Us is flashing on my mind as I sit alone here
(your tender smile mostly…)
Thinking of all the good things we had
(and it have been an intensive 3 months…)

Our first meeting after a very long absent
(12 years, and glimpses of you here n there)
The deep looking into each other eye
(it was like you never see me before…)
Story of things we missed after those years
(the broken heart ones remember?)
The first lovely awkward kiss you stole
(never I thought you’ll make that move..)
The second that I initiated
(you have to trust me that was impulsive…)
A warm palm that hold mine tightly,
(you didn’t let go my hand…)
Our laughter resounding in my head
(a man’s laugh that goes straight to my heart)
Songs you sang when it’s just us in the room
(damn you’re really good playing that guitar)
Dreams that you shared so passionately
(I say Amen to all of it, cuz you’re so talented)
Tears that I cried on your shoulder over silly things
(never I did that to someone I just knew)
Our pleasant trip and those promises for more trips
(you’re a lovely head-rest on a long voyage)
The coffee-shops- hopper that’s us on weekend
(projecting you, MacBook, coffee, & cigarettes..)
Short private English course we had every now and then
(you’re so manly yet so humble about things)
Our three times sweet separations
(we just can’t let ‘us’ go, right?)

They said no-future for us
Deep down we doubt it too
Our basic discrepancy
Too platitude to discuss
But nothing last forever
Not even good things
So what will become of us
who knows
I’m the master of memory-keeper
Us is worth a remembrance
You’ll be there I’m pretty sure
To sit and reminisce about us
Lenny Kravitz’s Thinking-of-You style
O how I’m so thinking of us now…



10 thoughts on “Us…

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  2. Hi Keyd,

    Salam kenaalll.. 🙂 thank you and I love your site too… so honest… sayang aku lupa password posterous kuu., jadi ga bisa komen… aku bikin lagi ah… 🙂

  3. I think I could relate, I think I could relate soooo well that the stinging pain feels so fresh any minute of the day whenever the thought pops up…holding back tears has suddenly become my area of expertise lately..

    I wonder what is more painful, to have loved and lost or knowing that you will not find the same union again..


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