The On Hold Sad Story

I was about to write a sad story a few days ago. About my broken heart, my loneliness. About things that I haven’t achieved this year and this year almost end. About the lost friendship and I don’t even know why. About the pressure I feel in work and accomplishment. But I stop when I read a simple quote from an anonymous that says “Writing about sadness is easy because the heart naturally seeks to vent, but only an accomplished writer has what it takes to express happiness in words”. On a split second I put my sad stories on hold.

It is true, that happiness and sadness oscillated in our life inevitably, but it takes a true inner-strength from within to decide and define which kind of story we want to tell. There is nothing wrong about sad story, we do feel sad eventually, and not only sad, we even feel frustrated, devastated or maybe remorse, but then how it make you feel to keep telling those kind of stories and stop at it?

You may want to tell stories about how you lost things, how you fail, how you disappointed, how you break and bent, but to really think again, maybe you can put it on hold for a moment. Take some times to contemplate, or maybe take some actions, and then write the same story in different angle. A story of how you lost then found another precious thing. How you fail but feel some small victories in life. How you disappointed but then found a ray of hope. How you break and bent and then recovered.

Maybe it all sounds cliché, and when people read it or hear it they’ll say “touché”, but it does help some people, you got to believe in yourself regarding that. Put in high consideration on how the stories touch yourself, because it’s you who matters in your battle of life, your heart. Heart naturally seeks to vent, it’ll never stop. Is that the story you want people to describe your life? The sadness and the seeking of vent?

Let me say this once again, nothing wrong with sadness nor I avoid it, but right now I put my sad story on hold until I’m able to take something out of it. I’m grateful and I keep learning to really living. Tell me your happy story, help me please… 🙂


2 thoughts on “The On Hold Sad Story

  1. “…About things that I haven’t achieved this year and this year almost end….”
    Actually, when you just published this post, it means you achieved something from what you’ve learned this year. You are wiser than before 🙂 ready to face new challanges, like a fun games that gets harder as it goes.
    You can stop by to my other blog if you like.
    Have a nice holiday season, bring them on…
    Erri Subakti

  2. Hi Lo,
    I love reading this one. You’re so true. Let me share my story..

    I used to be a perfectionists and ambitious woman, till this things happened.
    In early 2007, the docter said I had brain tumor. I was so sad, hopeless and afraid knowing that I was dying. So I had a surgery on first week of January 2007. It was not a good one. Docter said the tumor is spread in the cells and could not be taken. It is astrocytoma, the malignant tumor.

    They gave me 30 days radiotherapy and 12 chemotherapy just to heal the tumor. Yes, it’s painfull. Radiotherapy was not so hurt, and it’s done during 2 months. But the chemotherapy was very awful, it’s so hurt. Believe me… I don’t wanna have another one now 🙂

    It’s been 4 years. I’m not 100% recovered, only 65% of the tomur’s gone. I’m a survivor. I thank God for waking me up in the morning and let me breath the air. It’s a gift that countless forever.

    Lo, your writing is getting better, I’m so proud of you mate.

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