My Jiminy Crickets

jiminy cricketJiminy Cricket has always been my favorite cartoon character. Thou my forever favorite cartoon movie is The Emperor’s New Groove that I’ll discuss the “why and how” later. But Mr. Cricket, o boy, he IS a character. I think we all know the tale of Pinocchio. We all remember the “Do not lie or your nose will grow” epic advice from the blue fairy. But for me the whole tale has strong moral message because of Mr. Cricket. People say he’s Pinocchio conscience from the first place but no! He wasn’t until the blue Fairy anointed him as so at the end of the story. He’s simply Pinocchio’s friend who were stay with him through thick and thin in a dangerous journey to be a boy. Who didn’t judge Pinocchio for the wrong decision he take (as a wooden doll). Because if Mr. Cricket is a pure conscience, he wouldn’t be afraid too, he wouldn’t be angry too, he wouldn’t be so funny and intriguing as character.

Jiminy Cricket: Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.
Pinocchio: Temptations?
Jiminy Cricket: Yep, temptations. They’re the wrong things that seem right at the time… but… uh… even though the right things may seem wrong sometimes, or sometimes the wrong things, [chuckles]
Jiminy Cricket: may be right at the wrong time, or visa versa.
Jiminy Cricket: [clears throat] Understand?
Pinocchio: [shakes his head] Uh-uh. But I’m gonna do right.
Jiminy Cricket: Atta boy, Pinoke! And I’m gonna help ya.

In my life, I have few Jiminy Crickets that perennially remind me to do good thing, to choose the right one, and always challenge me to walk the honest path. Unlike Pinocchio who is – basically – naïve, don’t really know the right and the wrong; in most case I know which one is right and which one that definetely lead me to a disaster. But humanly, I’m stubborn sometimes, wanting a short cut, ignorant, avoiding the truth, count heavily on the happiness right-now not the rewards later. And that’s how I got myself into trouble, into a broken heart, into misery.

These people, some of them know me well, some of them don’t know me well. Of course my best friends, they’re act as my conscience every now and then. They know me by heart, but you don’t always hang around your bestfriends. There are times when you don’t have times to catch up in a quite long period.  And that’s how I realized that it takes more courage and wisdom to be able to talk to someone that we don’t really know. To start a conversation about the obvious mistakes they are doing, that we know by sharing or observing. Not only we need to urge ourselves to do so without being afraid that that person will rebuke us back, and tell us to back off, but we also need to consider how to say it in the most gentle and diplomatic way, all to safe them from making wrong decision and end up hurt.

The Blue Fairy: You must learn to choose between right and wrong.
Pinocchio: Right and wrong? But how will I know?
Jiminy Cricket: How’ll he know!
The Blue Fairy: Your conscience will tell you.
Pinocchio: What is conscience?
Jiminy Cricket: What is conscience! I’ll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won’t listen to. That’s just the trouble with the world today…
Pinocchio: Are you my conscience?
Jiminy Cricket: Who, me?

I know that anyhow I’ll survive this life without these people telling me which one is right or wrong, but I believe everything will be more painful, more inconsiderate, and with many regrets. Somehow in the dark night you think: IF ONLY someone had told me the bad thing I chose. These people make the road less-traveled for me, they help me to be more considerate and less-impulsive, they remind me to ponder before continue doing the “questionable” act. No one pay them for doing that. It won’t bring them any benefits. If I’m ruined, it has no direct implication to their life, won’t afflict them personally, but despite that, they keep doing it, remind me to choose the right one. They take the role being my Jiminy Cricket, my conscience. They’re there just like Jiminy Crickets stay beside Pinocchio in his journey. And the older I am (hopefully the more mature) I’m getting more and more sensitive with these being. When I was an adolescence I probably avoid these people, but now I know they’re my Mr. & Ms. Crickets, and learn to listen.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, where ya goin’?
Pinocchio: I’m going to find him!
Jiminy Cricket: Pinocch, are you crazy? Don’t you realize he’s in a whale?
Pinocchio: I’ve *gotta* go to him!
Jiminy Cricket: Hey, Pinocch! Wait! Listen here, son!
Jiminy Cricket: But this Monstro, I’ve heard of him; he’s a whale of a whale!  Why, he swallows whole ships alive! [He then helps tie Pinocchio’s tail to the rock completely]
Jiminy Cricket: Tie it good and tight now. And besides, it’s dangerous! Why, I…
Pinocchio: Good-bye, Jiminy.
Jiminy Cricket: Good-bye? I may be live bait down there, but I’m with ya!

So for this I’m grateful, really grateful. Nowadays, majority people takes seriously that modern-practical philosophy “Mind You Own Business”. It’s your life, it’s your risk. Aren’t we  just like that in most of our adult life? Therefore,  for these beautiful inside-out people, these Jiminy Crickets of mine, I dedicate this post. I would like to thank you and I sincerely pray that you will never ever too tired or give up to remind me to choose the right thing.

As closing, this is a wonderful speech from Mr. Cricket that I love so much:

“…and gentleman of the House of Mouse. Don’t be a fool. No siree. Here’s how to live to be 103. Always let your conscience be your guide. I will demonstrate this advice… now. Savor your youth and beauty, because wicked queens, mean stepsisters, and evil witches will try to steal them from you every time. That reminds me, don’t eat apples unless you know where they came from. Avoid anyone that has a fiendish cackle, a sinister smile, or a diabolical glare, not necessarily in that order. Never sell your voice to a giant sea witch just because you have a crush on some guy. It’s just not worth it. When selecting footwear for the big dance, go ahead and write your name in your shoes. There is nothing to see in the elephant graveyard. End of story. If your first name is Sleeping, and your last name is Beauty, don’t use a spinning wheel. Go out and buy a sewing machine. And hey, don’t steal bread. Maybe you’ll meet someone special. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll have puppies. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll join the circus and learn to fly. Live in the jungle once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in the forest once, but leave before it makes you soft. Treat your elders with respect, and don’t be fooled by bad advice. If a guy named Foulfellow invites you to a place called Pleasure Island, don’t go! I mean, he’s got the word, “foul” right in his name! But trust me on the conscience thing.”



6 thoughts on “My Jiminy Crickets

  1. Very like the speech.

    Keep the faith, that makes our self conscience strong.

  2. Hehehe… Cause most of my best friends are means, evil, cunning, liars, tricky, ‘beat’ each other, and so on… And I call them BEST FRIEND. They make me strong.

    Only a few persons, like u, who show cares. 🙂

  3. Erri,
    Can’t agree more with you… the way our best friend telling us the right and wrong can be in many forms and method… sometimes they even try to proof that we’re wrong by sacrificing themselves. Yeah, my best friend also straight forward like me. but sometimes… God sends angels in a form of a stranger giving random advice. 🙂

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