My personal Valentine’s notes…

Hm, it’s been a while since my last post. Yes, I think I have writer block or something cause everytime I start to write something I sort of lose the interest and stop at the first paragraph. I’m actually feeling a bit of hesitation that I’ll be able to finish this one as I’m typing this word right now. Hehehe. (semangaaaaaat!)

Anyhow, happy Valentine lovely friends! As usual, there’s always pro’s and con’s about celebrating Valentine across this earth, year after year after year. Boring. I don’t see why we should make a big fuss about it. It’s just the occasion, and for me celebration is a state of mind, I always likes to celebrate something. Why we have to make Valentine’s Day so public, why don’t we take it personal and private? I mean simply a good reason to be just a little more excited today.

For me, Valentine’s day is a particular day when we inject a little more of “love” dose to our mind and conversation. Well, of course beside those days when we’re falling in love or broken heart. And I was contemplating last night on how I can inject a little love in my Valentine’s Day. I come out with a song… yes!

Finally, I compose one full song 🙂 title: Cinta di Tempa Waktu (Love Stands Test of Time), hmmm…  not really poetic in English ya? Maybe I should figure something else, errr…  later maybe… anyway, glad to know that I can actually compose a song that I – myself – enjoy. Hahaha… Hey, it’s not that I’m a narcissistic, it’s just I believe that we’re all need to really like something we made first before we consider to let other people know about it (but not necessary they have to like it too). I play my guitar until my fingers feel numb and record the song with my BB so I won’t forget. My first love song… awww *hugging myself* 😉

I don’t know what to do with it… I just want to write about it… 😀 it deserve a remembrance.

When I woke up this morning, I started today with a thankful prayer that I still have people that love me sincerely and genuinely. Grateful for those people who are more than willing to accept my love, because I totally realized the way I love other person is never perfect. Have you ever feel that you’re a total wrecked when it comes to show other people that you love them? Sometimes I feel like that. There’s something holding me back when I really like a person as a lover or a just a friend.  A thought that somehow they will be gone from my life, no matter how hard I try to keep them. So what’s the point of letting them know that I do really care? I know, it’s so selfish. I’m trying to change.

I know it’s really easy to say “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I want to be with you”… with these social media lately. I found that it’s really really easy for people to virtually hugging and kiss other person nowadays. They published it every day. But when it comes to really meet the real people, are we still consistent with the warm personality we’re showing through our tweets or facebook status, or BBM? I do hope so 🙂  Cuz as for me, I found it hard to do, so I’m thankful for social media… for helping me to express how I feel.

Well, the Old Valentine reminding me again that true Love must stands through test of time. To love is to risk to lose it. To love is to realize that something I cannot change but I still have to hold on to it anyhow. And tonight I’m going to celebrate my valentine night. Hiks, no fancy dinner. Still hoping thou, that someday I’ll get my perfect valentine’s dinner with someone that love the way I love him, imperfectly.  How personal valentine day is for me… *start singing my simple song*


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