The Trip : Day 2 – Disneyland! A day to cater our inner child

On the bus to Disneyland! O Happy Day!

It’s Disneyland Day! Yay! Awh, call me childish or whatever but I love the thought that I’m going to Disneyland today. I’ve been dreaming to go to one of the Disneyland around the world since long time ago. I mean puuhlease… it’s DISNEY! So, we had or breakfast on 8 am, since Pak Raymond said he’ll be stand by at the lobby at 9 am. Again he picked the fifth of us with bus with capacity 32 seats, yesterday from the airport he picked us with bus with capacity 45 seats hahaha… there’s something with tour bus arrangement here, I smell something fishy, hihihi… not an important issue.

Disneyland Hong Kong located on the same island as the airport, took 40 minutes ride from the hotel. I’m wearing my most comfortable outfit, and won’t forget my sunglasses and hat too. The day was extremely hot. So hot that I can feel my skin burning and I couldn’t open wide my eyes. But who cares, I walk the hot pavement of the entrance to the Disneyland with a happy heart. I’m going to see Mickey. Hey Mickey!!!

I guess when you hit google with keywords Disneyland Hong Kong, you’ll get a lot of information there. What I want to tell you now is just a glimpse of story of my excitement and pictures. As the summary to that, I went to 10 amusements there! O yeah!  You may already know that Disneyland Hong Kong divided into 4 areas, the Main Street USA, the Fantasyland, the Adventureland, and the Tomorrowland. Thus, its easier to explore the whole amusement park and not miss any attractions that you want to see.

Entering the gate, just like any other tourist we took a lot of photos, too excited. The heat didn’t stop us to do a long pose and the long walk to the ticket gate seemed short. It’s Halloween theme, so the gate decorate accordingly with the mother witch from Cinderella exhibit beautifully beyond the gate as the mascot. She’s scary! Pak Raymond handed us the ticket and we were more than glad saying “see you later” to him. Naughty!

Hellow Disney!

We started the journey by taking the train called Disney Railroad, routing around the park. It was indeed a short journey and not much that we can see, only a few animal statues with sound effect, kinda disappointing, but it’s okay. Guess most of the attractions are supposedly build to amuse kids, not people as “old” as us hahaha… after that we went exploring almost every and each thematic store at the Main Street USA. First of course the museum of Disney’s cartoon that shows the making of each character, very much interesting! Then to the merchandise store that of course the biggest store of all. I wasn’t planning to buy anything there, I know it’s going to be quite expensive and after that Mongkok trip I don’t think I want to shop anywhere else.

I can lift a planet! Wow!

So the next journey was to the Tomorrowland, with a very attractive gate, see the picture? I can lift a planet. I went ride the Orbitron, which we have also at DUFAN in Jakarta. For the sake of riding it, then I tried the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and it was freakin’ cool! It’s riding a roller coaster in the dark! Whoa! I rode it alone and sit at the back… my adrenalin pumped. Then I try the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, just because I love him on Toy Story, he’s really cute! Especially on Toy Story 3 ! The attraction instantly sucked me back me 7 years old, with toy laser gun I try to shot the monsters. Woot! I couldn’t help it but laughing at myself. Then I went try Autopia, driving the small car from Cars, and Boom-boom car at Dufan is waaaay much cooler. Done with that I went try the Space Mountain once again then move to another land…. Oh, I saw the High School Musical performance, and it’s really fun!

People waiting for the Parade 🙂

Disney Parade 🙂

Still with the parade 🙂

I was practically running to Adventureland since the Lion King Show going to start real soon and I don’t wanna miss it. and true like it said on their website, Festival of The Lion King will marvel us with the amazing costumes, lively dancers, fire and acrobatic. Since I know almost all the Soundtracks of Lion King, I gladly song along… The circle of life, Can’t wait to be king, be prepare, Can you see the love tonight. Waaaaa… so happy! It was a real beautiful show… Then my feet just like that lead me to another attraction called Demon Jungle. It’s a ghost house and my friend Vivi bailed out just right in front of the entrance. Darn it was sooooo scary… I was screaming on the top of my throat whenever that freakin’ scary talents show up with their real scary costume. Monsters, ghost, zombies, etc. Argkh! I didn’t expect it’s going to be that scary! Vivi laughed at me when I got out with face as white as snow and breathing uncontrollably.

Then we went to Tarzan House at the middle of the lake. I’m not in love with Tarzan as much as with Simba or Aladdin but the tree house build really nice and everything that you see on the movie, you could see here, in reality. I love the décor, the idea of them putting little stuff here and there and very thorough with everything. I think I adventurer enough, don’t feel like going around with the boat. Vivi and I sat on the bench enjoying the sausage on the stick on a warm afternoon.

Next of course the Fantasyland, I think the area with most beautiful set up, because all the princess come from here, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, etc (did I miss another princess?). So we start with watching another show Mickey PhilharMagic, a 3-D adventure with Donald Duck. Yes, we can get the same attractions at Dufan, but this one is really cool because almost all Disney characters shows in every scene. The 3D is awesome, really alive that we’re moving accordingly to some stuff / things that thrown to us, the audience. Beautiful we went out the theater and still smile. Actually there are many attractions at Fantasyland, but I don’t think I have enough energy left to see them all. Since Vivi is a big – big fan of Winnie the Pooh, I said yes to her request to go to The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh and jump in to the very very very long queue. Took 20 minutes to finally ride one of those honey pot. But it’s pretty fun, y’know, the 7 years old kids fun.

I feel a sleep on the bench... it's warm...

It’s around 6 pm when we’re done with the Pooh adventure, and my foot was just too sore that it almost refused to walk. Our final attraction is the Halloween parade and firecrackers party. We went grabbed dinner at one of the funny burger food court and relaxing whilst looking at people who seemed just enter the park, judging from the energy they’re showing.

Done with the food, we walked back to the Main Street USA, set our self in front of the City Hall and waiting for the parade. Unfortunately my digicam and blackberry ran out of battery already, so I had no picture of one of the most amazing parade I see by far. Perrrfect! It’s really beautiful. They have hundreds of talents and hilarious amount of budget to assembled such parade. But again, it’s Disney, I don’t think they have any issue with making a parade. Since it Halloween they featured all the evil character from Disney movies, so alive!

I was so tired that night, but Vivi plead to me that she still have some souvenir she want to get from Mongkok Ladies Market. I have no heart to reject her, so I said “Let’s go!”. Darn, that’s like the most tiring night in a year for me, 8 hours walking in a day. Hm, on second thought, I don’t think I walk, I think I drag my self here n there around the street. We’re done arounf 12 pm and went back to the hotel by cab. Nooooo, I can’t walk anymore to the nearest TRM.

Still I’m so grateful, still another hot shower sooth my sore body.


2 thoughts on “The Trip : Day 2 – Disneyland! A day to cater our inner child

  1. Disneyland in any country is so much fun. I had the same experience, I really walked my feet off, but we did about eight hours each day in four parks, stopping to sit for lunch and dinner. I kept thinking we would go back to the hotel to relax at the pool, but there was so much to see and do.
    It brings back the kid in all of us!

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