My New Acoustic Guitar, Hallelujah!

Me & My Old Ugly Guitar

It’s been a long time since I wanted my very own nylon string acoustic guitar. No, I’m not a skillful guitar player. I realized that my skill in playing guitar is far below the bar. Like kindergarten kid learn how to read. But I’m willing to learn and practice harder, all for my personal satisfaction. I remember my first guitar was this really – really cheap string guitar that I bought with my Dad from a shabby mall at Pondok Labu. He was sort of underestimating my eagerness to be able to play guitar at that time. He thought it’s just a momentary hobby or interest that soon will diminish, along with the emergence of new hobby. So I don’t have to invest on that. I gladly prove that he was wrong! Lalala… That was 2 years ago, and the thought of me singing while playing guitar – not necessary on stage – is enough to encourage me to practice at least an hour a day with that ugly guitar that hurts my fingers a lot, and make them purple. The guitar was soooo bad and produces kinda strange noises, but I don’t really care. I try to remember the entire basic chords, searching them from internet and start playing simple songs. Then one of my friend noticing my sudden passion, remind me that the habit of listen and play bad music instrument might somehow damage our sensitivity of sounds. He then lent me his nylon guitar that he said quite expensive (so I treat it carefully) and he’s right! The experience when I play his guitar compare to my bad guitar was totally different!!! Now I know that my guitar playing was not too bad! Hehehe… I’m able to produce nice sounds (standard) and it made me more excited!  But subsequently, because we have to return things we borrow, later I must back to my old bad guitar and that’s when my enthusiasm to practice gradually decreased.

Hey! Let's Rock with me! 😀

I quit practicing for 1 month after I’m back to the bad guitar, because it hurts my fingers and ears even more this time. It’s difficult to practicing with stuff that worse than we usually use. Need not to mention I started hating the guitar. But everytime I see someone playing guitar (mostly on the TV), I know that the passion is still there. I’ve made up my mind I gotta buy the decent one for myself and that’s it! No more hesitation! But what kind of guitar I need? How much it cost to buy a decent guitar? I don’t have a clue. Browsing? It’s like thousands out there and very much diverse.


I shared this dream with a friend – Gerry. For me Gerry is unique for his thoughts and tireless effort to conceal his sincere attention to things and people around him, maybe he want to be perceived as “cool” instead of “warm” :).  If you just know him, I bet you’ll think he’s arrogant and stiff, but if you know him further, you’ll reckon his constant funny jokes and tender gesture. He’s a person you can share thoughts with. Unfortunately, we kinda have different schedule, so we cannot spend too much time hang out together. He took my sharing seriously!  (unlike my father hahahah… I still love you Dad!). I told him, I don’t have much budget, but I want a good guitar, and surely it gotta be nylon guitar. I asked him how if I buy second-hand guitar, or where should I look for it. He said “Don’t worry, I’ll look up to it!”. He did as he said. A week or two, he came to me with choices and excitedly told me all about it! I responded in joy. BUT, like I told you, between me and him, it’s difficult to set an appropriate time to meet, two really busy people! Hehehe…

My New Guitar! Yay!

After postpone for almost 5 months, last week I finally gave Gerry a phone call and kindly asked him when he’ll be able to accompany me buy the guitar. No hesitation, he spontaneously said “Lets go this weekend!” Isn’t it adorable? And to confirmed that this whole having-guitar project was solely his initiative, he also the one who called and make sure I come to the music store. When I met him at the MG Music Store, one of the famous music store in South Jakarta, he already chose one type of guitar! He told me that as the result of the research, Yamaha C-40 is the most suitable for the beginners with a good price, bellow 1 million rupiah. It’s had good sound, nylon string, with standard design and components. I gave it a try and it’s cool! I pay only 700.000 IDR for the guitar with the soft case, and additional 50.000 IDR for the stand. MY OWN GUITAR!!!! Oh I’m so happy! So happy!

Back at my place, I play for 1 hour, totally forgot that I got another appointment! It’s lovely. Now I’m going to practice and practice. Thank God, and thanks Gerry J  … And anyone wanna come to my gig by the end of this year – as if? Hahaha…  Cheers!

My last action before back to practice! Hahaha... yeah I should consider a career as female rock star...

PS: Thanking Wyndha for the nice pictures she took using my BB 🙂


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