The Lovely Weekend in Semarang (Day 2)


Nasi Pecel we had for breakfast

On the second day, early in the morning, we went to the cemetery again. Oh but before that, we had our breakfast at Nasi Pecel, near by. The Nasi Pecel is really good, only I kinda felt gross looking at the Mbok-mbok (old lady that sell the food), touching the food and then taking the money. Dinda laugh at me, I’m so embarrassed. I know in Indonesia, the street food is never hygiene enough, but I don’t expect to see “the ‘unhygienification’ process” it in front of me. (hahaha.. if there’s such words)

Alex final resting place

The Cemetery

On the visit this time Dinda brought a bunch of white roses and Om Joeno brought little plants to be placed around Alex’s grave. We bought it at the plantation on way to the grave. They looked so excited and happy with it, it made me smile too. This time we stay a little longer than yesterday, to pray and to rearrange the grave. I got the chance to wandering around the cemetery and looking at those statues of Mother Mary and Jesus, also reading the names on the gravestones. It was one bright day and the circumstance was so peaceful. I thought there’s no other place to contemplate about life better than the cemetery. Life is short indeed and one day sooner or later we will be down there too. Our name will be on the gravestone too.

Say a prayer for Alex

After the visit, Om Joeno then took us to Goa Maria (Mother Mary Cave) nearby, called Goa Maria Kerep. They said Alex used to come and pray there. Because it’s located not near the main road the place become peaceful. There are many traders in the entrance area, mostly selling candles, fresh flowers, cross. To my surprise, many people come and pray fervently there. They sit in front of the cave where there is a large seating area. I looked at the prayers one by one and wondering what are they praying for? Someone is sick? They really want something? Is everything okay? Because some faces look like in a deep grieve and worry. I did pray there, for my heart and how grateful I am for my life so far and the abundance bless. The sightseeing around the area is also beautiful, Om Joeno said there’s a river near by, but I forgot to ask the name, but Adi captured it in the photo below. We were resting and eat satay there, a lot variety of satay indeed, we had Chicken Satay, Rabbit satay, Cow satay and Fat Satay, they are all delicious, but I don’t have heart to eat the rabbit satay. Their cuteness kept flashing on my mind, how can you eat such soft creature? Adi, you’re heartless!!!

Gua Maria Kerep

The View From Gua Maria Kerep

Next stop is Bukit Cinta (Hill of Love) at Rawa Pening. Rawa means swap, and Rawa Pening is a really  really big swap situated at Ambarawa near Semarang. It is 32 times larger than a football field, it’s almost like a very big lake. They called it Bukit Cinta because there are a lot of lovers go there, and dating. Now looking at the site from far, it look not special; I mean it’s only a small area that a little bit higher by the side of the swap. But once I’m on the top of the hill, I was struck by the serenity. The breeze of the wind touches my face gently constantly. It was so hot but on that area, it was so cool sitting below the trees and sees the swamp lies like a real calm lake in front of us. I love it there; seriously… until now I still can feel vividly the peaceful feeling as the sunlight touches me from between the leaves, warm. Even just to sit there and need not to think or talk is lovely already. I feel so reluctant to go from that place. I wish, I wish, I wish we have place like that around Jakarta. Repeatedly I tell this bunch of lovely people that I wanna go picnic there someday. I hope nothing will change that place. I pray for that.

Aaaaa.. the dragon going to eat meee...

Loving the... all of it...

