My Sister & Jo – The Toughest Couple

kiss for my lovely sister

My younger sister – Rhea – (also the youngest in the family) got married yesterday and I feel really really happy for her.  No one can doubt how much I love my sister. I always think – with all her flaws – she’s the most beautiful creature on earth. I secretly adore her (well, now won’t be so secret anymore).  She’s everything that I’m NOT, but I’m grateful for that, because that’s how we complete each other in our specific strength and weakness. If I’m such an out loud person, she’s quite. I’m impulsive while she’s vigilant. I laugh loudly, she hardly make a sound when laughing. I’m a spender and she’s thrifty. I go out, she stay at home. I make friends with a lot of people, she keep her social circle small and exclusive. But I never doubt that she’s having fun and happy with the way she is, and she never judge me for whatever I’m doing even thou they’re all look vain to her point of view. Hahaha. I really know how much she’s proud of me. We can talk ‘til midnight about anything, other family members, out dreams, our daily, out concerns, our doubts in life, or we just rebuke each other for things that we don’t like from each other. This is how I learned that two people can be so different yet so in love.  O yes, we fight a lot too. 🙂

Jo & Rhea

The wedding yesterday reminded me of the early days when my sister dating Jo (her spouse) and how I felt about them. At first for me they’re too much alike, I don’t think they’re fit with each other. They’re both too naïve, a bit formal, lack sense of humor (hihihi), and they are almost the same age. I would like my sister to have someone that more mature and more successful in terms of job (I seriously behave like an old aristocrat queen-mother regarding my sister). But then I thought, O well, if they’re not well-matched eventually they break up. They met at Church and since they announced their relationship they started fighting with each other. I’ve seen my sister shed tears because of Jo, so many time. She was grumbling and complains about how insensitive Jo is. She has several times decided to leave Jo because of their disputes, but then they make up again. That’s somehow confusing me. I don’t mind she break up with Jo, as much as together with Jo, for me anything that make her happy. But then they decided to get married… weird huh?

The whole wedding plan was nowhere near comfortable for them. They faced so many challenges and obstacles that came from the closest peers. The details were just complicated to tell, bottom line, they were deal with things that I believe not many couples will be able to get through. And that’s why I adore this couple. While other couples want to be perceived as the most romantic couple, the most loving, the “happily-ever-after kind of couple”, the one that “looks great together” , but not my Sister and Jo. They’re so modest. They’re so real, and they seek for a lot of advice to get through the odd, not concealing the real problem no matter how small it seems.

If there’s an award for the toughest couple, I would love to nominate them. They have proved that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I mean – c’mon – in this world, nowadays, when people (mostly man) put comfort as great importance even in a relationship. I know several guys who gladly back off because things seem too challenging in the future. Who thinks “Screw love!” If they can get girl that more suitable for their life style, they’ll prefer to pursue that kind of girl and don’t care about other qualities, as  long as the girl submissive and lovely to the eyes. But not Jo, and not Rhea. It was really tough! They got to solve a lot of problems and move on, they mad at each other but not hating each other. They detested each other weakness but not the person. They find purpose in their relationship, simply to complete each other in life, and keep the relationship pure. In time of distress,  Jo made it plain that he’ll stand by Rhea no matter what. He bears all threats and taunts directed at him at that time, a real man. Jo somehow helped change my view of men that had been damaged by my last relationship (I know Jo didn’t even realize this anyway), that there are men out there who know how to survive amid the chaos of what so called love and commitment. I’m so proud to have him as my brother in law, heck, like my own brother.

My sister, she can tell you Jo’s weaknesses in a complete long list, I have no doubt about it! She can tell you by heart which action that Jo’s did and done that she don’t like at all in the past. She told me part of that list in our nights of pouring heart with each other, but she so believe she can build a good future with Jo too. I mean, as much as she’s so aware with Jo’s weaknesses, she also aware with Jo’s potentials. She’s determined to fill those weaknesses with her strength. Yes, she’s probably expecting Jo to change (just like any other woman), but more than that she try to count on her too to make things work between them and of course they both are so close to GOD, and had a thorough marriage counseling before their wedding. That’s how their relationship gets stronger and stronger.

My Beautiful Rhea 🙂

I – again – adore them for whatever they are. I know the road still long for them, this wedding is just the beginning, but I have no doubt that they’ll make it to the end. And I wish them a sincere happily ever after, cuz such things exist even thou that doesn’t meant without small disputes in between. I truly love both of you Jo & Rhea…

The lovely couple on their engagement day

On Their Wedding Day

Mr. & Mrs. Hutapea 😉


9 thoughts on “My Sister & Jo – The Toughest Couple

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  2. I knew u’ll write bout it. I knew u’ll learn from it. It so u.

    Love is not taken for granted. Just like those happy couple, they ‘planting the seed’ of love. It grows. And it’s not easy. It takes time. Need lot and lots of patience.

    Hope u’ll soon follow Rhea and begin raise a ‘farm.’

    Send my regards to those happy couple.

    The tree of love grows from the root of commitment. If it strong enough, then the fruits will so sweet just like u & u’r brother n sister.

  3. Yes, I admit it..she is a wonderful person
    she achieved much but she stay modest, not like the other friend I know..
    She is indeed very different with you! 😀
    I’ve heard about their relationship too, the differences between them but I know people like her will survive no matter what.
    She really know what can make her happy and she reach for it.
    I, too have a more or less conflict in my relationship…seeing each other for 7 years with break ups and make ups is not easy.
    Having your family judge you is not easy either but I will survive, time will tell… 🙂
    I am so happy for both of you, and I bet your parents too..
    Keep on writing, Lo..

  4. Hehehe… yes Erri… as I sat there watching the whole procession, my mind start to think about things you know… 🙂 how wonderful this is all…

    thank you for the pray Ri… 🙂 yes, hope it’ll be my turn soon… but I hope it’s not because of social pressure… but becuz I found the one… 😉 just like you and ur wife hehehe…

    and glad to have you around to share about family….

  5. Ah sweet Che…

    Thank you for sharing… Wow, I didn’t know your story is that complicated too, you gotta tell me the story! I hope you’ll survive the turmoil… and I”m waiting for the invitation 😀

    and yes, we can get through this just because of the encouragement from our family, especially my Mom & Dad… I hope you get as much support too… but I’ll always pray for you Che…

    big hugs sister….


  6. I love you my dearest “Kaka Lolo”…you have always been there for me when I needed you the most. I am so flattered with your compliments, Ka’Lo 🙂

    I am surely happy that Joe and I finally made it to this point.

    We love you!!! 🙂

    -Rhea & Joe

  7. Therefore.. as the Mighty Book says..

    Love never fails 🙂 🙂

    it is not expecting but accepting
    Congratulations to Lolo’s sister for your wedding 🙂
    may you live happily ever after..

  8. 🙂 senang membacanya.. Tuhan berkati pasangan baru.. dan kakak nya jg 😀

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