The Lovely Weekend in Semarang (Day 1)

Me busy typing, Dinda & Tante Titi enjoying the trip 🙂

Dinda totally meant it when she’s asking us to go with her; she booked the ticket for us and arranged the whole trip. She said let’s go to Semarang by train and come back by plane! I said sounds like a plan! I’m so excited. I always love travelling, and to travel by train is like an additional lovely gimmick. One of the reasons is the big windows, it’s fun to be able to see everything during a long trip. Imagine a plane has window as big as train’s, I think it’ll be lovely yet scary hahaha. It’s best to take the train in the morning. Dinda, her mother in law – Tante (Auntie) Titi, Adi and I, the forth of us departure on 7.30 AM from Gambir Station, Jakarta. On that 6 hours trip I got the chance to ask Dinda the whole story I posted previously.

The executive trains in Indonesia especially those in Java (and only in Java) are not bad. In fact, most of them are convenient and well-maintained. The best of all is the food, the menu is varied enough and has quite delicious taste, only they don’t stock many foods in the train. If you want to have many options, you gotta order early. Tante Titi told me the steak is good. Unfortunately when I wanted to order it, they no longer have it. So I order Nasi Rendang, yummy! The temperature was also nice, thou it’s really hot out there but I feel comfortable to sleep after my stomach full. And it’s even lovelier if you have someone sitting next to you and can be used as your headrest as well as rubs your hands until you fall asleep 😉 (hmmm…). In case like this I would love to go vacation by train – say – every 3 months, to somewhere far. Anyway, exactly 6 hours later, we arrived at Station Lawang, Semarang and Dinda’s father in law – Om (Uncle) Joeno (that’s how we call Uncle = Om) were picking us from the station.  Thank you for PT Kereta Api Indonesia, for the lovely trip.

this is how you drink tea on a moving train 😀

Sleep really well...

Om Joene born and grew up in Semarang, and was leaving for a job. So there’s no one could doubt how much he knows Semarang – by heart. Om Joeno instantly makes me think of my Dad. There are many similarities between them, they’re very much

Full-stomach faces 😉

talkative, always have a story to tell, easily distracted and really love their mobile phone hahaha. He took us to one of the signature seafood restaurant in Semarang named Gama Candi and true that the meals was so delicious, the salty egg shrimp (Udang Telor asin) for particular. And it was cheap also. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that hungry because had late lunch on the train. But anyhow, happy tummy!

After that really late second lunch, we straight away went to Alex’s grave. The cemetery is in Ambarawa, a satellite city of Semarang and takes 1 hour driving. I found out that it’s a Catholic cemetery, so as you walking the path, you can see a lot of graves with Mother Mary and Jesus at the tomb. It’s really quite there, I feel like I can hear myself thinking or the beat of my heart. It’s lovely. Dinda and Tante Titi praying right away and me… I sat there, contemplating yet still feeling blue from the story. How unlucky I am never met this guy, that simple thought crossed my mind. Alex’s grave still a wet ground, they already covered it by pieces of grass and a simple wooden cross written Alex’s full name on it. My mind drifted to things I can’t remember and Adi took several pictures of us. Candid. How lovely to bring a photographer during a trip, you don’t have to worry that you’re going to miss a moment. Adi captured the whole trip beautifully, he’s really talented.

Tante Ane, Dinda & Om Joeno

Then Tante Titi told me that the cemetery was actually reserved for Catholic priests and nuns. The funny thing is when Alex still young he really wanted to be a Priest, he wanted it for 2 things, because priest go travelling to places as missionary and then because they give their entire life to God. “And Alex is now resting among the priest. He must be happy” Tante Titi said in a happy tone. The great thing about Alex’s Mom is the extraordinary fortitude she showed in dealing with all of this. She looks calm and steadfast. She was telling a lot of stories about Alex, his childhood, his dream, his good attitude, made me even bluer but I also love the story, the memoir. At 6 pm we were saying goodbye to Alex, but when we arrived at the cemetery grave, it was locked already.  Instead of panic we’re laughing. Dinda said “Alex must  wanted us to stay longer”. Adi and Om Joeno then jumped over the fence and looking for the grave keeper that actually Om Joeno knows well, his name Pak Narto. And the three of us ladies waiting quietly, it was dark already, I feel strangely so peaceful. Well, we’re finally out of that cemetery…

the very fun Om Joeno

the very fun Om Joeno

Om Joeno gladly position himself as the guide of the trip, yeah, obviously that he seemed more than happy to oblige. And we don’t mind at all, we were thankful instead. He took us to places that have particular memories for him therefore he has story for every place. We ate good food and then we stayed at Om Joeno’s relative’s house. A medium size house in the middle of Ambarawa town, and we were welcomed like their own family. As for the sleeping arrangement, it was the fifth of us in one room… hahaha… I feel like back when I was little and stay over at a relative house, they usually packed my entire family in a room. But it’s convenient and I slept really well. I love the whole situation. I love my companion. I said a little pray that night, to thank God again for today, for these people…  (To be continue…)


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