. We arrived at 9 pm and took Debby to Bintaro International Hospital, wait for her around an hour then, and after that hang out at her home until 2 am. Hahaha…

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas - lunch seafood

Oh yeah, that's our tremendous seafood lunch!

Thank you God, Thank you guys, you’re all really made my long weekend!

Enjoy another pictures:

green canyon - pangandaran - batu karas

A wife lend her husband to carry her wounded friend hihihi... so unwillingly...

31 stitches, no single tear. Debby, you ROCK!


9 thoughts on “The Blissful Weekend Getaway: Green Canyon, Pangandaran

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  2. green canyon sukabumi memang indah,alami sejuk kalo boleh saran kan.Tampilin fhoto-fhoto yang lebih menarik, agar wisatawan lebih intrest datang k sukabumi i love indonesia.thnk’s lot……( promosi lebih up date )

  3. hi Mukasan…

    Terima kasih untuk input nyaa… pengennya nampilin lebih banyak foto, tapi kebetulan kameranya punya temen dan post nya sudah panjang 🙂

    tapi next time tambahin deh…

    aku pasti akan datang lagi ke sukabumi…. ada beberapa tempat belom di kunjungi 🙂



  4. 🙂 hey Di…

    Ow thank you so much for the compliment, how sweet of you 🙂 I just visited your blog, you look like someone I know… mmmm… *thinking* but i just can’t recall…

  5. Hahaha, we went to the same gym perhaps? same church? crossed path during a jog in Senayan? Or maybe my face just look like dime a dozen 😉 Nice to know you Lolo, actually I stumbled upon your blog when I was doing some picture search on Pangandaran, I went there myself on 10-12 of June, and I was completely breathtaken. Sadly I didn’t bring my camera so I don’t have anything to show my parents when I got back home. Luckily your pics spoke a thousand words to them, and they went there themselves with a number of their friends last weekend. Anyway…..Derawan also looks very tempting based from your pics, might go there myself next year. So, before I signed off, in exchange of all the free knowledge that you share with us through your blog, lemme share you mine. You are a hardcore KFC fan are you not? Ever tried of 4fingers chicken before? It’s a korean franchise, very popular in the US and just opened a branch here in Jakarta after their successful Singapore (ion orchard) branch. Price is a bit expensive though, but it’s really really really crispy and tasty, like you can’t imagine! Do check them out at Epicentrum, Rasuna Said and see if you still like to hang with the colonel after that

  6. woowww…..i reallyyyyy want 2 go there since i read about that place in KOMPAS when i was in JHS ( it means 17 years ago ), can i go with your group if u have a plan to go back there again…hehe,, c u

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