Finally! I love my Birthday! :)

If you know me quite well, you will know how much I hated my birthday. Year after year the 14th of June is the date I wish I could avoid. I was thinking perhaps I can sleep the day and wake up on 15th June and everyone simply forget (by everyone, I mean my family).  I was dream of go traveling to a remote place on my birthday so no one asking me anything about it. I once wrote a suicidal birthday story that you can read here. My notes about my birthday was never been a happy one, always the gloomy one, the dark one, the frustrated one. And of course it’s not because I’m getting older on that day! I think that’s stupid to think how much you hate getting older without thinking much about being more mature. But birthday reminds me of things that I haven’t achieved, milestones that I failed to reach, dreams that haven’t come true yet, and time I wasted during the “previous age”, and youth.

But this year the celebration was totally different. I don’t know why seriously. I was thinking that it’s all because the packed and tight schedule due to the heavy work load I had before my birthday. Or maybe I pushed all the melancholic feelings to the back of my mind, in denial, and that I’m actually distress. But if I really distress, it won’t take long until the anxious burst out and I feel depressed, right? But no, the down feeling didn’t appear and I feel far from anxious. I’m happy. During the D-day, the long been avoided 14th of June, I feel nothing else but excited.

Me Cake! Yay...! 🙂 I look sleepy, red nose from the flu...

Midnight. My lovely friend Veni and her bf Jimmy, bought me a cake written my real name on it hahaha… thanks dear 🙂 so we had a candle-blow right at midnight, the three of us. They are so cute. I need to take a note of this as my remembrance. And after Jimmy went home, and Veni stayed over, we took a small cup of Bailey’s, just the two of us while giggling cuz Veni, rarely take any alcohol drink. I replied several greeting twits from my friends, and also via myFacebook’s wallpost. I’m still amazed how this people make an extra effort to write me something for my birthday, some of them I seriously seldom talk to. The midnight phone call was also dear to me. 😉

Mommy & Daddy -- Love you...

Morning. My Mom and Dad called me, let me know how much they love me. I have ordered yellow rice (tumpeng) for my colleagues at office, and it came on time when we’re all hungry. They sang the Happy B’day song for me and we had a good laugh. Glad that they love the meals, and yes, the “tumpeng” was really really delicious! Thanks to Vari who gave me the recommendation. And whilst working, I checked my Facebook wall that filled with those greetings, I scroll up and down just like a happy kid, try to remember each and every one that post me something there. And of course I did reply almost each of them. This is a serious matter, that we need to appreciate everyone that remembers our birthday! Why? Because it takes a sincere and real effort to type down the short greeting, and because for – at least – 60 seconds, they remember about us. With hundreds of “GOD BLESS YOU” that I received today, I’m pretty sure that GOD does bless my life. Think about it, don’t you feel the same too?

Rhea , Lia & I

Evening. I was asking my family to celebrate my birthday on the D-day. Usually if the birthday is on working days, we will wait until weekend to gather and celebrate, but I don’t find it fun. I mean – o c’mon – 14th June only come once right? There were several choices of place where we might have the dinner but then I chose D’Ocean at South Jakarta for two simple reasons: it’s “centre” for everyone and Veni can get me 30% discount since she know the Manager, Oh maybe because it’s main menu is seafood also… I love seafood. I left the office at 6 pm, pick up my brother and my soulmate Lia. The traffic is really really bad, so we arrived around 8 at the restaurant. Mom, Dad and my sister were already there. Oh, and my long-time-no-see-friend, Bob.  Funny thing about Bob attending my birthday party, he actually work at Qatar and I thought he’s in Qatar when he showed up on my YM and congrats me. The chat got longer until I decided he need to meet my sister and her husband to have a sharing moment. Bob always been a good friend to me, I seldom invite anyone to my family dinner except I thought that someone is dear to me. So I impulsively invite Bob to the dinner and glad that he can make it! Otherwise, we won’t have anyone to take pictures of the event 🙂 thanks Bob, for the real nice pictures of my family.  So it’s my family (the 6 of us now – with Jo), Lia, Veny & Jimmy, Bob, then Muel & Anne came late. I love the food, love the ambiance, love the conversation, I love everything about the celebration…  I still wish some of my friends can make it to come, it’ll be perfect like Yuli, Ira, Adi, Bobby, Sisi and Vari….

The sharing moment was one of the most wonderful moments of that night. I usually hate it, but that evening I felt like I’m ready for any kind input that they’ll come up with, about me of course.  And they said nothing else but encouragement, how much they proud of me, how much they love me. Of course the ultimate wish is – The Significant Other! Hahaha, and how much they have faith in me that I can start my own business and more than ready to lead. Wow, I felt so encouraged, so loved , so strong… with this kind of people around me I know I’m safe.  When they asked me what is my birthday wish, I was confused because I feel like almost all my wish come true already, but I pray that I can make these people that I love so much proud of me, and I wish for whatever they wish for me.

You cry I cry --- love you Rhe...

So, it was one great celebration for me… I’m so grateful to have a family like mine, best friends like these people, and the awesome GOD like my GOD! I learn one valuable lesson, the key to one good birthday celebration is don’t think too much about it, just enjoy it, oh… pray about it too… and don’t waste 31 years to figure it out like me 🙂


10 thoughts on “Finally! I love my Birthday! :)

  1. Hey gurl…

    Mannn!! you are sooo like me…ive been avoiding birthdays for years!! i get so agitated, restless and highstrung. Reason? same like yours…

    However, just like bad-hair days, Birthdays are unavoidable. Keep typing and singing..who knows i might see you on TV. hahahaahah!!!

    I owe you coffee.

  2. Dewi,

    Thank you dear, can’t wait for our meeting with the mamak-mamak hahahha… and I’m still single… so note this, no one may talk about my singleness when we meet! hahaha…


  3. Kakak Oni…

    🙂 kemarin mestinya kakak ikutan sama Muel dateng 🙂

    Hey, speaking of bad-hair day, if you look at my hair on the pics they’re all awful! hahahaa… so I think bad hair day is way crueler … hahaha…

    Amen for: me on TV hahaha…

    I know you must be tired now Kak… taking care of Om, and please remember that my prayer always goes for his health, may he get better soon… we can get the coffee after that… hang on in there Kak… God loves your family… hugs…

  4. Hi Lolo…. nice story… i’m happy for you…
    wish you all the best
    And for the b’day present… how about our frienship that will never end.. hihihi….

  5. Bang Wes…

    Aw, thanks for stopping by here 😀 and thanks for the wish! 🙂

    and that’s true, friendship is the best gift ever! thank you for put it here… now you cannot erase it hahaha


  6. Hi Lolo,
    Wishing you birthday happiness again.
    Great story. I like that funny comic pic at the beginning. Toasting at midnight sounds like fun.
    I like seafood, too. During our Boston trip last weekend, I had Lobster dinner.( perhaps I’ll post that silly pic with losbster bib). Cheers, Ciao!

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