I love Tante Ana and Om Joeno for their attention. On the way to the grave this morning, I read a sign of Museum of Locomotives. I instantly said how I wish to go there, I’m as always love museum. On the way back, tante Ana remember that! She told everyone to let’s visit the museum for my sake. I almost hug her in excitement. Yes, they’ve been there before, so they let me and Adi to go there by ourselves. Om Joeno came with us. It’s well maintained too. The museum of course from an old train station, they have all the objects that have been there from the first time there was a train in Indonesia. Uniform of the station chief, ticket printing machines, old photographs, old benches, and of course many of the old locomotives are displayed there. The old black steam locomotives that will instantly take you back to the old cowboy times. Did I tell you how lovely to bring a photographer on a trip? Hehehe… nice photos eh? thanks Di! 🙂

lovely locomotive

After that we went back to the house and preparing for Alex’s memorial service that conduct in Catholic way. I got my short nap before that, how lovely!  They service started at 8 pm, they said prayers for 50 times, and Dinda and Tante Titi gave good speeches about love and lost. I sat there listen to it all, I said a prayer too over and over again. So far this trip has taught me a good lesson. And that night, after the service, we moved to Tante Titi’s sister house in Semarang, to make it easier to get to the airport.

Dinda giving thank you speech in Alex's Memorial Service

And now… for all the photos that Adi had captured beautifully… I just have to put it here… thank you for making me look more pretty in every picture… 🙂

wanna get a good picture too? contact Adi Siagian by click here 😉


7 thoughts on “The Lovely Weekend in Semarang (Day 2)

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  2. Lo, ma kasih ya loe udah tulis perjalanan kita. Bagus banget. Aku suka karena walaupun gue baru kenal hari itu, kayaknya udah lamaaa banget, and you tell the story from your heart.
    Thanks ya, my lovely son Alex pasti suka banget eventhough dia nggak kenal loe.
    Please call me Tante Titi. it will make me feel closer than you call me Tante Ana. Memang bener sih nama gue Anna Maria Andjarwati. But all of Alex and Dinda’s friend call me Tante Titi. Or you wanna call me Titi? For me its allright, you know? Lv u, Lolo.

  3. Tante Titi sayaaaang,

    Iiiiih, aku pukul deh Adi nih… karena dia yang bilang Tante panggilannya Tante Ana… tapi aku udah ganti nama panggilan Tante semuanya… 🙂

    Tante, it’s been my pleasure to met you and have the journey with you… you’re such a really wonderful woman also so wise… I still remember the speech you gave on Alex’s Memorial Service:

    “Ketika kita tahu kita sudah melakukan yang terbaik terhadap apa yang Tuhan titipkan pada kita, kita akan rela melepaskan ketika titipan itu diambil olehNya… begitulah Alex bagi saya, saya sudah melakukan yang terbaik dan saya rela” …

    … it was really beautiful Tante…

    so, ’til we meet again…. 🙂

    I love you too Tante Titi

  4. lagi kangen sama Indonesia … kebetulan duduk sama teman yang ada hubungan dengan ‘Semarang’ … search di googlee … n dapat pic kamu yang di stasiun Ambarawa. Masuk kesini … and … tambah kangen sama pecel kombinasi samping SD PL Ambarawa depan terminal bus T_T nyobain peyek udangnya ga? … sudah hampir 5 tahun ga pulang ke tanah leluhur … Apalagi waktu liat foto Kerkhof Ambarawa, kakek kakung dan sebagian keluarga dimakamkan disana … kalo sempat perhatikan ada pusara yang ada topi bajanya itu makam sepupu kakek yang meninggal di Kalimantan. Gua Maria kerep juga bikin kangen 🙂 … sempat cobain serabi ga disana … well … Thanks udah bikin tambah kangen. Cheers.

  5. Hellow Denny,
    Thank you udah mampir 🙂
    Ini kali kedua aku ke Semarang, tapi pertama kali jalan sampai Ambarawa… Yes, makanannya enaaakk, bangga ama Indonesia… waahh.. saran-saran makanan untuk dicoba menarik tuh! Kemarin makan nasi pecel di jalan masuk ke Gua Maria, dan di parkiran Gua maria makan segala macam jenis Sate (Ayam, Sapi, Lemak, Kelinci) waaaaa… enak banget ternyata! dan Rawa Pening, sangat menyenangkan duduk disana.
    Kalo ada rencana tour beramai-ramai ke Ambarawa, aku ikut!

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