The saddest part is not in the exchange of cold looking
or the lost of longing gaze where once there.
They are logical implification.
But it’s when they see past you
to something far away hopelessly.
It is clearly upon that look, no chance to make it through.
Fail to excite the quondam feelings.
We are floating in timeless fear.
Numb by the brisk of doubt that come perpetually.
Wary by how temporary gratify has dispersed in whiff.
You suffocated. Your breath is short and heavy. No exhale.
Your body stiffens. Face forward, flat, the thick air flowing through.
The saddest part is in the brim of those few thoughts.
How narrow tomorrow. How soon today. How empty the moment.
Second pass us by imperturbable and leave nothing but a cruel cold.
Somehow darkness becomes so reassuring. The oblivion.
Parts of life are just pure tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. U posted this at 3 o’clock in the morning??? Didn’t u sleep, or awakened by nightmare.

    True, tragedy happens… Just like another day, another breath, another sorrow…

    but something must b done b4 we see the rainbow.

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