There is Something About Veni…

Veni Hendarsih“Write about me Lo, put it in your blog. I can’t write, I don’t have a blog, you gotta do it for me. Write about all of this! I’ll send you all the pictures from tonight.” Her voice sound imploring, it was her birthday, we ended up laugh all night long.  When someone said something like that to me, I always take it seriously. Because I believe that each of us deserves a remembrance. And when it comes to my best friend, I feel more than glad to do it. In fact, I love to make a short note of remembrance about them.

I do remember vividly the first time I met Veni. It was at a wedding party, conducted in Senayan Golf Club House. I was with a guy that I thought cute enough to date, and Veni also. By the way, I was wrong that guy is total disaster. My first impression about her was very much physical, her skin. It’s unbelievably fair that I thought I can see the blood flowing in the veins under the skin. Her smile is really wide and she didn’t even really try to make a conversation with me. I wasn’t looking forward anyway.  And after the wedding party we all went to Kemang to hang out and play cards. Then I realized this bunch of people really like playing cards. A few days after that we were all met again to play cards, and play cards again and again and again. It’s always that same bunch of people which include Veni and me in it. We were playing cards like 3 times a week or maybe more, we’re not gambling, no money involved at all, we just simply like it, to sit, laugh, eat and playing cards.

veni hendarsih

she can be so naughty sometimes 😀

In between that momentarily addiction, Veni and I had quite some chit-chat and sharing moments, nothing deep. But anyhow, I don’t have any particular attention to anyone in the bunch. I like them all alright and all the same. I got no plan to make them my best friends, just friends. I just like the activities.

Until one day, Veni had dispute with one of her best friend in the circle. I thought it’s not a big deal, and dispute between friends is not something rare. But I was wrong. It got more complicated, and I reluctantly and involuntary involved. I don’t wanna take side, I didn’t even care. But true that it says that in time of distress everyone will show their real characters. So I sat there, not giving any active participation in the discussion, halfhearted react to their opinions. I was simply observing.

My bestfriend and I

Veni & I

Then I found something different about Veni and her reaction to the dispute. While the others called me and we meet up just to have a further discussion about the dispute between Veni and her “bestfriend” – that I don’t really care, Veni called me to ask whether I’m interested to join her on afternoon jog. While everyone talking about her and what she should do, how she should behave, Veni talked about herself and open up to me, leave everyone out of the conversation. While people judging her and try to give best solutions for the problems, Veni in a humble way seek advice from me, asking what she should do. Why me? But she wasn’t my best friend at that time, so I gave her the shot of truth, being half-rudely blunt, tough words, nothing to lose from my side. And to my surprise, she took it like a man. She consider it, we had a positive and deep discussion about life. When a person took my honest opinion like a man, I take that person serious for the rest of his/her life. Gradually, we became close friends. She enter my life so smoothly, so sweetly and stay.

During the friendship that nearly 2 years now, I dare to say that it is nowhere near comfortable being Veni. Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s driving her own car, she’s working in a established company, with good position, she got no problem to have friends, but her life is tough – boy it’s really tough. Her childhood and family history is not a happy one, not the rich one for sure. She’s fully supporting herself since young age, she struggle a lot in love and relationship. She made an impulsive mistake when she’s young and bearing the consequences forever. And one really specific things that I observed and I don’t understand why, is that wherever she go, there’s always someone that bad enough to tell all the bad things about her to other people that she care a lot. Every time she’s happy about something, rumors strike her life and that’s happen over and over again. Some people realy go the ugly way to get what they want, without really thinking how it’ll impact the life of others. Veni been mentally abused by stranger and close friends so many times through gossips, and she rarely think of a revenge or hatred or gossiping that person. From the outside you can see an easy going woman, but inside you found a girl that’s so contemplative yet sometimes feel insecure about things.

In our friendship, I know Veni put a lot of effort. It’s not easy to build friendship with someone as moody as me, as straightforward as me, as insensitive as me. I definitely don’t have over sensitive friends, they’ll scratch my name out of the top list. Veni, she’s there for me… She took me to doctor, when my body screaming for some medication and I don’t even care. She called me every now and then to make sure is everything okay. She threw midnight b’day celebration for me. She listens to my problem and we had a lot  — a lot – a lot of laugh. What I give to her? well, you go ask her  😀 I don’t wanna brag about it…  hahaha

Veni Hendarsih BirthdaySo yesterday, 9th of August 2010 is Veni’s birthday. She reached her 28 (young indeed eh? 😉 ). We celebrate it in a small restaurant, Veni’s recent favorite place around Kemang, called Meat Me. My Adi *aw… , he helped me with the set up, he made sure all the balloons and the big banner is set. Veni, Wimpy, Rudi, Dinda, Adi and I, we’re sitting around the wooden table and had our dinner with sharing. I always love the sharing session, the specific moment when we can say something nice. Glad to see Veni smile all night.  Ow, the big banner written “HAPPY BRITHDAY VANI” on it… we were laughing and laughing… it was indeed one warm celebration.

So darling Veni, I keep my promise to write you something about the celebration, Ven. Thou I think I went a bit too far backwards, didn’t I? Hahaha. I will get you a present soon… and thank you for being my friend, by decision, and stick with me through thick and thin. God only knows until when one friendship lasted, but the moment we had shared together is precious, and I wish it’ll last ‘til our old age. You are wonderful in God’s eyes forever and ever. Bless your soul…

veni hendarsih

isn't she pretty? 🙂


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  2. Lolooo sayangg aku masih 28. But anyway.. Thanks a bunch dear… So sweettt I love U so muchhh… 🙂

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